How to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy in 2023

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy

Etsy isn't just a place where you can sell art and handcrafted products, you can also sell feet pics on Etsy's webpage.

Since Etsy is designed for basically anyone who's looking for making things and selling them online, it also applies to feet pictures. At least as long as you sell feet pictures that you took yourself.

In fact, when it comes to selling feet pics, Etsy is probably one of the best platforms. You can easily cash out your earnings while your feet pictures sell anonymously. Even, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to be reached by brands that need foot models who want you to model for them.

So if you’re looking to increase your monthly income by selling feet pictures on Etsy, this is your guide.

The last thing that has to be mentioned before delving into how to sell feet pictures on Etsy, it’s that at first, you won’t be making huge incomes. However, as you build up your client base and become known, you’ll be earning more and more money.

Now, let’s clarify things about selling feet pictures on Etsy.

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The sale of feet pictures is legal in most developed and democratic countries. Governments impose different regulations on this activity, especially referring to children.

Although the regulations help prevent abuse, some Islamic states and countries in Asia prohibit the selling of feet pictures completely.

So it’s probably legal to sell feet pictures on Etsy in your country

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal in the US?

Selling feet photos in the United States is legal, although rules apply.

Individuals have image rights and their consent is required for the production and distribution of feet pictures. The photos themselves have to be of adults only and have to respect the privacy laws.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal in Canada?

In Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and other Commonwealth countries it is legal to sell feet pictures.

For these countries, the laws are quite lax, making them great places for this market. Legal problems only arise when piracy or photos of children's feet are involved.

Is It a Good Idea to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy?

To answer if it’s a good idea to sell, we can make a quick keyword research on EtsyHunt’s tool just by typing “feet pictures”. Once it’s done we can observe:

Is It a Good Idea to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy

Who in the world would say that feet pictures could accumulate that amount of views on Etsy. On the basis of this amount, we can at least say that there’s demand for feet pictures.

However, we need to take a look at competition and sales before giving the verdict.

Competition is really low when you compare it to the views and the monthly sales. This is a really good indicator, we can say that is highly demanded, low competed and pretty good sold.

After this brief analysis, it’s fair to say that it is a good idea to sell feet pictures on Etsy.

Can You Make Money Selling Feet Pictures on Etsy?

The fact that selling feet pictures on Etsy is a good idea, doesn’t strictly mean that you can make money from it. There are lots of good ideas in this world that don’t earn a penny.

So before putting any effort to sell feet pictures on Etsy, let’s first check if it is profitable.

To achieve this, we can use the keyword research tool in its “more” section to have an average price of each sale:

Can You Make Money Selling Feet Pictures on Etsy

The average price of a set of feet pictures it’s almost $32. Considering the monthly sale number (2280), we can say that feet pictures move the amount of 72,960 dollars each month.

If we also add the potential this product has based on the views, it’s easy to say that you could make really good money from selling feet pictures.

Is It Safe to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy?

Is It Safe to Sell Feet Pictures

While on other platforms (your own website, Facebook groups, etc.) your privacy may be breached, on Etsy you won’t have to worry about that. Thanks to Etsy’s privacy policies, you’ll remain anonymous all the time to your clients.

However, even though the platform protects you, there are still some mistakes that you could make that can compromise your privacy. But don’t worry, here you have some tips that will help you to sell feet pictures on Etsy while protecting your personal information.

How to Sell Feet Pictures Safely?

There are not just people that will try to get your personal information but there are some companies that will try to scam you, but don't worry, here you'll learn how to deal with them all.

● Keep records: this way, if a buyer claims that you didn't give him the product he paid for, you have proof to back you up. Also, it will help you stay organized for tax matters.

● Pick your clients: don’t be afraid of canceling an order of someone who seems untrustworthy. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this market, there will be people that can be disrespectful to you. Do not hesitate to cut off conversations with this type of person, prioritize your safety.

● Don’t share personal info: the more personal info you share, the more exposed you are on the internet. Keep your personal info shared to the bare minimum necessary. Even if someone asks for your bank account i.e. refuse to give it and let Etsy handle your payments.

● Research the company: if any company shows interest in buying your feet pictures, first make sure it is a real one. After that make sure that it has good reviews or information on the internet. The last step would be to ask for transparency on the use of your feet photos.

● Put a watermark in your pics: the internet is full of thieves. Some unscrupulous persons are capable of buying your pictures for a low price and reselling them for a higher price. To avoid this, put a watermark where it can’t be deleted without notice.

● Show only your feet: in order to keep your identity anonymous, you should never show anything up from your knees. Don’t give in to pressure if someone asks you to show more if you want to remain unknown. Also, don’t show in your pics recognizable places of your home.

By following this simple advice, you will save yourself a lot of bad times, from the simple to the serious ones.

What Do You Need to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy?

Now that you know how to effectively protect your privacy and that selling feet pictures on Etsy, it's time to make a checklist. Write the things that you will need to begin to sell feet pictures on Etsy.

Etsy Account

This is essential, in order to publish your listings, in this case, your feet pics, you’ll need an Etsy seller account. This will have a few requirements but if you don’t have one, don’t worry we will talk about that in a little while.

