Etsy Jewelry Box: The Way to Impress your Customers

Etsy Jewelry Box: The Way to Impress your Customers

Etsy collaborates with Etsy buyers and sellers to make it easier for shoppers to search for products. Based on their feedback, Etsy is constantly updating listing categories to make sure there is a logical place for each of the seller's unique products. In this context, there are 15 top categories and hundreds of subcategories.

Among these categories, there is a category that comes first with its profit margin and number of sales: jewelry. This means that the competition is high. 

Therefore, in order to be one step ahead of your competitors in this niche, you should pay attention to both product selection and packaging. Packaging, particularly,  is crucial so that the products in this category impress customers and are not damaged during transportation. In this article, we will dive into Etsy jewelry boxes and other jewelry packaging ideas.

Is it worth selling jewelry on Etsy?

If you have this question in mind, let's answer right away: Yes. Because when we look at the purchase statistics of previous years and when we examine the Etsy trends for 2022, we see that the jewelry category is at the top.

Is it worth selling jewelry on Etsy

When we analyze the report showing the most popular purchasing categories by gross merchandise sales on, the Jewelry and Accessories category ranked second, with a GMS of 1.6 billion dollars.

Furthermore, when we scrutinize the EtsyHunt Product Chart, which lists the best-selling products on Etsy, we notice that the necklace, a product from the jewelry category, is in the first place.

best selling category on Etsy

Therefore, if you want to sell an item with a high sales volume, jewelry will be a very reasonable choice. However, we need to remind you how critical packaging is for such valuable products. Then it is time for an Etsy jewelry box and other jewelry packaging ideas.

Why Jewelry Packaging on Etsy Is Important?

Shoppers have an expectation of how a product should be delivered, based on the Etsy store brands and reviews. It’s paramount the experience created by the packaging lives up to these expectations. The looking and feel of the Etsy jewelry box can help create an emotional tie between buyers and sellers.

Jewelry packaging Etsy should be managed carefully, especially for three main purposes:

  1. Branding
  2. Protecting the product
  3. Getting Feedback

Pleasing jewelry packaging improves the overall experience of your Etsy consumers' purchases. If you offer well-packaged jewelry to your clients, you will acquire not only a positive first impression but also loyalty. Packaging can help create your brand image and foster long-term shopper relationships.

Why Jewelry Packaging on Etsy Is Important?


Protecting the jewelry during shipping should be another vital goal as an Etsy seller. Since jewelry is usually quite delicate and fragile, you should take proper measures like an Etsy jewelry box in order to ensure your customers receive the jewelry in perfect condition. What about other handmade jewelry packaging ideas?

Discover Jewelry Packaging Ideas

Packaging is not an area that can be limited. Because each Etsy seller can package their items in a creative way they have explored. While some aim to protect the jewelry, some sellers focus on reducing shipping costs. Some sellers prefer to impress their customers. So, what are the jewelry packing ideas we recommend?

Etsy Jewelry Box

Etsy jewelry boxes are the most preferred method for jewelry packaging by Etsy sellers. You can create boxes in many shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your product.

Etsy Jewelry Box

Most jewelry boxes are sturdy enough to shield jewelry pieces. An inadequately surrounded box will stand out a mile for all the wrong reasons, but even the most straightforward well-made boxes will have an elegant and first-class feel.

In addition, your competitors selling jewelry on Etsy often use the word "jewelry box" in their product titles or descriptions. Thus, it expresses to its customers that products will be carefully packaged and sent. The best way to discover this is with the EtsyHunt Keyword Tool.

Type "jewelry box" in the search field. After reviewing the general overview, you can take a look at the keyword analysis. Here you can examine both Google Web Search and Shopping Search on a monthly and annual basis. You can also glimpse the distribution of the word by country in the adjacent table.

jewelry box 1- etsy keyword tool

You decide to ship your item that you sell on Etsy in a jewelry box, but if you are not sure with what words to express it in the product description, just scroll down the page in the results of Etsy Hunt Keyword Tool. Here you can see the most used words and competitive rates by Etsy sellers. Moreover, the tool offers the Export to CSV feature.

jewelry box 2- etsy keyword tool

You can also dissect the most frequently used keywords among related keywords. The hot word cloud allows you to observe new ideas. Whatsmore, when you click any keywords on the cloud you will realize that all data will be changed based on the selected one. 

jewelry box 3- etsy keyword tool

The Keyword Tool is not limited to these. You can examine the sales ranking of the Top100 hot-selling products using this keyword.

💡For further details visit our tutorials.

Jewelry Pouches

If the jewelry you are sending is small and you want to reduce packaging costs, then jewelry pouches are a good choice. Moreover, the order preparation time is short compared to other types. You can create a jewelry pouch yourself from many materials. 

The prominent jewelry packaging supplies in this regard are cotton, linen, wool, nylon, leather, fiber, organza, and so on. You can generate pouches in any color and design you want, provided that they fit the size of your product and protect it.

Jewelry Pouches

If you are not keen or skilled in DIY jewelry pouches, then we come across another solution and that is to purchase. Etsy is one of the best platforms since our subject is the craft or handmade items. With the EtsyHunt Product Research Tool, we can hunt for jewelry pouches that fit our purpose.

