The best Etsy plugin: EtsyHunt - Etsy Rank Tool

EtsyHunt is the best Etsy plugin、the best Etsy quick view tool !

We released the plugin on multiple platforms, including Edge( Microsoft Edge Addons ) and Chrome( Chrome Extension )

As an Etsy Browser plugin, the EtsyHunt can increase your product research efficiency by at least 200%. This Etsy seller helper will simplify the process of judging product values when you are looking for profitable, in-demand product ideas on Etsy.

(1) On the Etsy search page, at the bottom of all product pictures, you could quickly view the core indicators of the product, such as views, estimated sales, release time.

(2) On the item listing page, below the product carousel, you could directly receive all detailed information of the product through a table. As you may know, you have to work hard on your Etsy listing optimization if you want your Etsy rank to stand out among so many others on the platform.

(3) Etsy shop plugin: On the shop page, you could immediately find a embed form which displays the details of the shop.

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