Bank Account or Electronic Wallet

Etsy will receive your payments from the clients, but to move these funds out of Etsy, you'll need one bank account or electronic wallet. Both of them work the same way, the difference lies in the commissions, on electronic wallets are slightly high than on bank accounts.

Good Camera

To take professional-looking photos you’ll need a good camera. Contrary to what one might believe, the clients of this market are very demanding in terms of the quality and look of the pictures they buy.

So, to increase your chances of selling feet pictures on Etsy you’ll need great photos. To achieve this, you could use some photographic knowledge and a good camera.

Medium-Performance Phone or Computer

You’ll be doing some editions to your feet pictures, such as putting a watermark, cropping unrelated parts of the photo, etc. This will demand that your device (phone or computer) has a medium level of performance.

It doesn’t have to be a really good computer or phone, just not a low-performance one. However, it isn’t an excluding point. This is because you should be able to do the same editing on a low-specifications device, but it’ll take more time (and headaches).

Photo Editing Software

This one will depend on your needs. You could use a simple photo editing application just to give all the photos the same size and to put a watermark, but you don't have to stop there.

If you want to put some extra effort into producing your feet pictures you’ll need an advanced photo editing app.

Things like illumination and shadows correction, editing directly how your feet look, and even changing the color or adding nail polish. Of course, this will need you to know how to do it, and that may mean that you will have to learn, but that will add extra value to your feet pictures.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy?

How to Sell Feet Pictures

Now let’s dive into this guide on how to sell feet pictures on Etsy:

Create Your Etsy Account

Creating an Etsy account is free and easy. All you have to do is supply an email address, your name, and a password.

After you have created your Etsy account it’s time to create your Etsy shop. It’ll ask for a few additional details such as your location, language, and currency.

Choose Your Shop Name

While creating your account you’ll be asked for a username. The best idea would be to think of a name related to your activity.

This will come in handy in the process of creating your shop, it’ll need a name and it is attached to availability. If your shop name idea is already occupied Etsy will suggest to you some combinations that include your username.

Create a Listing

This will be your first listing, there are some things to have in mind before setting it up. If you prefer (and it may be recommendable) you can create a generic listing and edit it later when you’re ready.

The first thing to consider it’s that Etsy recommends using high-resolution pictures of 2000 pixels wide at least for your listings.

It’ll let you update up to 10 photos, while it’s not necessary it’s recommendable to do it. Etsy will provide you with a guide for each photo to show different aspects of your product (your feet).

A wise tip would be to check an Etsy photography tutorial to avoid common mistakes while setting up your listing.

The next step is a crucial one. You will have to write a title and a description for your listing. This is highly important because this will rank not just on Etsy’s search but on search engines like Google.

Making both SEO-friendly and choosing the correct keywords will differentiate your listing from an unoptimized one. Optimize your Etsy listing to squeeze the best conversion rates out of it. Try to use all 13 tags that Etsy offers for keywords so you don't miss any potential clients.

We will talk about pricing in a little while, for now just put a generic number and edit it later.

Choose Your Payment Method

Here you’ll be asked for a bank account information or in its absence, for an electronic wallet to get transfer your Etsy income.

Some countries have different payment policies applied. As well as not all countries are supported to transfer Etsy funds to a bank account. Luckily you can find this information in the list of countries eligible for Etsy payments.

Upload Your Shop Banner and Logo

When you’re finishing the setup of your shop, it’s time to add a banner and a logo that represents it in a proper way.

Designing an Etsy shop’s logo and banner can be easy thanks to some web pages that offer fresh and nice-looking templates. For instance, you have Canva, which has templates for Etsy and other social media that could become handy in the near future.

Promote Your Photos

If everything is good to go, now it’s time to gain visibility. To achieve this you could use Etsy Ads, promote yourself through social media (this is when having more banners become useful), and offer coupon codes!

Engaging with potential clients outside Etsy will increase your positive image overall, which will boost your positive reviews (something Etsy likes a lot). Also, it’s a perfect way to attract new customers that may not consider Esty for this kind of product.

Finally, giving discounts through coupon codes will increase your initial sales, which is highly needed when beginning. You can offer them on a regular basis when you post a new photo set or raffle it to your audience.

How to Price Your Feet Pictures?

How to Price Your Feet Pictures

Whichever price you choose to set, be sure it is a competitive and fair price. Review other sellers that sell feet pictures on Etsy to help you come up with a good starting point. You can always adjust those prices in the future to the point you think they are worth, but have in mind that you need to gain an audience first.

How Much Charges Etsy for Selling Feet Pictures?

Once you complete a sale, you will be charged a flat fee of $0.20 (per listing) and keeps a 6.5% transaction fee for each you sell feet pictures on Etsy. In addition, if you use Etsy payment to process the payment, you will be charged a 3% plus $0.25 fee.

However, Etsy fees are attached to changes and you should stay tuned for possible updates on its policy.

Final Thoughts

It is highly possible to sell feet pictures on Etsy, although it is a hard path and will require considerable effort.

At first, it will be only an incoming increase, but as you built up an audience and become known you can probably live off of selling feet photos.

However, it would be wise to learn everything you can about Etsy and how to get the best out of it. With tools like EtsyHunt’s plugin and several other that EtsyHunt put in your hands you can become a great Etsy seller.

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