How to Get More Etsy Sales? Discover 18 Exceptional Tips

How to Get More Etsy Sales

Most sellers are the same as you, always looking for smarter and profitable ways to hop into Etsy but failing to find them due to hard competition over the Etsy platform.

Don't worry; here, we will offer you a single platter of 18 tips and tricks that will help you to increase sales on Etsy. It may include keyword research, taking captivating pictures, offering free Shipping, SEO technique, Etsy ads, using social media platforms, and more. 

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The High Competition on Etsy

Before going towards the answer of How to get more Etsy sales?" won't it be effective to comprehend the competition on Etsy? 

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade crafts and vintage products. It is an amazing digital shopping platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) and customer-to-customer (C2C) business models. 

According to recent statistics, Etsy has become a renowned platform for artists, crafters, and collectors, with more than 90 million active buyers. So, this may trigger you to sell on Etsy.

However, it’s not a cup of tea to stand out on top from the competitors on Etsy. Because every year the number of sellers is increasing. There are nearly 7.5 billion Etsy Sellers in 2021.  In this competitive marketplace, every seller wants to explore the most strategic ways to learn how to increase Etsy sales.  

18 Exceptional Tips to Increase Sales on Etsy

Etsy offers millions of potential shoppers to the seller, but it doesn’t place your product in front of these buyers automatically. 

So, here we will provide you with 18 outstanding tips; each will demonstrate better ways to boost the visibility of your products to get more Etsy sales. So let’s dive in!  

1. Focus on keyword research

Comprehensive keyword research is the most crucial step to increasing sales on Etsy. Most of the time, buyers visit the sites but do not know what to buy. All they know is to buy a gift-worthy product for their family and friends.

So, keyword research is a process to find your customers frequently used terms. Use the right keyword to rank your shop or product in the Etsy search engine. For this, category and autocomplete features are efficient ways to find the most researched keywords. 

You will also find that there are “total views” and “competition” stats on the search bar. They are not default Etsy features but provided by EtysHunt with Etsy Rank Tool chrome extension. It is totally free of charge and offers many other features.

💡Pro Tip: Focus on keyword research and remember that;

  • Use the exact keyword to title and tag your products 
  • Target longer keywords as they have lower competition and easier to top rank
  • Use almost 13 tags of keywords to boost the chances of ranking in the Etsy search   

2. Use captivating listing photos to grab shoppers’ interest

Product photos are the first impression of your Etsy store. If your store contains eye-catching photos, increase the chances that buyers view your products and visit your store. 

But if your Etsy store is listed with poor-quality photos, the buyer leaves your shop instantly. Thus, take captivating photos of your products to get more Etsy sales. 

For this, you do not need to buy an expensive DSLR. Natural sunlight is best for taking oeye-catching product photos. Remember; do not use direct sunlight but reflected light with any object or thin curtain. Early morning or late afternoon light is the best.

Plus, learn the editing process and tools as photos from your normal cameras are not worth posting. You need to set the brightness, contrast, color, and other feature to create an elegant picture. 

3. Use Etsy Ads to boost your growth on Etsy

Etsy advertising is the quickest way to increase sales on Etsy, so do it right now. It costs money but is worth it if you follow the proper strategy. 

Follow the steps below for a prompt Etsy promotion;

  • Before running an ads campaign, learn every detail of Etsy Ads including fees.
  • Firstly, advertise your best-selling products to increase the chance of buyers clicking to purchase.
  • Then promote middle ranged products. 
  • Observe persistently, particularly in the beginning, and do not promote the products with no sales and high views
  • Ensure that the cost does not exceed your profit 

4. Deploy Etsy SEO to get Etsy search ranking 

Etsy SEO is another important step for getting more sales on Etsy. In short, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting organic traffic from natural, free, and potential search engines. 

This process helps you increase your Etsy store and products’ visibility on Etsy. In the end, this will lead to getting a good conversion rate on Etsy.

There are many ways to optimize your Etsy research, including using relevant keywords for listing your product and using tags and a product description containing at least 3-5 keywords. Etsy determines many other factors like customer reviews, product photos, shipping prices, shop's age, and more to optimize your products.  

You can also use the EtsyHunt Keyword Research tool to get similar keywords. Let’s say, you sell candles on Etsy and want to explore related keywords. Just type “candle” and discover similar keywords with views, favorites, competition, and sales stats.

You can use the Etsy Tag extension from EtsyHunt to find relevant tags.

Etsy Tags Extension

For more detail please visit Etsy Tags Tools For Etsy Hunt

5. Consider Etsy fees when pricing

When looking for an answer to the question of how to get more Etsy sales, one of the most common explanations you will encounter will be low pricing. If you do not consider expenses such as Etsy fee, shipping, and packaging while applying low pricing you may even lose from every sale.

There are 3 main Etsy Fees that you will be charged: 

  1. Listing Fee: 20 cents per listing
  2. Transaction Fee: 6.5% of each sale
  3. Payment Processing Fee: 3% of each sale + 25 cents

So, you should calculate Etsy fees before determining your pricing policy.    

6. Bundling your best-selling products with other 

Pair up your best-selling products with others and offer a special discount on these bundles. Bundle your product with a similar product like a pair of shoes and a shoe shiner. 

