How to Use Our Etsy Extension for Shop Owners?


Display information centrally on product listing pages, detail pages, and shop detail pages to improve the efficiency of product selection on the Etsy website

How to Use

Install the Etsy Rank Analysis Extension

See below for download,

Once the extension is installed, visit the official Etsy page to use it directly.

It May take up to 1 minute to load after the first installation.

Check the Information According to Your Needs

Extended Location 1: Product Listing Page

  • Support for weekly sales, total sales, total views, and release time of data expansion
  • Click on the button in the top left corner to view historical sales trends for your product at EtsyHunt
Product Listing Page

Extended Location 2: Product Details Page

  • Support to view products: main category, release time, Tag words, price
  • Total sales, weekly sales, total views, total reviews, weekly reviews, total favorites, weekly favorites
  • Whether shipping is free, customizable, with or without Best Seller tags, with or without Etsy Pick tags, product type and shipping location
Product Details Page

Extended Location 3: Shop Details Page

  • Support to see when the shop was created, the main category, the country
  • Total and weekly changes in sales, reviews, favorites
  • Number of items for sale, shop rating, whether you are a star seller, and payment methods supported
Shop Details Page

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