The Ultimate Guide to Selling Crafts on Etsy

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Crafts on Etsy

How does it feel to earn money out of your craft hobbies? If this is what you are craving, Etsy would be the best option for you in which handmade and crafted items are listed the most and more than 90 million shoppers may be searching for your products.

Selling crafts on Etsy is one of the most demanded and sold categories for sure. Thus, you can sell your unique craft items to buyers across the globe. There come the questions of how to sell crafts on Etsy and how to cultivate the profits to the fullest.

In this article, you will find out a ton about how to set up your online shop, make the most use of best-selling crafts on Etsy, and how grow your business on a large scale successfully.   

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What are Craft Items?

Items that are produced by artisans are called craft products. They can be generated either entirely by hand or with the help of hand tools, as long as the manual contribution of the crafter remains the most significant piece of the finished product.

Crafts items vary from handmade clothing to home decor items or works of art. They include handmade or vintage items or products for party organizations. The crucial part here is that they are created for a specific occasion.

What are Craft & Party Supplies?

These products can be regarded as materials, items, or some tools in the making of a product or an event. 

Craft supplies such as DIY kits, paints, beads, patterns, and fabric yardage are the ones that are allowed on Etsy. Party items like balloons, confetti, and cake toppers may be also sold on the platform.

Note that clothing items and accessories in mass production are not qualified as craft supplies for they are perfectly set to be sold. 

How to Sell Crafts on Etsy?

When it comes to getting the most out of selling crafts on Etsy, there are as many strategies as possible you can use. They may help you get as much organic traffic as you can and skyrocket your sales. Let's get cracking.

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1. Discover Best Selling Crafts on Etsy

It has always been a great advantage to sell winning items on Etsy for it will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

EtsyHunt Product Hunt may probably be what you need for the best results. Since the focus is on Craft Supplies & Tools category, you can use the results retrieved based on total sales and total favorites

Discover Best Selling Crafts on Etsy

Furthermore, you can narrow them down by selecting Raving, EtsyPick, and BestSeller to see which items have been on the rise, which products Etsy has specifically picked, and which one have the BestSeller badge.

Top 5 Best-Selling Craft Products on Etsy

Without further ado, let's exemplify what has been explained so that you can monitor what this useful tool can do to make your business thrive:)  

This pattern for shawls and crochet wraps is perfect to combine your shoppers’ pieces of clothing with. It is stylish and comes with various kinds of alternatives. It is ideal for confident beginners.

Crochet Pattern

As for the statistics, it is the most purchased item in the Craft category. The 7-day Sale for this digital item is 285. When it comes to total sales, it goes up to 38.373, which can be a perfect starting point.

These handmade items are personalized gifts for your buyers’ loved ones. You can offer a broad range of colors with refillable features.

Custom Pen

The number of sales for seven days for this pen is 94. When it comes to total sales, it is 2787 with over 4000 favs.

These plastic butterflies have specifically been designed to make your clients’ settings look more charming and special for sure. It is possible to buy them in different quantities depending on your needs.

Miniature Butterflies

As far as statistics are concerned, 7-day sales for the product are 78. Total sales reach up to 2573 guaranteed by a Star badge seller.

You cannot imagine what's caught on on the platform for this adjustable item has been really popular with its plastic and flexible material. With its unique sliding mechanism, you can offer the perfect fit for your shoppers’ fingers.

Reusable ring sizer

As the statistics go, it has had 106 sales in the last seven days. The total number of sales reach up to 2177 with over 1000 reviews.

Made of wood and hand-painted, these items are perfect to give a shiny finish to your buyers’ events. You can offer this craft item in different colors depending on the shoppers’ choice.

Cake Topper

The product has had a sale of 78 in the last seven days. As for the total sales figures, it has risen up to 2548.

2. Analyze Top Craft Stores

Analysis of top competitors in the marketplace is another crucial factor affecting both overall sales and the success of your store on Etsy. It enables you to monitor what they are searching for and what their best-selling items are.

EtsyHunt’s Top Etsy Shop & Sellers Analyzer will be of great help to you in this regard. It gives a lot of useful detail about top shops on the platform such as the original country, total sales, reviews, and favs to get a full perspective. 

Analyze Top Craft Stores

The following are top Etsy shops with Craft Supplies & Tools. Let's take a closer look at why they are key players in the marketplace.

Top 5 Craft Stores on Etsy


The shop sends items from the USA. It has an unrivaled number of sales at 1.895.350 with  over 246.000 reviews, which is ideal to get a gist of what it is like. Over 63.000 shoppers have added it to their favs list.


