What People Search on Etsy: 50+ Most Searched Keywords

What People Search on Etsy

Etsy is a great online shopping marketplace with tons of opportunities for sellers. In order to be one of the key players, one has to know the overall system works on it. 

Success on Etsy depends on many factors such as using the right tools for top Etsy searches and discovering winning products as well as rigorous work for your store. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to sellers to check out trending keywords on Etsy people search.

In this article, you will find tons of valuable information on how and why to make the most out of keyword searches and popular items on Etsy changing every second depending on the preferences of people. 

Keep on reading to explore the most searched 50 keywords on Etsy by popular categories and learn how to optimize your Etsy store with these keywords.

How Etsy Search Works? 

Etsy uses a quite powerful search tool that has been created for a perfect match on the shopper's side. It helps them to find the item they have been looking for through an algorithm functioning in the background.

In order to be able to make shoppers find what they are searching for, the Etsy Search algorithm needs two critical stages: query matching parameters and ranking criteria. Without further ado, we’ll have a closer look at what basically they are.

1. Query matching:

It is all about a query entered by a shopper and how much it is relevant to the inventory of the listings on the platform. This query mechanism works on four important elements:

  • Categories of the item
  • What attributes it has 
  • Titles used to match the query
  • Tags supporting the title

2. Ranking:

A broad range of factors are involved in ranking a  matching query for shoppers so that they get the best results matching their needs. Here's a list of criteria that help ranking on Etsy to work:

  • How relevant it is to the query
  • Listing quality score related to great conversion rates
  • Recency of the item
  • How experienced the shop is in terms of customers and the market
  • Location of the store impacting delivery of the item
  • Price demanded shipment
  • Translation issues and languages used
  • Shopping behavior patterns of customers

As well as the factors affecting how a listing item is ranked, Etsy Search employs Context Specific Ranking (CSR) technology as well. It will fundamentally enable customers to see relevant listings they will most probably buy on the platform.

Why Does it Matter What People Search on Etsy for Sellers?

It is vital to note at this point that no matter how high-quality products a seller may have, it will not reach out to potential buyers unless it is displayed on the platform with a great Etsy visit rate. It will wind up failure sooner or later. 

Thus, it would be the best alternative to optimize the Etsy store based upon the search algorithms of the potential buyers, that is, realize the basic principles of Etsy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in this competitive arena.  

Most Searched Keywords on Etsy

When it comes to finding the keywords of best-selling items on Etsy people search, there are a lot of useful tools out there to get the best results. Among them stands out EtsyHunt’s Top 500 Etsy People Searches with a bunch of criteria, making it unique.

These top 500 words are collected based on the factors such as categories, tags, titles, and attributes that are used by millions of shops on Etsy. They are also ranked by sales and other important criteria like good conversion rates. 

Would-be sellers or newbies can view competition among shops, and how many views the item has got. Relevant keywords are provided to them so that they can use them for their stores as effectively as possible for the best results.

Plus, it is important to know how many shoppers have added the product to their favs list, enabling sellers to see the potential. Monthly sales show them to what extent sellers have been able to turn it into sales for a boost at the store.

Etsy Keyword Research

Now that they have Etsy most popular searches list, sellers can click on one of them and dive deep into what it offers in detail. This is exactly where EtsyHunt Keyword Tool comes in with great features, helping sellers get the most out of the keywords.

To exemplify what has been explained so far, let's pick up “t-shirts” in the 3rd rank. This tool provides every detail a seller needs in terms of analysis of the keyword, similar entries, or best-selling product analysis of this keyword. 

1. Keyword Analysis

First things first, this detailed analysis of the keyword is based upon Google Search Trends, supported by both web search and shopping search patterns of the search engine. It is also possible to see the trend over the years.

Second things second, detailed country distribution is displayed so that sellers have a clear picture of where these t-shirts are sold the most. It helps them to understand the importance of location when it comes to realizing sales.

2. Similar Keywords

This feature lets sellers envision their future potential in terms of to what extent they can reach to grow their business. Words here are demonstrated based on four significant criteria, namely, views, favs, competition, and sales.

It also allows sellers to add similar keywords to their favs list or export the list to a CSV document. They can organize their list however they want to maximize their opportunities with the help of these keywords.

3. Top 100 Best-Selling Product Analysis

This is perfect when sellers and potential sellers want to have a competitive edge over others. It also helps to see what other competitors in your area of interest are searching for with this amazing feature. It does work for both shoppers and sellers.

Moreover, one can view the main category of the item, average price, $17.34 in this case in terms of price competitiveness. Processing time for the product and how many stores are competing for t-shirts are also displayed.

Last but not least, popular categories for this item give an overall idea of what categories are trending on Etsy. Shipping time distribution is provided to make a general estimate of how long it takes to deliver the item to buyers. 

Now is the time to see the most searched keywords on Etsy by category. The tables in different categories show keywords, views and sales on a general basis. Let's get the ball rolling for more insights.

Top 10 Etsy Searches for Gifts

Gifts are by far the most preferred category in the online shopping world including Etsy. They make family members and families feel special and important. Here's the list of the ten best viewing and selling gift keywords. 

Keyword Views Monthly Sales
boyfriend gift 9,910,085 1,990
groomsmen gift 9,009,405 2,875
anniversary gift 7,998,551 1,908
gift for mom 7,981,285 1,145
gift box 7,692,295 4,124
succulent gift box 7,456,223 1,478
bridal shower gift 7,397,565 1,536
gift for men 7,129,950 2,289
gift for her 6,735,833 1,914
gift for him 6,621,460 1,589

While keywords for boyfriend, groomsmen and anniversary gifts get the most views, it is not the case for monthly sales. Gift box, groomsmen gift and gift for him get the most monthly sales in spite of relatively fewer views.

