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Skyrocket Your Etsy Orders Tracking. EtsyHunt supports sending a quick, simple, personalised message to the customer. The intelligent Etsy templates can help you gently try to prompt the buyer to leave a review on Etsy.

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Optimize Etsy Shop Follow-Up Management

Precise Order Screening: Choose regular customers who have left positive reviews from all Etsy orders.
AI Messaging: Import customer information into the message box via smart tags in one click,easily get more Etsy reviews.
Batch Editing: Batch edit all Etsy orders status, you can track Etsy orders efficiently.
Daily Update: All new orders information will update in daily, helping you save time to make important decision.

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Visual Analysis in Etsy Reviews Effects

A/B Test: Test the results of different Etsy templates and choose the best one.
Zero Negative Reviews: Timely targeting of Etsy negative reviews and quick response.
Etsy Reviews Insights: See how Etsy reviews perform, include numbers of postive/negative Etsy reviews and comments rate.
Reviews Ratio: View the proportion of various types of reviews in the past three months to understand the current review structure.

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Access Etsy Official API to Securing Your Shop

√As tested on a large number of Etsy shops, using the Etsy official API is the safest and most stable for shops.
√Our built-in Etsy templates complies with Etsy rules for a true risk-free.
√At present, only one Etsy shop can be bound to a single account, no risk of shop association.
√If asking for reviews does not work well, you can unbind at any time.

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Batch Export of All Etsy Customer Emails

√Support for bulk export of Etsy orders detail, include customer email, customer name, customer type, Etsy reviews status, request status, order ID and order date.
√Stay tuned for more wonderful features!

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How to Leave a Review on Etsy?

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FAQ About Etsy Reviews


Etsy reviews are often the most or first thing to enter your shop. "Reviews" provide a platform for all customers and potential customers to reasonably comment on products.
Giving potential customers an objective standard to judge how good the product is and avoiding to seller's "self-promotion".
For sellers, a healthy Etsy reviews are more likely to improve the ranking of their shop and the credibility of their products, and increase customer stickiness and conversation rate on Etsy. Therefore, in recent years, more Etsy sellers are taking reviews on Etsy seriously.

Reviews on Etsy are based on a star rating - 5 stars being excellent, and 1 star is the worst. Anything with a three or less star is deemed to be less than perfect.

On average receive about 1-3 Etsy reviews per 10 purchases, Etsy reviews rate higher than 10% is good. you can try to change your note for more fun and visible advertising and a draw or a color note to catch their attention.

Always 5-7 days, Etsy also gives full 100 days to customers to add any new additional details.
If you want receive Etsy reviews quickly than ever, we suggest you send a follow-up message about 3 days after delivery asking if their Etsy orders meet their satisfaction. Although, the most customers will ignore it, some customers will reply to you in private messages or leave public reviews.

In Etsy, most sellers get a 5-10% percent rate of reviews to sales. If you want to get more Etsy reviews, build a rapport with customers, always track their Etsy orders, and give responses anytime.


Bad Etsy reviews affect your Etsy shop quite strongly, it will influence "star sellers" if you positive review rate lower than 95%, then you can not get the budget of "star seller", it also will influence your products/shop rank.

Sellers can increase the credibility and visibility of your products with a few positive Etsy reviews. Positive reviews can also help your Etsy shop goes up quickly, and the energy of good Etsy reviews is often stronger than word-of-mouth communication.

Yes or No

No, it's not against Etsy policy. But try to ask for reviews politely, not make the buyer feel unhappy. Here, EtsyHunt provides various gently Etsy templates that help you to get customers' good graces. But messages may not be used for the following activities:
1. Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam.
2. Harassing or abusing another member or violating our Anti-Discrimination Policy.
3. Contact someone after they have explicitly asked you not to.
4. Interfering with a transaction or the business of another member.

It might be happening, cause most the customers won't leave reviews when after purchasing, but, rich Etsy reviews will benefit your Etsy shop in Etsy rank. Therefore, improve Etsy reviews not be ignored.

It depend on your attitude, if you ask for reviews from customers through a tough attitude, it is absolutely rude. So, you must let your customers feel kindly.

Yes, it is very easy! Export your Etsy reviews in CSV format, then go to Shopify product review to import your CSV.

No, customers reviews on Etsy won't be removed. Thus, whatever listing you still pay attention to Etsy reviews.

No, people can't leave reviews on Etsy as guest, All Etsy reviews must be made by registered accounts, if someone made purchase as guests, he/she could create an Etsy account and claim the purchase in order to leave reviews on Etsy.

Yes, If you already solved problems that customers faced, after that, you can ask them to change bad Etsy reviews, but an important thing must be noticed, please communicate with kindly and politey attitude.


First step is to check bad Etsy reviews which left is the truth. If yes, make a response on time. If No, let's start next step, Etsy has a stringent set of rules that customers must follow by when they leaving reviews. When customer violations Etsy rules, please report it to Etsy. But, only if it meet one of theses criteria:
· Contain private information.
· Contain obscene, racist, or harassing language or imagery.
· Violate our Anti-Discrimination Policy.
· Contain prohibited medical drug claims.
· Contain advertising or spam.
· Are only about things outside the seller’s control, such as a delivery carrier (mentioned by name), Etsy, or a third party.
· Contain threats or extortion.
· Include shilling or otherwise falsely inflate a shop’s review score.

In here, suggest you can contact customers through professional Etsy templates that EtsyHunt provides, cause we will provide the most kindly words to help you. If your customer wants to refund, that is an option, but please remember to keep a friendly customership important than everything.

You should response their Etsy reviews in a positive and professional way, but remember once you respond to Etsy reviews, the customers will no longer be able to edit their reviews. 

If you want to encourage Etsy reviews from your customers, there are various tips that will help you.
1. Follow-up Etsy orders and kindly ask them if everything makes them feel satisfied, and anything you can do to improve their purchase experience.
2. If they are unhappy, contact them through Etsyhunt with professional and polite Etsy templates to fix problem that occurred. If they are happy, say sincere thanks to them, and be casual say some warmly words to ask for reviews.
3. Make notes with Etsy orders that provide some benefits to customers, such as offering bonus for next order or providing some little gifts.
4. Don't send ask for reviews messages to them too many times, people won't like it.

1. Your products photos introduction.
2. Your social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, especially useful to potential customer, stimulate them to make purchases.
3. Try to add them in your shop announcement, make new customers detailed understand your Etsy product.