Complete Guide About Etsy Tracking

Complete Guide About Etsy Tracking

When we talk about Etsy tracking, we could be referring to Etsy order tracking or tracking Etsy competitors. Whichever your case is, you'll find everything you need to know about both. You'll learn how to track your order, and the best way to track your competition.

For sellers, this has become really important because it’s now mandatory to provide tracking numbers to orders shipped to the US that are over $10.

For buyers, Etsy order tracking is the easiest and most efficient way to monitor your packages' status and estimated arrival date. With a single click, you can check the status of your Etsy order.

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How to Find Your Order’s Shipping Status?

1. Sign in to, navigate to your account, or navigate to You in the Etsy app.

2. Navigate to Purchases and reviews.

3. Locate your order. Tap your order in the Etsy app.

The shipping status will be displayed to the right of your order. You'll also see an estimated delivery date, which should give you an idea of when your order will arrive, and a tracking number if it's available for your order.

Etsy Order Tracking Status Meanings

The shipping statuses of your purchases indicate where your order is in the shipping process. For example, if the status is “Not Shipped”, it means that the seller hasn't finished the order yet or hasn't updated the order on Etsy.

You’ll receive an email from Etsy with a shipping notification once the seller has finished the order and is ready to ship. Your order will have one of the following statuses on your Purchases page:

  • Shipped: indicates that the seller has completed the Etsy order and it is on its way.
  • Pre-transit: The seller included a tracking number, currently being scanned at the shipping facility.
  • In Transit: Your order has been shipped and is now on its way to you.
  • The package has been delivered, and you can now post a review for your order.

If the expected delivery date of your order has passed and your purchase still shows as Not shipped, the seller may have forgotten to mark the order as finished on Etsy or has not yet shipped it. If you require any additional assistance, go to your Purchases page and click Help with the order.

How to Track an Etsy Package?

If the seller used an Etsy tracking carrier and included a tracking number, you'll see a Track Package button beside the order on your Purchases page. Select Track Package to view detailed information about the status of your package.

Shipping information is also available in your order's shipping notification email messages. View the current status of your shipment by simply clicking Track Package in the email notification.

If your seller used a shipping provider not supported by Etsy but supplied a tracking number for the shipment, you can find it on your Purchases page by selecting View Receipt next to the order.

Some international shipments will not show tracking once the order has left the country of origin. The tracking status should be updated when the package reaches the destination country.

How to Track an Etsy Order with the Etsy App

Follow the steps below to keep track of the status of your Etsy order using the app:

1. Check your Etsy account to see if you're signed in.

2. Then, at the bottom, navigate to the taskbar. Then, click on "Purchases & Reviews."

3. Hover your app over the delivery status to the right of the store's name until you find what you're looking for. A "Track Package" option will appear if it is available. Choose this to obtain a tracking number. If you didn't see a tracking number, it's because the vendor didn't provide one.

What If Your Order Doesn't Have a Tracking Number

Tracking information is not available for all shipping methods. Please get in touch with the seller for assistance if you did not receive a tracking number for your item.

How to Check Shipping Status or Track an Order without an Etsy Account?

If you used guest checkout to purchase an item, you will receive an email confirmation once your order has shipped. Your package will be trackable if your seller includes an Etsy tracking number. Simply click track your package at the top of the email.

You can still contact the seller if you bought as a guest by responding to the receipt sent to you after purchase.

What Happens If Your Order Does Not Arrive?

As part of Etsy's Purchase Protection program, if your order does not arrive and you qualify, you will receive a full refund. However, it would be recommendable that you try to locate the package before initiating the refund process:

  • Check if anyone else in your house or office accepted the package.
  • Try waiting a day if the item you purchased isn't time-sensitive. The carrier may require additional time to deliver the package.
  • Check with your local post office or shipping facility to see if the package has arrived.

How Long Does Etsy Take to Ship?

Etsy does not ship merchandise. Instead, the Etsy seller handles the shipment of items ordered by a customer. However, because it varies, it is impossible to give an exact timeframe for the long time it takes Etsy to ship.

Some sellers guarantee delivery within 3-5 business days. Other sellers ship that same day or the next day. If you purchase an item that requires customization, it may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive, or even more. Always, however, read the seller's preferred shipping estimate date.

What Is the Estimated Delivery Time on Etsy?

Your item should arrive by the estimated time of arrival. The seller's time to create and process the products for shipment determines the estimated delivery date. You can also estimate the delivery date by considering how long the product will be in transit with the delivery company.

Add the processing time to the carrier transit time to get the estimated delivery date (processing time + carrier transit time).

Assume that the processing time for a product is 3-5 days. In addition, the carrier travel time for the shipping option you select is usually 2-4 days.

Your delivery date is expected to be in 5-9 days. Recalculate the estimated delivery date if the seller finalizes the order before the intended ship date.

Setting expected delivery dates as a seller may help you increase sales while eliminating unnecessary confusion.