Top 10 Etsy Searches for Jewelry

It is maybe the second-best category for people wanting to make their beloved ones feel valuable. Although some items seem expensive to some price-conscious shoppers, jewelry has always been the center of attention.

Keywords Views Monthly Sales
Name Necklace 12,575,654 9,439
minimalist necklace 9,072,971 4,831
monogram necklace 8,609,824 2,518
thin beaded necklace 8,352,698 2,444
thin gold chain 8,078,440 2,231
layering necklace 7,378,397 1,988
ring 5,796,881 3,853
Geometric Earrings 5,656,231 2,382
Bracelet 5,431,059 3,248
bohemian earrings 5,122,055 1,863
earrings 4,494,530 5,679

The most interesting statistic about the table above is that even though it has the fewest number of views in the list, monthly sales of earrings is in second place, preceded by the name necklace that gets the most views at the same time.

Top 10 Etsy Search for Clothing & Apparel

When it comes to pieces of clothing and accessories in general, it keeps its popularity among shoppers. They are here to stay and people will carry on placing importance on them as integral parts of their personality and appearance.

Keywords Views Monthly Sales
Shoulder bag 6,759,265 3,687
black shirt dress 6,010,213 2,760
bag 5,410,840 4,005
tote bag 5,343,277 4,981
hoodie 4,641,749 5,478
T-shirts 4,465,431 2,367
sweatshirt 3,999,648 7,639
Tops & Tees 3,553,824 3,183
wedding 10,807,198 4,491
harajuku 1,038,762 1,493

The most striking piece of info in the table is the monthly sales of sweatshirts despite the views figures. Another one is the uncontested number of views of wedding items. Finally, the rising popularity of Harajuku is worth mentioning here. 

Top 10 Etsy Search for Digital Downloads

Digital items have always been an attraction hub for shoppers since the invention of the internet. The evolution of phones, tablets, and computers is paving the way for better produced technological planners, patterns, or templates.

Keywords Views Monthly Sales
digital planner 7,870,112 5,857
Patterns & How To 7,808,698 4,575
instagram template 6,858,576 3,349
Printable wall art 5,418,367 3,961
instant download 4,797,959 1,607
Digital art 4,130,316 3,096
digital download 3,104,790 2,277
messy bun png 2,791,150 1,592
Stencils Templates & Transfers 2,766,516 1,686
png files 1,811,517 1,707

Digital planners, patterns, and Instagram templates have not only the best selling figures, they also top in numbers in views. These downloads and printables give users flexibility with their favorite digital items.

Top 10 Etsy Search for Home & Decor

Items that you use for your decoration purposes at home are challenging yet enjoyable accessories. It provides shoppers with plenty of options so that they can select whatever they like.

Keywords Views Monthly Sales
neon sign 13,142,948 10,885
bathroom decor 8,557,348 2,938
abstract wall art 7,585,234 2,895
farmhouse decor 6,591,726 2,350
Nursery wall art 6,293,466 2,266
macrame wall hanging 5,936,687 4,197
rug 4,647,161 2,631
vase 4,504,212 4,768
candle 3,624,491 2,844
handcrafted soap 3,080,878 1,430

The statistic above shows the dominant power of neon signs among others with a number of monthly sales of 10,885 and views of 13,142,948. Bathroom decor is also really popular followed by abstract wall art.

How to Optimize Etsy Store with Top Etsy Searches

The best way to stand out among Etsy stores selling in the same or similar niche is to make a good Etsy Listing. For this, keywords undoubtedly play the leading role. 

When trying to optimize your Etsy store with the right keywords, there will be amazing tips on titles, descriptions and tags of your items. Here are some of them:


  • Concentrating on brief, up to the point, and descriptive titles
  • Using symbols or punctuation works better:)
  • Not adding a long list of descriptive data 


  • Including up-to-the-point and clear keywords in the first few sentences
  • Not copying titles directly from other shops
  • Adding feelings and more human factors in it

💡Pro Tip: Use Listing Optimization Tool By EtsyHunt to optimize your Etsy item listing automatically and discover exceptional SEO tips.


  • Using all 13 tags and multi-word phrases
  • Taking long tail keywords and store statistics into account
  • Not repeating tags, attributes, and categories
  • Not including misspellings
  • Keeping in mind plural nouns are totally OK.

💡Pro Tip: Use Etsy Tags Tool by Etsy Hunt for free to analyze your competitors’ tags.

Bottom Line

Knowing what people search on Etsy is vital especially when one wants to boost their sales and increase brand recognition for better results. 

This article thus explains perfectly why both sellers and buyers are in pursuit of top Etsy searches. You will find a great deal of tools available to optimize your listing preferences.

So it is high time sellers and shoppers experimented with amazing features tools to find winning keywords on Etsy people search. It doesn't hurt to give it a try.


1. What are the most searched keywords on Etsy?

It really comes down to what exactly you are searching for. If it is gifts that you are looking for, “boyfriend gift” is the one getting the most search on the platform. 

2. How do I find the best keywords on Etsy?

There are many practical tools you can utilize to find the best keywords such as EtsyHunt Keyword Tool, which is a great assistant to pinpoint and make the most out of them. Give it a shot. 

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