The Most Comprehensive Redbubble Reviews and Comparisons

Redbubble has been in the print-on-demand business for nearly fifteen years now and has gained a lot of popularity thanks to unique designs on daily items by some world-famous artists.

People have been witnessing a paradigm shift in this business due to efforts of other key players in the international arena.  

So if you are one of those wondering to know about Redbubble reviews and its major rivals such as society6, teespring, teepublic, Etsy then keep exploring what Redbubble is and what are some underlying catalysts for this paradigm shift.

Table of Contents

Descriptive Guide to Redbubble

Are you ready to dive into Redbubble and explore reviews? Then keep on following this guide. But, it is beneficial to read the Definitive Guide to Etsy Print on Demand to comprehend print-on-demand (POD) in advance.

Descriptive Guide to Redbubble

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble was launched in 2006 with the intention of bringing freelance artists and art lovers together. Today figures are just unpredictable with well-known designers and their fans across the globe.

What makes items on Redbubble unique is that they are high quality, customized, and original. It sounds like a perfect idea to have a high-quality product with amazing art on it, making it a great form of self-expression. 

Getting Started

For those enthusiastic about being a part of the Redbubble community, the steps are easy to follow. Getting started is made easy by providing artists with enormous help with shipment and delivery issues free of charge.

What is Redbubble?

Right after signing up, artists set up their shops and make sales on the platform. Upon completion of the sale, shipments are made. Artists at this stage just wait for the pay cycle to finish successfully. 

Commission and Fees

It is of vital importance to an artist on the platform to get to know how much they earn for each item sold. So it comes down to three important terms: Base price, artist margin, and retail price. 

And it is clear that retail price is the total amount of base price and artist margin. 

Please note that when sales and discounts are taken into account, the parameters change in the equation. Taxes will be another important factor when specifying the final retail price on the platform.

Is selling on Redbubble free?

The sale of an item by an artist on the platform is totally free of charge. There is no fee for listing their items nor do they have to pay for signing up to Redbubble and confirming it to set up a shop from the very first step, which seems appealing to art creators throughout the world:)

Payment Methods

There are a bunch of ways to get paid on Redbubble. PayPal is the most common payment method among all. Besides, you can set up bank accounts. Here are lead times for each payment method:

Bear in mind that independent artists who have earned $20/20€/£20 or more are paid during the monthly payment cycle starting on the 15th of every month

If an artist's earnings have not reached $20/20€/£20, they will wait until reaching the threshold and will be paid on the subsequent cycle.

If earnings don't reach the threshold but earned at least $2/2€/£2 will be paid once per year in December.

Selling Fan Art on Redbubble

It would be a perfect option to work on fan art for artists on the platform with the help of the brand-new Redbubble Partner Program

It enables artists to connect with designs they are passionate about and also to become known by a wider range of enthusiasts from all over the world.

Here is how it works in four basic steps:

  1. Checking Out Partnerships with Brands
  2. Basic Guidelines to Be Followed
  3. Tagging What You Create Properly
  4. Checking Out Inbox Regularly

Artists should make sure to understand the guidelines thoroughly so as not to lose credits on the platform. These points include the art of work only limited to Redbubble, artist margin issues, and editions of current work by artists.

It would be crucial to read Is Selling Fan Art on Etsy Legal in order to learn the details and legal restrictions of selling fan art.

Top 10 Redbubble Alternatives

With the advance of technology in art-making, we have been witnessing many websites working on print-on-demand over the last few years. It sounds like a really challenging competition arena for art creators across the globe. 

They seem to have challenged Redbubble. Thus, comparing Redbubble with alternatives makes it easy to discover Redbubble reviews.

Top 10 Redbubble Alternatives

These platforms are really doing a great job in awesome items with amazing works of art on T-shirts, mugs, cell phone cases, etc. Without further ado, let's explore some of the best:


The site aims to get your attention with a broad variety of products by creative artists and designers. It may be a perfect touch on your purse or mug, it doesn't matter. The team on Zazzle is all set to help you with every customizable item ever imagined.

Cafe Press

Established in 1999, Cafe Press presents potential customers with entertainment items, making it a world-class point for shopping for totally custom products. 

Plus, it has perfect partnerships with world-famous designers and artists. The best part is you can create your own item at the touch of a button.

Fine Art America

If you are big on wall decor and apparel, then you are in the right place with unique designs and amazing artists. 

The Fine Art America provides you with universal facilities, updated items, and of course iconic brands, aiming to make your walls a place of first-class artwork.


What makes TeeSpring unique is that it makes your dreams come true when it comes to show what you can push your limits. Designing your own item or setting a price are other advantageous parts of it any custom products you can imagine.


Having a customized yoga mat? Sounds interesting, right? Well, the site is here to actualize this very idea. Having been one of the key players in the online shopping world, it just provides you with what you need ranging from phone cases to wall decor hangings.


The most distinctive part of it is showing you who is behind your favorite customized item, giving you the chance to take a closer look at the creation process of this unique item. It is undoubtedly one of the must-see places with regard to customized products.

