Etsy Keywords comprehensive guide-Etsy Hunt

Etsy Keywords Comprehensive Guide—EtsyHunt

Etsy is a very suitable platform for different unique products, where you can find any products you want to discover, and these products are marked by various keywords, so that search engines will pass your keywords to match the corresponding product information. Similarly, doing a good job of keyword research will also tell you what products you should sell on Etsy.

So, where are keywords generally placed?

  1. Product Title (140 characters)
  2. Product description
  3. Product tags (13 tags)

If we want to sell hand-made jewelry products, we first need to find some relevant keywords or phrases and use the keyword research tools to allow users to find the corresponding products faster through search engines. In this step, we can use some keyword tools to carry out this series of operations.

Generally speaking, keywords tools can tell us three core points, the first is the search volume of keywords. The second is the competitiveness of keywords. The third is to find other related vocabularies for the keywords I searched for.

Alright, now we already know how keywords help us on-sell. Next step, we know how to through keywords research tools to find higher traffic、lower competitive keywords.

Etsy Hunt is the one of most detailed Etsy keywords research tools. All the keywords data is based on customer research results to calculate. Customers can see all views about researched keywords and competition、favorites and specific sales numbers.

Besides, you also can see google search trends of researched keywords through Etsy Hunt. It shows nearly one year's google trend by a graph.

The most important function of Etsy Hunt keywords is you can get 100 similar keywords of your researched words. These similar keywords also can see views、competitions、favorites and sales.

Here, suggest you choose keywords with high views、medium competitions, and high favorites、lower sales.

When we make sure keywords, we should combine keywords with titles. A short, clear, and descriptive title will allow users to find the product they want to see more quickly. Therefore, accurate vocabulary must be available in the selection of title keywords, but when writing the title, some symbols can be used to separate the phrases, and in the title of Etsy, the order of the keywords will not be captured by the system. But it is important to note that the keywords you use must include a descriptive keyword.

Long-tail keywords in Title

Long-tail keywords are the most discussed topic on any e-commerce platform. Although long-tail keywords bring less traffic than core keywords, the long-term traffic it brings cannot be ignored.

So, what is a long-tail word anyway? Let me explain to you through an example. For example, if you are a seller of handmade bags, the popular vocabulary of “handmade bag”, “handmade” and “backpack” must be the most widely covered more people, because, from the user's point of view, everyone usually knows the First search for such words. Although this type of vocabulary has a lot of traffic, it cannot be ignored that its competitiveness will also be very high. Let’s verify this conclusion through Etsy Hunt.

Etsy Hunt helped us give us a lot of similar vocabulary. Among these vocabularies, there are some long-tail words we can refer to.

For example, "brown leather bag" and "leather leg bag" vocabulary, although the number of users covered is limited, but the traffic it attracts is very accurate, and it can even be said to be effective for a long time.

Then some friends will ask questions if there are no popular words in the title, will our products not be found when customers search? Actually not. Generally speaking, popular words are really not worthy as keywords, because even if we don’t select these words as keywords. They will also be automatically matched to products based on the category and attributes of our products.

But when using long-tail words as keywords, we must pay attention to whether it matches our products!

We should know how important the long-tail keywords are to the overall traffic of the website, and their transaction rate is very high. The reason is that the long-tail keywords accurately describe the problem, and what is an accurate statement for? It is to better solve the customer’s problem, and the customer’s problem is solved, then the customer’s search purpose has been achieved, and at the same time, he has an invisible trust in our shop, and this Trust is the entry point for store viscosity.

Tags Thinking

Tags also are important to Etsy products, Etsy's tags require no more than 13 characters. The following points.

  1. The keywords that have been repeated in the title do not have to be displayed in the tags, you must try different keywords in different positions.
  2. Avoid using a certain keyword multiple times in Tags.
  3. Unified language because there are many different languages ​​on Etsy to write, but if you use English on tags, you will unify English. If you want to use other languages, please unify the language style.

Tags can include as much as possible the subsidiary value of your product, such as product description vocabulary, like reusable, set tableware, and secondly, some product materials can also be included in tags, such as handmade, embroidery, pure natural, etc.


Keywords as the most important part of Etsy stores, sellers should not be underestimated. A well-performing keyword is like a faucet that can help us drive a steady stream of traffic. Sellers must constantly open their minds to choose more high-quality keywords. The combination of core keywords + long-tail words will definitely bring amazing drainage effects to your store. Keep paying attention to Etsy Hunt, we will bring you more useful Etsy knowledge.

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