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Everything We Should Know About Etsy Tags

What are Etsy Tags?

An Etsy tag is not equivalent to a keyword. According to Etsy, Etsy sellers should optimize their listings to match what shoppers are looking for. So, we should use keywords in tags, titles, categories, and attributes to make shop listings stand out.

An Etsy tag is a word or short phrase. Etsy allows up to 13 tags per item listing. Each tag can have up to 20 characters, all of which have the opportunity to appear in the Etsy query search.

Etsy tags are what we use to describe our products and services. We should do enough Etsy Tags research to choose the best performing tags for our shop and products.

What are Etsy Tags
How to Find the Best Etsy Tags for Etsy Search

How to Find the Best Etsy Tags for Etsy Search?

Etsy Tags writing must be based on searches of real shoppers.

Luckily, we can use a third-party keyword tool to analyze popular Etsy tags or search on Etsy like a shopper with the help of an Etsy Tags plugin.

EtsyHunt offers both approaches.
Etsy Keyword Research Tool - Enter a keyword or product to generate relevant Etsy keywords and Etsy tags, as well as top 100 listings analysis.
Etsy Tags Tool for Etsy Hunt - When searching on Etsy, view the most searched Etsy tags with one click. In addition, relevant data such as sales, views, favorites and competition can be exported.

How to Get the Most out of Etsy Tags?

Two Etsy Tags hacks to grab the attention of potential customers.

1. Use diverse and explanatory tags.

Make them answer the following questions:
● Who is the product suitable for?
● When can the product be used?
● What are the colors of the product?
● What is the size of the product?
● What kind of raw materials are used for the product?
● What methods or techniques are used to make the product?

2. Choose right Etsy tags for Etsy listings.

Don't get caught up in the questions below:

a. Which is better, singular or plural? — No difference. You can choose either one as your tag.

b. Which is better, multiple phrases or single words? — Multi-word phrases are better. For example, "custom bracelet" is stronger than "custom" and "bracelet".

c. Do we need accurate spelling? — Yes, even if there is a high volume of misspellings. Because Etsy will automatically correct it in the search results.

d. Do we need to translate regional phrases? — No need to fill in the region keyword, but dialectal variants of keywords will help to get a larger coverage.

e. Do we use synonyms at the same time? — Yes. For example, if the main tag is handmade jewelry, you can also use tags such as custom jewelry, handmade earrings, or handmade necklaces.

f. Do we duplicate attributes and categories? — No. Etsy can identify your product attributes and categories by listings.

g. Can we modify tags? — Yes. Etsy Tags can be changed not only seasonally, but also at any time. Tags are only kept if statistics show that they are performing well.

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