The USA-based store has a great number of total sales of 1,629,474 with over 182.000 reviews. The total number of favorites is even much more than the first store at 67,441, making it an enticing hub. 


Originating in Turkey, the store has had amazing total sales of 1.030.369 so far and 5.542 in the last seven days. Yakutum has 202 average daily sales. 

The total reviews for the shop are 96.000 and 38.304 people added it to their fav list.


The shop is from the USA and has 7th sales rank globally. PeggySueAlso has had  total sales of nearly 860.000 with a Star Seller badge. It has over 70.000 reviews, perfect for a general idea about the store,  and over 26.000 shoppers favorited it.


The shop is famous for its jewelry supplies and charms. It offers discounts for purchases over $20. The items come in a wide range of colors and sizes based on customers’ demands.

This USA-based shop has reached a total number of sales of 824.519 so far and it has over 162.000 reviews. Over 60.000 shoppers with favs about the store are a significant indicator of success.

3. Create Your Products

First, making something unique to you should be a priority. Second, creating an item that you are passionate about helps you to get involved in the process attentively. It is crucial at this point not to get stuck in one genre on Etsy. 

Getting to know customers’ buying habits is the next step while creating a product. Creating products enough for a reasonable amount of people will be the final step so that you will not run out of the item you wish to sell.

4. Set Up Your Etsy Store

It actually begins with creating an account. Since you are to sell crafts in your store, you should change it into a seller account. The storefront in which you can put all the info about your shops such as a banner, or personal data is required to complete your shop.

After setting up payment and billing methods and determining policies, you are ready to go.

5. List Your Items

You should prepare your product listing based on Etsy SEO principles. The key to success for listing optimization is keywords. A high-quality listing should include proper keywords for the title, description, and explanation of the product. Tags for the item should be used accordingly. 

If you want to explore what are the most searched keywords for your craft products, EtsyHunt Keyword Tool will be your finest assistant. You can type related terms to the search bar and discover similar keywords with stats.

EtsyHunt Keyword Tool

Apart from the keywords, quality photos and an enticing video are a must to have a great listing product. 

6. Proper Pricing

Specifying a competitive pricing policy is one that should need to make great sales in the marketplace. Bear in mind that Etsy charges a $0.20 listing fee for every item and you'll be charged a 6.5% transaction fee for the item you sell. 

Furthermore, you should take the shipping fee into consideration. After determining all the expenses, you can set a competitive price and start getting orders.

7. Promote Your Items On Etsy

Even if you have done all the steps correctly, you may not be able to receive an order yet. At this point, it is smart to look for ways to promote your craft products and store.

On-site and off-site Etsy ads are effective to market and promote your products on the platform. Depending on your budget and needs, you can use either of them or both to boost your sales.

8. Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media has been all over the place. It has an amazing role in marketing your items online. In this regard, Pinterest and Instagram have been more popular than other ones in terms of marketing crafted products.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Business accounts should be used actively by creating regular posts, specifying attractive photos and videos, interacting with users, and using promoted ads to skyrocket sales in becoming a key player in the market.

9. Offer Discounts and Giveaways

A new audience you would like to purchase will love discounts and giveaways. It will definitely provide you with the audience base you need to promote your item successfully.

You can also offer coupon codes to your shoppers on Etsy.

10. Track Your Sales

In order to be able to do that, one needs to find some methods proper for them. Plus, they make an account of profits and expenses to balance budgeting. Setting some long-term goals for success will be a shiny finish.

11. Consider Your Packaging

Consider Your Packaging

When it comes to effective packaging and delivery, you should take all the costs into consideration in the first place. Moreover, informing customers of the potential shipping costs is crucial. There you have it: the order has been packed.

12. Think About Customer Experience

You should follow these significant steps to offer great customer experience:

  • Replying to questions in the descriptions
  • Demonstrating your products from all different perspectives
  • Specifying a return policy that works
  • Answering the messages as soon as possible

Final Words

If you want to monetize your crafting skills, the most profitable thing you can do online is selling crafts on Etsy. 

As a result of a detailed competitor analysis and niche research, you can determine the right craft item. Then, after creating a seller account on Etsy, you can reach hundreds of buyers with proper SEO and marketing strategies.

In this article, we covered how to sell crafts on Etsy in detail. You can boost your sales using EtsyHunt tools and the tips&tricks mentioned above.

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