Best Etsy Plugins for Etsy Sellers in 2023

Best Etsy Plugins for Etsy Sellers in  2022

A great tool is an essential expense for Etsy sellers. The free Etsy chrome extensions can be the most cost-effective option.

Wait a minute, you may face a problem - where are the powerful Etsy free plugins?

If you are an Amazon seller, you can easily find the top 20 chrome extensions. There are plugins for keyword research, search engine optimization, and others for product research and product listing.

If you are an Etsy seller, you may face a somewhat different situation.

As you can find, the existing Etsy chrome plugin can help Etsy sellers with the following needs.

  • Import Etsy reviews or products into Shopify
  • Improve the efficiency of Etsy product research
  • Support Etsy's keyword and tag analysis
  • Simplify Etsy operations, such as viewing customer review history, bulking export order emails, shop SEO evaluation
  • automation, such as batch following shop followers, crawling comments under a certain store

Meanwhile, we can find more than 50 plugins designed for Etsy sellers in the Chrome Web Store. However, some of these plugins are not available and some are too simple in functionality.

With all this in mind, our EtsyHunt team has been working continuously in recent months to develop a series of free Etsy plugins. As of now, two plugins can be found on Chrome Web Store. We are proud to tell you that they will be the two free plugins you need the most.

Keep scrolling to get them.

EtsyHunt - Etsy Rank Tool

Etsy Plugins: Etsy Rank Tool

EtsyHunt has released the plugin on multiple platforms, including Edge ( Microsoft Edge Addons ) and Chrome ( Chrome Extension ). This tool covered more than millions of data about Etsy. Users can easily get any details they want.


Etsy Keywords Research

Etsy Product Research

As an Etsy Browser plugin, the EtsyHunt can increase your product research efficiency by at least 200%. This Etsy seller helper will simplify the process of judging product values when you are looking for profitable, in-demand product ideas on Etsy.

On the Etsy search page, at the bottom of all product pictures, you could quickly view the core indicators of the product, such as views, estimated sales, and release time.

💡 Nice to know: An Free Etsy Fees, Profits & Pricing Calculator for you. You can use it to calculate Etsy fees and costs and know how to price your items on Etsy.

On the item listing page, below the product carousel, you could directly receive all detailed information about the product through a table. As you may know, you have to work hard on your Etsy listing optimization if you want your Etsy rank to stand out among so many others on the platform.

On the shop page, you could immediately find an embed form that displays the details of the shop.

Etsy Tags Tool for Etsy Hunt

Etsy Plugins: Etsy Tags Tool

Compared to previous plugins, the Etsy Tags plugin focuses on supporting real-time analysis of product tags. In other words, it offers:

  • Analyze trending tags
  • Track and replicate the most searched tags
  • Build and optimize product listings for Etsy tags

How to Use the Etsy Tags Tool?

Step1: Go to, and enable the Extension.

Step2: Search and view products as one of your customers. Next, you can delve into each of the popular tags on Etsy. In the meantime, the Etsy tag tool provides some data (Views, sales, Trends, etc.) that can help consider your own strengths.


As you can see, the two chrome plugins developed by EtsyHunt are very powerful.

EtsyHunt - Etsy Ranking Tool is a real-time checker for Etsy products. With this plugin, you can easily check the possibility of selling your products. In addition, it provides valuable passive functionality when conducting Etsy competitor research to get the products you should focus on. 

Etsy Tags Tool for Etsy Hunt offers features related to Etsy SEO. With it, you can quickly find the trending tags on Etsy and compose your Etsy listings.

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