Top 12 Etsy SEO Tools with Pros and Cons

Top 12 Etsy SEO Tools with Pros and Cons

Etsy offers millions of products that are hand-made, unique, and vintage items. And for the buyers’ part, they do their job perfectly. There are nearly 100 million active buyers on the platform, and this figure is just getting bigger and bigger day by day. 

For a seller on Etsy, these amazing buyer numbers are great news. However, sellers should be perfectly visible to make successful sales. 

That is exactly where Etsy SEO tools take a vital role in making your shop completely visible with considerable parameters. Keep digging to find out more 🙂  

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SEO Tools in Brief

If analyzed in detail, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes with two integral sections. 

Query matching is the first part here and is directly related to Etsy’s role in navigating through sellers’ listings and matching them with shoppers’ search data. It is done through analyzing titles, tags, categories, and attributes.

The second is all about ranking listed items of sellers depending upon the probability that shoppers will buy that item. Ranking the listings may not be as simple as it seems for it entails a bunch of parameters to consider. 

Here are the fundamental ones:

  • Relevant listing items including tags, titles, etc., and perfect match:)
  • High-quality listing including a good conversion rate to get the high listing score
  • Duration of the listing
  • Experience in customer support and market
  • Shipment prices
  • Shop’s location
  • Target language and translation issues

12 Top Etsy SEO Tools for Your Shop

In this competitive Etsy SEO world, these tools will definitely give sellers the edge over other players in the marketplace. You will see the pros and cons of them in detail so that you get the full perspective of them. Let's get cracking!


This user-friendly Etsy SEO tool is totally compatible with Etsy in terms of product research, optimization in the listing, and analysis of tags and ranks. 

With product research, for instance, sellers go deep into current market preferences to opt-out the best products. You can filter all Etsy items using parameters like rating, price, sales, and traffic over a course of time.

EtsyHunt has recently gained momentum tremendously with its outstanding features such as the Fee Calculator free of charge through which you can calculate your Etsy fees in every phase of the process carefully.

It also features Top 500 Etsy Shops and Etsy best-selling items for free of charge so that would-be sellers and current shoppers could have a clear picture in their minds about what is trending on Etsy.

EtsyHunt is the most affordable at $3.99 a month, providing what other Etsy SEO tools can offer. You can try it for free for ten days as well, allowing you to experience the tools only found on the platform. 

Here are useful EtsyHunt tools:

  • Product Research Tools
  • Top Selling Items on Etsy
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Shop Analyzer
  • Top Sellers on Etsy
  • Etsy Listing Optimization
  • Follow-Up Reminder
  • Data API
  • Tags Extension
  • Quick View Extension
  • Etsy Fees Calculator


eRank is one of the leading Etsy SEO tools when it comes to putting your shop in top shops on the platform. Doing research and choosing the most suitable keywords to optimize sellers’ listings are what eRank mainly does in a perfect way. 

In terms of affordability, it offers a free plan as well as other paid plans such as basic and pro plans, which in return will give you the amazing advantage of accessing all the required tools and data at the touch of a button.

For the free version, though, it has tons of helpers to help you get the basics of Etsy SEO tools to have a fresh start. Here are some of them:

  • Listing audit
  • Listing analytics
  • Keyword explorer
  • Keyword tool
  • Rank checker
  • Monitor tool


  • Free of charge forever or as long as you wish it to be:)
  • Getting the fundamentals with easy-to-use tools to find out how the system works
  • Providing sellers with consistent data and analysis
  • Working with Etsy hand in hand!
  • Showing trending keyword information


  • Data on competitor sales only available in paid packages
  • Hard to navigate through the website
  • Sometimes confusing for sellers to interpret the data provided
  • Lookups on a daily basis limited with a free plan
  • No live support channels


eSale is Etsy Shop Manager For Your Sales Boosting.The best Etsy shop manager helps sellers increase Etsy sales by researching Etsy categories, auto tracking Etsy status, and optimizing Listing keywords.

eSale helps you know your Etsy shop better,The secret to easily selling products on Etsy is having a powerful kit.

Here are useful eSale tools:

  • Category Analysis
  • Category Insights
  • Shop Analysis
  • Connect Shop
  • Listing Analysis
  • Compare Listings
  • Compare Keywords
  • Keywords Database
  • Keywords Ranking
  • Keyword Analysis


As the first SEO tool in the marketplace, Marmalead has proved to be growing by leaps and bounds. So why on earth do sellers from all walks of life keep choosing it instead of others? The answer is as simple as it is: It works! 

It offers you keyword suggestions and data on similar searches. With Marmalead, you can connect multiple shops, making it a great option for sellers on different platforms. Learning the basics in entrepreneurship courses will make a real difference for you to see the big picture.

Without further ado, let's get to know it better.


  • Accessing a wide range of info on the fundamentals
  • Data provided easy to comprehend
  • Updating all data regularly
  • Managing many shops simultaneously
  • No extra pay for courses
  • Analytics made detailed to deep dive into perfect solutions
  • Reviews feature made available


  • A little bit more expensive than other Etsy SEO tools 
  • Lack of tool to scale the parameters
  • Taking longer time than expected to make use of every part of the course


Created by the fiance of an Etsy seller, Crest is standing out as one of the most effective Etsy SEO tools among its competitors. What makes Crest unique is that it uses geolocation data to offer you the best analytics and results.

It presents you with photo editing and more importantly real-time feedback. It has a reasonable price at $12.99 monthly. Crest also gives the feature of sharing on social media, and data management on a simple service system. 


  • Reasonable costs monthly
  • Importing data as often as you want
  • Backup on database system
  • Live technical support channels are available
  • Analytics made it simple for comprehending better
  • Real-time data delivery for better results
  • Getting an edge on social media of course:)


  • Lack of competitor sales data
  • Connecting only three shops
  • Lack of community

Maker Words

Apart from being an effective tool for Amazon, Merchant Words has also a version called Maker Words only for Etsy. The amazing part is you do get visible on both Google and Amazon. 