Keep in mind that not every order has an assigned estimated delivery date. Based on the order status on Etsy, the seller estimated the delivery date.

How to Track Etsy Competitors?

Etsy is much more than just a marketplace; it also is a community of people who appreciate unique, custom, and vintage items.

As a result, it's easy to believe that simply investing time in creating a unique offer will transform you into a top seller. Creating unique and beautiful products is certainly worthwhile, but it's also critical to understand the target market in the business world.

The simplest way to understand your client's needs is to look at what your competitors are doing. Also, don't consider it is spying. You won't know what you're up against unless you learn your competitors' strong points.

Although monitoring and tracking competitors may not seem a good practice, it is essential for any serious business strategy.

Furthermore, it is so simple that you have almost no excuse not to sit down and begin monitoring your competitor's actions. The following Etsy tools can help you track your market competition and better understand what your target audience needs in just a few clicks in this article.



EtsyHunt has one of the most advanced and best competitor tracking tools available to Etsy sellers. You can enter a shop name into the shop analyzer tool to learn about their best-selling products, how many orders they receive, and much more. The best part is that signing up is completely free.



eRank is one of the most widely used Etsy tools. It's loaded with powerful features that can help you find the hottest keywords on Etsy, Pinterest, eBay, and Google.

It also compares their search volume and provides data on tags to use in your titles. Competition sales is a powerful feature in eRank that provides real-time updates on how your competitor's store is performing.

Only premium members have access to eRank's competitor tracking tools. The basic plan is $5.99 monthly, and the Pro plan is $9.99.


Sale Samurai

The Competition Tracker in Sale Samurai is divided into two sections. These are "Keywords" and "Shops." This means you'll be able to conduct searches on specific shops as well as searches for keywords used among your competitors.

Let's begin with "Shops." You'll be able to see if the store is open and the current number of sales. In addition, you’ll see how many listings they have, how many likes they have, and how long the store has been open.

The "Keywords" tab, on the other hand, is an excellent way to keep track of various keywords that you're currently using to sell or that you want to focus on in the future. You are free to search as many keywords as you want.

When you click on each keyword, a pop-up will appear that says "Not enough data..." because the information will be populated the following day. The information is only available for about 24 hours. It also charges you for using it $9.99 a month or $99.99 per year.

eRank vs EtsyHunt

By analyzing eRank and EtsyHunt we can point out that:

eRank analyzes in depth the first 100 listings found on the Etsy results page for the keywords you specify.

The Keyword Tool will show you the most popular keywords used by Etsy sellers, how frequently the keywords in those tags are checked for on Etsy, standard price ranges, and other information to help you choose keywords optimize your listings.

However, do not become obsessed with your eRank Etsy SEO grade. It is a helpful tool, but the search algorithm is much more complex than the grades indicate. Furthermore, even if you follow Etsy's SEO best practices, if your keywords aren't relevant or aren't bringing the right shoppers to your shop, you won't get sales.

On the other hand, EtsyHunt Shop Analysis allows you to see past your main competitors. You’ll find the top 500 Etsy Shops and Etsy Best-selling Products based on shop sales in the last 7/30 days are also available. Then you can learn from their best practices and find ways to enhance them while selling yours.

This allows you to choose between two marketing strategies. One idea is to look for items you can purchase for a low cost and then sell for a high-profit margin.

The other idea is to stand out. Sometimes a high sales volume does not imply a high-profit margin. You can find out a niche for yourself and recognize that no single factor determines your business's success.

SaleSamurai vs EtsyHunt

Let’s take a look at how SaleSamurai compares to EtsyHunt:

Creating titles, tags, and optimizing keywords for new listings is a breeze with Sale Samurai. Discover long-tail keywords that customers are searching for on Etsy, search volume, and important information like price, shipping days, and views per item.

You can get real Etsy search volume data with the AI-powered keyword tool. Using the most precise and robust tool on the market today, find high-density keyword suggestions, labels, and long-tail keyword grades.

On the EtsyHunt side, listing optimization is the main strategy for gaining attention on Etsy. The first step is to identify your high-converting keywords and tags.

EtsyHunt simplifies the process by providing keyword search trends, related terms, and a Hot keyword cloud.

Not only that, but EtsyHunt keeps track of the top 100 product listings. You'll be able to find their sales, prices, reviews, and shipping times to help you improve your marketing strategy even further.

Moreover, the follow-up reminder is an excellent tool for tracking product reviews and automating the review process on Etsy. EtsyHunt also provides tools for quickly browsing Etsy and calculating your profit.


This information is extraordinarily valuable because it will help you understand the market better. For example, price range and shipping analysis may reveal that your competitors are providing a better deal for a specific keyword, decreasing quality traffic.

Even if you want to become an Etsy star seller, setting expected delivery dates will help you achieve it. Knowing how the Etsy tracking work, it’ll be easier for you to work it out.

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