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Apply to become the brand ambassador for EtsyHunt. 
Every ambassador gets personalized affiliate links. 
You get rewarded when someone makes a purchase through your link. 
The more people you send to us, the more benefits you'll receive.

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Ambassador Requirements:

Promote EtsyHunt at least once a month with any format you have expertise in. It can be a review video, a quality article, or group posts to your community.

Use your affiliate link or code in your content.

Program Details

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  1. 1

    • The Brand Ambassador Program consists of 
    3 levels. (Brand Ambassador, “Bronze Hunter”,
    “Gold Hunter”)
    • Every approved applicant automatically becomes 
    a Brand Ambassador (Level 1)

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    Leveling Up

    • In order to earn bonus opportunities or level up to
    receive additional rewards, ambassadors must meet 
    the eligibility requirements listed on the "Rewards" 
    table above.
    • In order for you to claim the level, you must maintain
    the performance for 3 months. The guaranteed 
    minimum time periods also apply when moving 
    down a level

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How to get started? 


There is no approval process, nor fees for registeration. 

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Please use your affiliate link or discount code to promote so we can track the sales and referrals from you. Very important - this is how you get paid based upon!

Get Paid

The minimum payout is $50. Commission will be paid out every other month.

EtsyHunt Ambassador Perks

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Cash Commission

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Sneak Peeks

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Exclusive Discount Code

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Sweet Giveaways