How to Do Etsy Product Research by Using EtsyHunt?

Product Research


You can find individual items based on data selection. Then you can use keyword and shop analysis to determine the demand for the product and the difficulty of competition.

How to Use

Search & Filter

  • Common Filtering: supports filtering by category, price, last 7 days and total sales
  • Advanced Filtering: supports filtering by product shipping location, product type, product's last 7 days collection and total collection, and changes in reviews
  • Official Labels: when selecting items with high sales and reviews, you can filter by the following tags
    • Raving: Buyers are raving! Multiple people gave 5-star reviews to this shop corresponding to the product in the past 7 days
    • Etsy Pick: picked by the experts at Etsy
    • Best Seller: This item has had a high sales volume over the past 6 months
  • Release Time: support for quick time filtering and custom time filtering

Listings and Detail Pages

  • The listing page shows the core data: sales, reviews and favorites for the last 7 days; tags (hover over to see all tags words); ID (visible on hover); price; release time and official labels
  • List supports single page export and full export of products for your personal data processing and analysis
  • Support descending order of last 7 days reviews and descending order of last 7 days favorites, so that you can easily find the products with soaring number of reviews or favorites in the last 7 days
List page
  • In addition to the above list page data, the details page supports more badge display: the small truck badge in the picture represents the product package
  • Support for the display of discount prices, discount strengths, and original prices: to help you learn the price strategy of competing products
  • Support for product type display: help you determine whether the product is a manual type, etc.
  • Support shop basic information display: shop name, shop total sales, and total comments, you can quickly determine the performance of the shop corresponding to the product, whether it is your competitive shop and whether it is worthy of reference
  • Support for basic product information display: identical to the official page, saving you the time of jumping to the official website
  • Support for historical trends in core data: you can determine the sales pattern and future direction of the product by the number of sales, collections and reviews, as well as estimate the profitability; you can analyse the correlation between the sales movement and the price to find the most suitable pricing strategy for the product.
Detail Page

Selection Strategy Reference

The following selection strategies are pre-defined coarse filtering criteria for different seller scenarios, you can adjust or refine the criteria parameters based on the actual situation.

1. Find the items that are selling well and analyse them in depth

A short term spike in sales means that these products are in short supply, they may be seasonal or holiday products or they may be potential products or talking point products; you can determine this by using the product selection database and keyword analysis

  • If you have a target category and price expectations, you can first configure it in the common filters
  • Then click on the descending arrow, sort by the last 7 days of sales, find the last 7 days of sales spike, and look at the 7 days of the product's comments and collection changes, if the comments spike a lot, it means that the product's performance in the last 14 days is very good (because the comments have a certain delay), you can also simply calculate the product's retention rate, if the collection spike a lot, it means that the recent user demand is very high, you can proceed to the next step to determine
  • Check the historical sales trend of the product: judging by the number of sales and reviews, we can see that sales have recently ushered in a burst, weekly sales are very high (here we need to judge the profitability of the product), and then look at the performance of the reviews, steadily increasing, but recently slowed down, we need to determine the sales pattern of the product next, for example, whether the product in the chart is due to seasonal or holiday ushered in the burst and then lower
Sales Trend
Review Trend
  • Determine which Tag keyword is more relevant to the product by the main image and title of the product, click on the Tag word to enter the keyword analysis
  • The keyword analysis shows that "name necklace" has certain sales characteristics
    • The country distribution shows that the USA is the best seller
    • The search trends show a clear pattern of sales in the US market, with the last three years being the period from October to December when sales of this item explode (gift attributes) and then gradually slow down.
  • Judging the performance of the Top 100 products under the keyword, to make a basic judgment on the profit ceiling; competition difficulty
    • First of all, judge the monopoly of the commodity, if the image "L-shaped" characteristics are obvious, indicating that the head of the commodity monopoly type is higher, the competition is greater
    • Then judge the opportunity of new products, look at the proportion of Top 100 products on the shelves in the past year, to see if there is a chance to enter the head now
    • Through the sales and average selling price of the top products, determine the profitability of this type of product ceiling

2. Find Potential New Products

Here it is only necessary to add a time limit to the shelves (e.g. within six months), based on the method used to find items with soaring sales

3. The "Thirty" Method

This method is more suitable for new sellers and is inspired by independent site sellers

  • High customer price per unit, price greater than $30: Etsy targets people who tend to pay for design rather than extreme value for money, so go for items that have a higher design added value (greater profit margin)
  • Weekly sales greater than 30: product sales need to have some stability, long-term
  • Product reviews less than 30: on the one hand, more reviews means more after-sales costs; on the other hand, products with too many reviews are difficult to overtake by the number of reviews as an indicator

4. Others

  • Find inspiration for your selection through shop launches
    • Find popular shops and potential new shops in the shop analysis
    • Then check their product list in descending order of time on the shelf to see the characteristics of the most recently added products
  • Find inspiration for your selection through popular search terms on Etsy
    • Below the search box for keyword analysis, the 5 keywords with high search volume (high demand) within the platform are displayed, updated daily

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