Design by Humans

An enthusiast of the latest custom items on the Internet for both men and women? Well, this site has a really massive collection of personal products to offer you. In addition, the focus is always on creativity and diversity on their items. 


Goods for your home, amazing apparels for adults, items for kids, and stickers are only some of the customized products TeePublic offers you. Partnering with designers with mind-blowing designs, TeePublic stands out as a perfect alternative for custom products. 


Creating or shopping? It is up to you on SpreadShirt. Unique styles are a common thing here and you will definitely be more than happy to select the items just right for you. You can also check out some great sales on baby clothing and couple of gifts. 

Merch by Amazon 

It allows you to gain access to millions of potential customers for your unique and customizable items. It benefits the advantage of Amazon Prime features, making shipment of a particular item way faster than you would expect. It will of course give you an edge over other sellers on other platforms.

Now it is high time for you to explore the pros and cons of some on-demand platforms. Redbubble reviews in this regard undoubtedly play a vital role here

Society6 vs Redbubble 

When it comes to creating your work of art and selling it to customers worldwide, two significant players stand out: Society6 vs Redbubble. But which one is better? Well, it is better to have a closer look at the parameters first:)

First things first, the difference in pricing is what distinguishes these two giants from each other. Artists on Redbubble decide their own pricing depending on the profit margin they are planning to get while pricing on Society6 is set beforehand and it is 10% for each sale. 

Society6 vs Redbubble

Next, getting to have the analytics to see how the traffic is going on with the sales and everything is only available on Redbubble, which gives sellers an edge over other artists on Society6. 

Moreover, auto-sizing on Redbubble may be a great option to seize in order to save time. Once uploaded for the first time, your unique piece of art is good to go:) However, having to resize their item each time on Society6 seems like a burden on designers’ shoulders.

In a nutshell, pricing options, having the analytics, and the auto-resizing feature make Redbubble reviews a better option, to begin with.

Redbubble vs Etsy

When we compare Redbubble vs Etsy, there are some significant factors to include in each aspect of them. So, let's get the ball rolling.

First, the three-step setup process on Redbubble differs from that of Etsy which consists of five steps. Every step should be followed carefully to make the most out of them.

Redbubble vs Etsy

Second, product design on Redbubble is the crucial point whereas listing of items on Etsy is a dispensable part of the process.

With regard to pricing, the base price is what Redbubble has while on Etsy the price is determined by the seller.

In terms of packaging and branding, Etsy has a better position. Sellers can brand their shop names on item packages whereas Redbubble puts its brand on the shipped items and does not support custom branding features.

Another important aspect is shipping and delivery which are made easier with Redbubble. It takes care of the whole process while sellers on Etsy have individual issues regarding shipment and delivery.

When we compare profitability on both sides, Redbubble seems better in that it does not require artists or sellers to pay the listing fee or extra fees. However, sellers should calculate fees on Etsy.

Last but not the least, customer support on Etsy is better in reliability. It offers different support options and when sellers or buyers have an issue regarding the product, the response they provide is faster than that of Redbubble.  

Can You Sell the Same Design on Etsy And RedBubble?

Yes, you can sell the same design on Etsy and Redbubble. There are no standing rules against that currently. As long as the product or art is unique to you, you can upload your design on both platforms.

The only form of restriction you can have is if either Etsy or RedBubble clearly has a policy against having a product or listing on its platform simultaneously on other platforms.

Redbubble vs Teespring

Redbubble vs Teespring is generally compared based on different parameters that define their strong and weak parts. Let's get started with them.

Redbubble vs Teespring

In the first place, on Redbubble integration with third-party apps such as Shopify is not possible while you can connect Teespring with a wide variety of options like YouTube merch mark, which presents many more options.

Fulfillment and shipping are kinds of a draw. Customers on both platforms can track their orders and change the address of delivery. It is also possible for both sides to cancel the purchase before sending it.

With regard to customer service and support, it seems that they are experts in what they do:) One extra point to make maybe the live assistance of Teespring, making it available whenever customers need it.

Finally, product quality and design have a crucial role in which to choose. The inventory Teespring provides is more extensive whereas Redbubble presents customers with a wide range of designs and more printing partners all over the world.

Redbubble vs Teepublic

The following comparison is Redbubble vs Teepublic, the first issue to consider is catalogs of products and design, and both are really good at possessing a broad range of items in their inventory.

Redbubble vs Teepublic

Plus, in terms of print and product quality, according to comments of course, TeePublic has a better characteristic of print and item quality even though they use the same printing techniques.

Lastly, with regard to customer service and support, Redbubble has more service and support channels including mail, live chat, and Twitter support than those of Redbubble.

Final Decision

It is a tough call to say Redbubble is in the print-on-demand world as there are tons of challenging competitors in the international arena. Redbubble seemingly lacks some areas such as integration with third-party apps, and this seems like a perfect opportunity for the giants functioning in the same marketplace.

It is true that Redbubble reviews are a significant element when deciding to make use of other platforms as well. Sooner or later, it boils down to design preferences, monthly traffic on the platform, commission rates, and other underlying reasons. 

Finally, it would be wise to state that different marketplaces work better for different businesses and artists, making it a challenging and competitive arena for all players.

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