Let’s suppose you want to determine the items that have more than 100 reviews and are sold most from the Raving labeled Etsy store. You should follow this guide to reach the fastest solution:

  1. Go to EtsyHunt Product Research Tool,
  2. Type "jewelry pouch" in the search bar, 
  3. Write "100" to minimum Total Reviews,
  4. Mark Raving,
  5. Select the option to sort from the largest to the smallest from the Total Sales heading.
jewelry pouch - etsy keyword tool

The tool yields 48 items after filtering. You can scroll down the list and find the most suitable jewelry packaging on Etsy.

Handmade Jewelry Packaging Ideas

Instead of purchasing jewelry boxes or pouches, you can buy the materials and produce handmade jewelry packaging solutions yourself. You can find hundreds of different ideas for this by doing short research on the internet. We will mention a few of them in our article:

Pretty Jewelry Boxes

The idea of using pretty figures for jewelry boxes can make your item charming. The butterfly design on the front, for example, is just so cute.

Pretty Jewelry Boxes

If you combine the box created from durable cardboard in different colors and the butterfly stamps harmoniously, you can create a pretty jewelry box. However, keep in mind that this packaging method will be more suitable for jewelry with a lower value. You can watch this video to learn how to do it.

Jewelry Display Card

Your jewelry packaging ideas may not always consist of boxes or pouches. For example, if you are selling a handmade earring, a display card will be the ideal solution for you. Moreover, you can create impressive holders yourself quite easily.

Jewelry Display Card

There are few fundamental jewelry packaging supplies required to get initiated. A paper cutter and a glue stick are wonderful for layering paper and making thicker cards. Paper punches are needed to create holes on the cards; however, you can merely use a pushpin. 

The last two items are nylon or rubber earring stoppers in order to keep your earrings on the cards. Also adhesive clip cards, so you can hang the earrings on display racks. 

Wooden Jewelry Box

If you have some confidence in your craftsmanship and want your item to look premium while packing handmade, then a wooden jewelry box should be your choice.

Wooden Jewelry Box

After acquiring the following materials and watching the video carefully, you can easily manufacture the wooden jewelry box. Here are what you’ll need for the project:

Tools Used: Materials/Supplies
Drum SanderTablesawMiter sawRandom Orbital SanderWeb clampF-clampsSpring clamps 3′ x 3-1/2″ x 3/8″ maple28″ x 2″ x 3/16″ walnut20″ x 4-1/2″ x 1/4″ walnut

What did Etsy Sellers think About Jewelry Packaging?

Sometimes we want to hear the opinions of experienced people instead of tips & tricks. In this context, Etsy Community helps us. You can find the thoughts and experiences of Etsy sellers about jewelry packaging and even ask a new question. Let's examine a few of them together.

Etsy Community

MrsGotrocksJewelry for instance is selling rings and other types of jewelry. Lulu, the owner of the store, wants to reduce the packaging cost by recycling boxes. Lulu asks: “

“ I have about a million billion rings and other jewelry boxes (okay. Not that many. But it's getting overwhelming.) Because I work with estate attorneys and antique dealers from all over I have a wide variety of boxes that items are shipped to me in. Some have branding on them. Others are unusual colors or materials. Many are quite nice. Some not so much. 
When I ship my own items I ship in new boxes but occasionally recycle some of the boxes that are in good shape and appropriately sized. If I am lucky enough to have an item in an original or vintage box, it goes with it.  I just wonder what to do with the vast collection of boxes that I have acquired specifically those with someone else's logo. Do you recycle? Sell as a lot? Donate?”

It is a good question because lower packaging costs mean higher profit margins. So, what are the answers to the question above:

- VintageGiftsEE replies as:

“I reuse boxes without brand name on it, why no if they look like new”

- FatCatVintageJewelry also gives an answer: 

“I use old boxes, old tissue paper. Nothing gets thrown out around here”

- One of the clever and eco-friendly ideas comes from FromMichel. She says:

Hi. I sell gemstones, jewelry and other rarities. I recycle as much as possible. Of course, if a box is gross or busted, then I don't use it, but I have removed hinges, fine fabric linings, latches or inserts from otherwise useless boxes. Our landfills are WAY too full around the world, so big points to you for thinking about this. I put a note in my store saying that I use recycled material just so no one is surprised. I have sold online for decades and have NEVER had anyone even mention receiving recycled packing materials. If there is a logo, then I use my trusty sharpie. ALSO, you should be welcome to donate extras to local bead clubs, schools or craft stores. I hope this helps!” 

As you can see, if you get the opinions of people who are experienced in Etsy jewelry boxes, you can get good ideas such as reducing costs and protecting nature.

Final Notes

Selling jewelry on Etsy is a wise choice due to both the popularity of customers and the high-profit margin. But when you consider the competition in this category, you need to find a way to impress your shoppers.

In this article, we have discussed the Etsy jewelry box issue as well as other jewelry packaging ideas in order to both show your product quality and protect the jewelry. You can either make it yourself or buy it from Etsy stores in various sizes and from various materials. We would like to remind you again that EtsyHunt is the best tool for competitor analysis and product research.

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