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Release Notes


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V1.8.0.0 - Keyword Analysis 2.0

🚀   Improvement    2021/12/24

  • Optimized the recommendation mechanism for similar keywords after combined word search
  • Support for search trends by country and country share for a keyword
  • Support for analysis of the top 100 best-selling products under a keyword, delivery time distribution and price distribution

V1.6.0.0 - Review Management

)🎉   Huge surprise    2021/12/13

  • EtsyHunt operations officially launched

🚀  Improvement      2021/12/13

  • Accurate customer filtering, one click to exclude poorly rated orders
  • Built-in intelligent copywriting, automatic import of customer information, rapid increase in response rate
  • Visual review analysis, one click batch export order and email
  • Etsy official API binding shop, all-round protection shop security

V1.5.0.0 - Optimisation Set

🚀  Improvement      2021/11/02

  • Listings page refinement tips
  • Optimization of sorting issues on product pages when clicking on product filters
  • Functionality - Optimisation of the invalidation of filter items when switching back to "unlimited"
  • Data - Optimise the On Sale display on the shop page to show undefined
  • Product country filter added to Turkey
  • Excel export header error optimisation
  • Fix for Best Seller filter on the list page

V1.4.5.0 - Product Collection, Review Variables Filter

🚀  Improvement     2021/10/19

  • Support filtering and displaying the amount of change of product collection and comments
  • The background colour is red when the keyword analysis competition is high; green when the competition is low
  • Product listings support one-click sharing

V1.4.0.0 - Quick View Extension(Chrome:V1.0.0)

)🎉   Huge surprise    2021/09/30

  • EtsyHunt Extension officially launched

🚀  Improvement      2021/09/30

  • Extended official hidden information: such as product views, weekly sales, total sales, shelf time, shipping location, tags; shop weekly sales, product size, main categories and payment methods.
  • Embedded design: Embed key official hidden information on Etsy product listing pages, product details pages and shop details pages to improve your browsing efficiency
  • No login required, install and use

V1.3.0.0 - Shop Analysis

💡  Features   2021/09/23

  • Find hot shops, potential shops, soaring shops
  • Analyze whether there are big sellers in the category, what is the average number of reviews, what is the average star rating, and grasp the risk of competition
  • Evaluate the sales trends of the Top 500 hot shops and find new points of Etsy traffic
  • In-depth analysis of individual shop sales, price changes and SKU sales trends to gain insight into market direction

V1.1.0.0 - Keyword Analysis

💡  Features    2021/08/30

  • Find keywords with high search volume and low competition
  • Provide multi-dimensional data analysis for Etsy product selection analysis and Etsy keyword planning
  • Efficiently explore potential keywords to optimise product listings
  • Explore keyword sales and category sources to expand Etsy product traffic

V1.0.4.0 - Product Export

🚀  Improvement     2021/08/16

  • Support for exporting products to Excel

V1.0.3.0 - Estimated Sales Optimization

🚀  Improvement    2021/08/12

  • Algorithm optimisation of 7-day sales and monthly sales
  • Optimised loading speed of products after search

V1.0.0.0 - Product Database

)🎉   Huge surprise   2021/07/30

  • EtsyHunt officially launched

💡  Features    2021/07/30

  • Supports 38,000,000+ product libraries, updated daily in full volume.
  • Supports multi-dimensional data sorting of products across all categories, allowing efficient analysis of category competitiveness.
  • Provide product details and trend data to track product life cycle changes.
  • Insight into competitor Tag words, grasp the market trend, accurate positioning of the shop direction, to seize business opportunities.