As a seller, you have the Etsy data, item targeting, keyword seasonality, etc. to make the most out of your sales. The monthly subscription fee is starting from $9.99


  • Unbelievable sales boom
  • Integrating Google visibility
  • Analyzing data piece of cake:)
  • A longer period of the free trial, namely 2 months
  • Constant support for any issue
  • Displaying keywords history


  • Lack of social media 
  • Lack of tutorials
  • Connecting to Etsy indirectly
  • Having to pay for data provided
  • Features available depending on how much you pay a month

Merch Titans

If you don't want to pay for generating keywords and the number of occurrences, then you should definitely check out Merch Titans, one of the few free Etsy SEO tools available. 

The only thing you need to start using it is to create an account and confirm it afterward. Needless to say, it is so basic that data regarding search volume, ranking easiness or difficulty, or monitoring daily or weekly traffic of sales are not provided. 

Furthermore, Merch Titans is compatible with Redbubble. It has $9.99 and $29.99 monthly fees according to the selected plan. Merch Titans offers these tools:

  • Product Research
  • KDP Research
  • Keyword Research
  • ASIN Finder
  • Trademark Checker
  • Image Research

Sale Samurai

It really comes from a group of experts having automated advertisements for key players on Amazon, which makes perfect sense. Bear in mind that there is no free version of this handy tool, featuring $9.99 monthly. 

It is capable of specifying the most used keywords, providing graded listings, and competition grades. Besides being one of the most outstanding Etsy SEO tools, Sale Samurai is a recognized expert in Etsy print-on-demand automation. 


Let's have a look at the ups and downs right away.)


  • Offering fair price compared to other key companies
  • Displaying long-tail keyword suggestions and keyword data
  • Grading made easy 
  • Access to competitor data as much as you can
  • Incredible print-on-demand automation solutions


  • The new player in the game, not providing satisfactory feedback for now
  • No learning courses are provided for newbies
  • Community culture needing to be settled
  • Lack of live support channels


This tool allows Etsy sellers to do product research, manage listing optimization, and analyze keyword research with different pricing plans starting with free trials. In terms of affordability, it offers a lot of capabilities to get the best for sellers on the platform.

Alura offers a free plan with basic access. Moreover, paid plans are available starting from $13.33 monthly fees with premium access to Etsy tools and customer support. 

Printful's Keyword Scout

Etsy is in collaboration with Printful which is a unique platform in the print-on-demand dropshipping business. This partnership allows you to use Keyword Scout for Etsy for a limited period of time. This tool will help you increase your visibility and optimization remarkably. 

It also provides strategies for how to specify the most suitable and recognized tags for your shop. Besides, this tool is capable of fixing SEO mistakes in your listing and analyzing your competition.

It is a part of the Printful Pro Plan and you have to buy this plan to use the keyword scout tool which costs $49/month with the monthly subscription, or $539/year with the annual subscription

Keyword Tool Dominator

Another key player in the Etsy SEO tools world is Keyword Tool Dominator. It lets you use two keyword searches every day for free

Once you have typed a seed keyword, you will make use of hundreds of tags for your shop. Ranking results are shown based on how relevant they are and what search volume it has generated.

Please note that is not solely aimed at Etsy results, so it would be wise not to count on the results of this tool completely. However, it may be a good starting point for newbies to get familiar with SEO keywords firsthand.

If you want to enlarge your daily free keyword research limit, you can purchase Etsy Keyword Tool for $59 with lifetime access.

What’s more, it offers a Google Chrome Extension that provides access to unlock the autocomplete searching power of the keyword tools presented by Keyword Tool Dominator. 


KeySearch collects keywords suggested directly from Etsy to provide you with product, title, and tag ideas for your Etsy shop/product listings. 

The keyword tool also provides search volume taken directly from Google Adwords to assist you with determining what may be the most searched keywords on Etsy.

Yet, when you sign up for a starter plan for $17 monthly, you are more likely to possess a higher level of data inventory, resulting in finding low competition tags to boost your sales. 

Google Keyword Planner

Last but not least, Google Keyword Planner helps you identify keywords and generate tags. In this way, you will definitely come up with some original ideas in a short period of time. 

It is by no means the best tool for SEO, yet has proved to be a great starting point for those looking to go deep into this competitive business world.

Final Words

Etsy has been doing a great job reaching out to millions of buyers over the past ten years. It has a unique concept of selling handmade items and vintage products. For sellers to be able to run a shop successfully, their listing items should be visible to potential buyers. 

Sellers should be aware of the underlying factors of a successful SEO tool from choosing the best keyword to monitoring real-time traffic of sales. It is full of opportunities to seize if sellers are to apply the correct Etsy SEO tools for their shops in this regard. 

When comparing all Etsy SEO Tools with features and pricing, EtsyHunt comes first. So, let’s go to free EtsyHunt tutorials to explore more.   


Which of the following tactics can harm your search ranking?

There are tons of them and careful sellers are to keep away from them in order to make the most out of their sales on the platform. Consider the following:

  • Not trying to find out and directly copy-paste your rivals’ keyword tags
  • Using one-word tags instead of applying multiple ones
  • Typing irrelevant keywords
  • Applying spammy tactics to get your listings visible
  • Not using synonyms and variations of spelling 

Which Etsy tools offer a free plan?

Even though all Etsy tools have paid plans, some of them offer free or trial plans with basic access. They are:

  • EtsyHunt
  • eRank
  • eSale
  • Alura
  • Marmalead
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • KeySearch
  • Google Keyword Planner [Totally Free]

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