EtsyHunt Wins vs Alura: Which Is The Best Etsy Tool for Etsy Sellers?

Alura Vs EtsyHunt: Which Is The Best Etsy Tool for Etsy Sellers?

Creating a successful shop on Etsy is a tough and challenging task. Before starting a shop on Etsy, you need to do market research, especially competition research, and niche research.

But, as a novice seller, it can be difficult to complete this work on your own. Thankfully, there are now powerful Etsy seller tools available to assist you in doing so.

In this article, we will compare Etsy's niche research tools EtsyHunt and Alura to help you figure out which Etsy niche research tool is best for you.

Alura Overview: What is Alura and how does it work?

Alura is a product research tool for Etsy that helps you understand what's selling on Etsy and discover successful product ideas.

Alura's core functions are Keyword Research, Product Research and Listing Optimization, of which the Keyword Research and Product Research functions are quite attractive to Etsy sellers. This feature can help Etsy sellers to conduct product research and discover niche markets.

Paying $13.99 per month, you can use all the features of Alura. Of course, at the beginning, you can try it for free for a while. During the trial period, you can only use half of the features and you can only use the advanced search 10 times.

alura - etsy tool

EtsyHunt Overview: What is EtsyHunt and how does it work?

EtsyHunt is the best Etsy product research, listing optimization and tag analysis tool.

EtsyHunt has a huge database of 230,000,00 products on Etsy, 3,000 product categories, and 830,000 shops on Etsy. Such a huge database already exceeds most tools of its kind. You can use this huge data to get the latest product trends and niche markets. You can also optimize your own shop by monitoring your competitors.

Surprisingly, all these features are currently free and unlimited searches, so what are you waiting for?

EtsyHunt - etsy tool

Comparison of Alura and EtsyHunt

Features Alura EtsyHunt
Product Seeker  ✅  ✅
Product Trend  ✅
Shop Seeker  ✅
Shop Trend  ✅
Similar Keywords  ✅
Top 100 Listings  ✅
Keywords Tracking  ✅
Listing Optimization  ✅
Reviews Management  ✅
Chrome Extension  ✅
Edge Extension  ✅
Daily update of products data  ✅
Advanced Filter  ✅ (also support label: Raving, Etsy Pick, BestSeller)
Price $0/$13.99/month $0/month

Product Database

👍 EtsyHunt has richer product information

Compared to Alura, EtsyHunt has a much larger library of product and shop information. Based on this huge database, EtsyHunt provides you with the sales and price trends of products through big data analysis under segmented categories. You can also get niche products through a series of advanced filters. In addition, EtsyHunt is updated with 5,000,000 product data every day to help you get the latest product trends.

You will get a data update after every click you make in EtsyHunt. Through EtsyHunt, you can get timely and accurate information about product sales, reviews, and favorites from Etsy.

Advanced Filter

👍 EtsyHunt helps you get the ideal niche ideas

Many Etsy sellers often struggle with determining filter values when using Alura to filter products. Unlike Alura, EtsyHunt's advanced filtering feature offers sellers two types of filtering: range selection and value filling. When you are not sure of the filter value, you can directly select a filter range for quick filtering. When you think the quick filter is not accurate enough, you can also fill in the value to filter.

In EtsyHunt, you can filter by category, price, sales, favorites, reviews and product type. You can also filter by Labels, such as Raving (Multiple people gave 5-star reviews to this shop corresponding to the product in the past 7 days), Etsy pick (Picked by the experts at Etsy), Bestsellers (This item has had a high sales volume over the past 6 months).

etsyhunt advanced filter

EtsyHunt is based on a huge product database and helps you quickly get to the niche markets you are interested in through intelligent filtering to keep your business way ahead of the game.

Keyword Research

👍 EtsyHunt gives you Top 100 listing analysis

Alura's advantageous feature is keyword research, where you can search for the name of a product you are interested in, and then you can get information about sales, prices, competitors, categories, etc. for that product. Of course, you can also get information on the competition, sales, etc. for similar keywords, which can help you improve your product titles. However, you can't get this key content for free.

However, EtsyHunt now has a more powerful Etsy keyword tool. In addition to the two basic features of similar keywords and word clouds, EtsyHunt accordingly shows an in-depth analysis of the top 100 listings, which can be used to optimize your pricing and shipping strategies.

etsy keyword tool

Trending on Etsy

👍 EtsyHunt makes it easy to learn from winning products

Unlike Alura, in addition to the product and shop database, EtsyHunt AI also offers Etsy shop and product rankings, including Best Selling and Rising Chart modules, which are updated every Monday. EtsyHunt allows you to sort them by categories or countries.

top selling items on etsy


All in all, if you are a newbie who wants to sell products on Etsy and wants to acquire a niche quickly and inexpensively, then EtsyHunt will be a good assistant for you. If you are an experienced Etsy seller who wants to further improve your shop, both Alura and EtsyHunt will be suitable for you. Remember, it is always wise to use tools.

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