It will increase the order size and compel customers to buy products at discounted prices. That helps you to increase sales on Etsy. 

7. Improve Etsy Listing

Focus on your Etsy listing products to get more Etsy sales. To make a good Etsy listings lies in every detail, be keywords research, competitor analysis, optimizing product descriptions, refining images, and using tags. 

You need to Improve your product listing if your items are getting the highest traffic but still have no sales. EtsyHunt Listing Optimization Tool is an outstanding assistant to optimizing your listing.  

You can track your products and follow views, sales, and conversions. Moreover, you will get SEO tips to improve your listing. 

8. Put the shop's social media profile as Etsy photographs  

A least familiar tip to get more sales on Etsy is to put your shop’s social media posts on Etsy. This idea will help you to target your social media followers to increase sales on Etsy.

In this way, you can interact with your buyer at a personal level to build a loyal relationship. Then use different strategies like offering discounts and sending emails and coupons to boost Etsy sales.   

9. Offer Free Shipping to get more Etsy sales 

According to dozens of surveys conducted with shoppers, the shopping trend has generally been towards products with free shipping. 

Furthermore, Etsy has changed its algorithm from 30th July 2019  for US search by prioritizing the product listings that come with Free Shipping over $35 or more. 

Hence, offering free shipping to your customers will not only fascinate the shopper but also optimize your products on Etsy search ranking. You should also maintain a clear shipping policy to get more sales on Etsy. 

10. Earn Etsy Star Seller Badge 

Etsy Star Seller Badge offers identification for sellers who have maintained and implemented specific standards of customer care. 

Etsy Star Seller Badge does not improve your ranking directly. But it highlights some top Star Seller to the customers, making it easiest for buyers to connect with Etsy's best sellers. 

It is not essential to apply for the Star Seller Badge; if you are fulfilling all the customer care requirements, you are already on the list. 

11. Designing an attractive logo for branding 

When you think about sports shoes, Adidas pops into your mind, which is what branding is called. Branding is the most effective, challenging way to increase the visibility of a business. 

To stand out on top of the competition, design a unique and attractive logo for your Etsy store that leaves footprints in shoppers' minds. 

Furthermore, everything is important for branding your Etsy shop, from designing logos and ads to product packaging and customer service. 

12. Etsy Coupons codes to encourage repeat purchases

Coupon codes are a powerful way to encourage repeat purchases. Offer coupon codes for the next asset to build a relationship with your shoppers. 

You can send them a minimum 10-15% coupon by email system or by using Etsy's strategy of a "thank you" coupon to make your shopper feel special. 

It will ultimately entice your customer to return to the shop and get more Etsy sales.  

13. Use Instagram for Etsy

Who is not using Instagram or other social media platforms? Almost everyone uses it. Instagram can be a real booster for your Etsy sales. 

Remark that doesn't use Instagram as a sale tool as users are not there to shop. Rather than that, you should post your product-related, user-friendly content. 

Like running a clothing brand, post styling, and fashion tips. The primary goal of posting on Instagram is to build a strong brand image and a relationship with the customers. 

Thus, to increase Etsy sales, post on Instagram and target an organic audience. 

14. Search keywords from Pinterest for Etsy 

Female is the dominating traffic source on Pinterest and Etsy, and here the chance lies. Deploy Pinterest to target the intent-based keyword. 

For example, enter "floral print" in the Pinterest search engine, and you will get keywords like 

  • Floral print sarees
  • Floral print gowns
  • Floral print shirts for men
  • Floral print dresses and more 

Then you can use these keywords to create titles, tags, and product descriptions to optimize and increase sales on Etsy.

15. Customer reviews and satisfaction 

Currently, Etsy has enabled tailor-made products to sell on its platform. Create customized products to build a close relationship with your customer. 

Also, ask your buyer for reviews; as much you get positive reviews, the more chances Etsy to optimize your products to the search bars. So, customer satisfaction should be your top priority for increasing sales on Etsy.  

16. Create an email mailing list to get more Etsy sales

Email marketing is an effective way to increase Etsy sales. Email your customers to make them aware of different discount offers and campaigns. 

This trick will keep your customers knowing about launching new products and improve the Etsy store's visibility. It will make your customer buy instantly if they find something unforgettable. 

17. Offer unexpected packaging and small gifts.

Studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to come back and buy again if they get a small surprise along with their adorable handmade ordered product. It will be more strategic to give them another product sample. Don't need to devalue your products by gifting them the full product of the same price. 

Furthermore, send them orders in adorable and eye-catching packaging to impress them. It will motivate your customers to buy more and help you to increase sales on Etsy. 

18. Write a blog post to target external traffic. 

Writing a blog post is a long-term strategy to target relevant external traffic. The main aim is to display a website on different search engines like Google, Pinterest, Reddit, or Yahoo that bring visitors to your shop and increase Etsy sales.

However, this method takes a lot of time to show outcomes, sometimes several months or even years. 

Final verdict

Now no one can stop you rank on top on Etsy. All you need is to follow all the tips mentioned above to take your Etsy shop to the bestseller list. The number of sellers is increasing daily, making it difficult to increase sales on Etsy. 

In this article you will learn “how to get more Etsy sales” and it will be a turning point for your Etsy store. 

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