Etsy Coupons: How To Make A Coupon Code On Etsy

How To Make A Coupon Code On Etsy
How To Make A Coupon Code On Etsy

Can you still make money on Etsy? 

This is a classic question put up by people who want to make their steps into this growing marketplace. According to businessofapps, Etsy made a yearly growth of 34% in revenue in 2020. However, some of the sellers don’t share the growth and many of them start wondering is Etsy still profitable. The thing is if you open a store with a few listings and wait for sales is not enough. Think about other ways to boost sales. Start with offering Etsy coupons!

How to make a coupon code on Etsy?

If you start wondering about this question, you are on the right track and in the right place. This blog is going to cover different coupon options and guide you through how to make a coupon code on Etsy. Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need To Create a Coupon Code on Etsy?

Creating coupon codes on Etsy is an effective way to bring sales. There are other benefits:

  • Harvest more intentions and potential customers. Take advantage of people's interest in saving money on purchases to help you grow an email list and expand your customer base
  • Encourage sales. Certainly, a coupon code is going to attract customers to come to visit your store. You can set up the minimum quantity or total order. Usually, customers will buy more in order to get a discount. 
  • Increase customer loyalty. Issuing coupon codes is going to positively impact customers’ satisfaction towards the brand. They respond emotionally to brands that reach out to thank loyal customers with promotions.

How to Create Coupon Code on Etsy?

Step 1. Go to  “Shop Manager”> “Marketing”> “Sales and Coupons”> “New Special Offers”

The first step is to go to the “Shop Manager” of your store. Find and click on the “Marketing” button and you will be directed to the “Sales and Coupons” section where you see all of the sales you are running. In the top right corner, you will see “New Special Offer”.

Step 2. Select a discount type

Click “New Special Offer”  and you will have a pop-up that says “Set up a new special offer” and here you can choose the discount type. You can run a sale, create a coupon, or send offers to interested people. 

  • Run a sale - with this option, you can provide customers either a percentage off, or free shipping. Etsy allows you to choose the location, duration, and minimum order of your offer. 
  • Create a coupon - you create a coupon code here. More about setting up a coupon code is explained in the following section.
  • Send offers to interested people - Etsy provides two options here. You can do “abandoned cart shoppers”, people who have left items in their cart but you think they might want to buy it. Or, you can do “recently favorited shoppers”, people who recently favorite your items. You can send coupon codes to them from an existing coupon, or create a new coupon code.
Select a Discount Type On Etsy
Select a Discount Type

Step 3. Set up coupon parameters

Etsy offers three types of coupons that you can offer to your customers: Percentage of,  fixed amount off, and free shipping code. Along with it, you can set a threshold to apply the coupon—---only when the customers go beyond the threshold they are entitled to the offer. You can apply the offer with a minimum order total or quantity, or with no minimum required. 

If you choose to do a coupon on order total, you are going to set up the minimum amount of money a customer needs to spend in your store to qualify for the coupon.

If you choose to do a coupon on quantity, that means the coupon is going to be applied when customers buy a specific number of items from your store. 

If you choose not to set a threshold, then click “None”.

Set Up Coupon Parameters On Etsy
Set Up Coupon Parameters

Step 4. Confirm your coupon

You then need to choose the duration of how long you want your coupons to be valid. You can choose anytime from the day you are setting up the coupon to no end date at all. It is really helpful when you are having a specific holiday sale.

Confirm Your Coupon On Etsy - 1
Confirm Your Coupon - 1

Then, you will customize your coupon code to enter the name so customers can use that code. You will also have an url that you can copy and send it. The coupon can go in both ways. 

Confirm Your Coupon On Etsy - 2
Confirm Your Coupon - 2

When you hit continue, you will have the option to go to choose your listings for the discount. You can choose different sections of your shop, or you can choose all of the listings in the shop, or you can search for a single listing and add just that listing. 

Confirm Your Coupon On Etsy - 3
Confirm Your Coupon - 3

When you have made your selections you will go down and click the button that says “review” and confirm which brings you to a final page where you will look and make sure that everything looks right. 

Confirm Your Coupon On Etsy - 4
Confirm Your Coupon - 4

After you click “confirm” the discount will be live. You will be able to copy the url and send it to people. When they put it into the browser it will automatically apply the discount to your shop at the checkout, or you can share the code and apply the code at the checkout. 

Created Successfully On Etsy
Created Successfully

If you have any other questions, you can refer to the official documentation :How to Set Up Sales and Discounts for Your Shop

Use These Etsy Coupon Ideas to Boost Sales

Once you have done creating your coupon code, promote your offers to get sales.

You can start promoting your coupons by:

  • Via email

The first way is to start promoting the coupons to your existing contact list. These people have been engaged with you before, therefore they will be the most responsive people.

  • Share them on social network

As an Etsy seller, I suppose you are managing more than one social platform. Utilize them to shout out your coupon codes.

  • Extra incentives

Give extra incentives to encourage people to share your coupon codes. For instance, give another five dollars off in addition to the offer for sharing the codes.

  • Send out coupons to customers who review your products

Think about coupons as incentives and rewards. Send out coupons along with requests for reviews after someone purchases your items. It will not only make them more willing to give you a review, possibly a positive one, but also it helps to distribute your coupons to encourage a second buy. You can do this in bulk by using a review management tool offered by EtsyHunt.

On EtsyHunt, find "Followup Reminder" under the "Operations". On the "Followup Reminder" page, it allows you to request reviews and view reviews status. By providing message templates, you will be able to request and manage reviews effortlessly. You can formate a customized message out of the templates, which means you can add information about your coupons in the message and send it along with your request for the product review.

How to make coupons on Etsy and promote them? EtsyHunt allows you to send out coupons along with review requests.
  • Have the offer coincide with a holiday

People are looking for coupons in the holiday season. How about sending a birthday coupon code to your customers? Whatever you do you want your customers to think of you during their momentous.

  • Make the coupon time- and quantity- limited

Set up the offer that is sure to attract a lot of attention but won’t be too much for you to fulfill.


Everyone loves discounts. Etsy shoppers look for the best deal on products they want to buy all the time. Sending coupon codes is a smart marketing strategy to attract new buyers and build customer loyalty. Etsy also loves discounts. It highlights discounts in search and on listing pages to help you encourage sales. Issuing codes is also going to help gain more awareness of your brand. Hope this article well explains how to make coupons on Etsy.


How to make a one-time coupon on Etsy?

You can make an exclusive coupon for a customer by customizing the name of the coupon code. That is the closest thing you can do to a one-time coupon on Etsy.

How to make a coupon code on Etsy that applies to the entire shop?

Etsy allows you to choose which listings are included in the coupon code. Go to “Shop Manager”> “Marketing”> “Sales and Coupons”> “New Special Offers”. Select “create a coupon”. After you finish with “Discount details”, you will see the option to select listings you want to be included. 

How to make a coupon code for free shipping on Etsy?

Go to “Shop Manager”> “Marketing”> “Sales and Coupons”> “New Special Offers”. Select “create a coupon”. You can choose to offer “Free Standard Shipping” and create a code for that.

How to make a coupon code on Etsy app?

I don't think it is possible. You have to do it through the desktop.

How to make it so someone can use a coupon code only once on Etsy?

You can create a different coupon each time and send it to your customers. It is troublesome but it is the most guaranteed way to know your coupon code is only used one-time. 

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