Etsy Extensions: Alura VS eRank VS EtsyHunt VS Everbee

The Best Etsy Chrome Extension

Congratulations! You've found the secret weapon of the surprise dark horse: Etsy Chrome extensions.

Product researchkeyword Analysis, and competitors tracking are three essential but time-consuming tasks for Etsy sellers. The best Etsy Chrome extension will make these tasks easier and more productive.

In this article, we'll review the Free Etsy Chrome extensions provided by top Etsy Seller Tools (eRank, EtsyHunt, Marmalead, Alura, EverBee) to help you get the most out of your Etsy Chrome extensions.

Table of Contents:

Which Is The Best Etsy Chrome Extension for You?

As shown below, we examine 8 factors to determine whether an Etsy plugin is suitable for you.

eRank and Marmalead do not have plugins designed for Etsy sellers. Among the other three tools, EtsyHunt's Etsy plugin is the most popular one. It has not only earned the featured badge in the chrome store, but also offers the most comprehensive functionality.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Etsy Extensions

Dimension Metrics eRank & Marmalead Alura Extension EverBee Extension EtsyHunt Extension
Featured badge Receive a Featured badge in Chrome Store
User Friendly Easy to use, even for us non-techies
Search Bar Get search volume when searching keywords on
Quick View Quickly check the price, sales, date,etc.
Bulk Product Analysis Bulk check products' sales, price, etc.
Single Product Analysis Deeply see the best produts info and trend
Tags Analyzer and Keyword Research View top searches, related keywords, search volume, etc.
Price Free plan available for new Etsy sellers

1. Alura Extension

Alura Extension

Alura Chrome extension is designed to investigate Etsy product listings. With it, you can carry out your product research without having to leave Etsy. Instead, receive results directly for all products listed on the page you’re browsing.

Benefits of the features:

  • Quickly Validate Your Product Ideas. Alura will help you feel confident when deciding whether or not to go for a new product while being time-saving and straightforward.
  • Improve Your Current Listings. Alura will help you compare how your listings fare against other listings with the same keywords and find ways to improve and reach #1 in your category.
Alura Product Research

2. EverBee Extension

EverBee Extension

Similar to the Alura extension for chrome, EverBee is connected directly to Etsy with the purpose of getting sellers the most up-to-date and valuable information. The difference is that EverBee offers keyword research —— which is a good way to find the best Etsy Tags for your listings.

EverBee Product Research
EverBee Tag Research

3. EtsyHunt Extension

EtsyHunt Extension

Compared to Alura and EverBee, EtsyHunt offers more —— the Etsy Rank extension and the Etsy Tag extension, to satisfy every need of Etsy sellers. For example,

  • When you search on, you can see the number of views to validate product ideas. Click the 'more', there is a keyword research tool to help you find the related keywords, best products, best listings, etc.
EtsyHunt Keyword Research
  • Scroll down. You could see 7-days sales, total sales, and launch date without clicking the product listing.
EtsyHunt Product Research
  • Also, you can get data that you could not get manually in seconds by clicking the 'Batch Analysis'. Such as,
    • what products that shoppers are proving to buy
    • what products are trending, or in high demand
    • who are the best new sellers
EtsyHunt Batch Analysis
  • Meanwhile, click the Tag extension. You can copy and export all listing tags to find the Best Listing Tags or Keywords for Etsy SEO Strategy.
EtsyHunt Tag Analyzer

Key Takeaway

The best Etsy Chrome extensions will provide you with the information you must have to outperform your competitors. What's more, they can save time and help you build a sustainable and growing Etsy business.

Here is how to use the Etsy extension:

  1. Search "Etsy" and Download the extension from the chrome store
  2. Go to
  3. Search for a product niche you are interested in and do your product search

Happy Selling!!!

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