10 Etsy Shop Ideas for 2022

10 Etsy Shop Ideas for 2022

Whether you want to start your first Etsy shop or you want to diversify your business by opening a new one, these ideas will come in handy.

Here we will discuss and analyze the best 2022 Etsy shop ideas as well as some tools that will help you succeed.

However, before starting an Etsy shop there are some matters to attend to, such as what sells well on Etsy? or how to choose what to sell on Etsy? So let’s answer that first.

What Etsy Shop Ideas Are Selling Well?

Market research is very important for any seller before starting an Etsy shop. By doing it, you can check which products are in high demand by Etsy buyers and increase your chances of success.

Using tools like Etsy Shop Ranking (which is permanently updated), we can check for top sellers, and more importantly, their categories.

What Etsy Shop Ideas Are Selling Well

Looking at the categories we can see that jewelry, craft supplies & tools, and weddings are occupying the top 5. However it is only in the past 30 days, so it would be advisable to check between 10 and 100 before choosing between possible Etsy shop ideas.

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How to Decide What to Sell on Etsy?

Of course, we took a look at the best seller categories, but that doesn't mean that these categories are already enough populated? Well, yes, but with the growing tendency that Etsy is having, there is room for everyone that has something unique to offer.

So, which of the possible Etsy shop ideas you should choose? Any that you believe you can offer something different or unique. It hasn’t to be something new, it can be something that already exists but with your touch.

Best Etsy Shop Ideas

Now that you know how to choose, it’s time to show you the best Etsy shop ideas, so you can decide which fits you the most and start with your shop right away!

We will dive into every shop idea shown, analyzing with the keyword tool and considering its strengths and difficulties. As well as some tools tips you could use to your advantage.

1. Planners

It could be both physical and digital planners.

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Planners

As we can watch in the image, the amount of monthly views (over 2 million) is huge, which means a lot of potential buyers.

The competition is high, but it’ll be the standard as we are analyzing top-selling options.

Finally, the sales flow is considerable, and considering the views, it could definitely be higher, clients just need to find something that fills their needs.

If we add some of the “similar keywords” section, we can increase our Etsy shop ideas possibilities:

As we can see, monthly planners, 2022 planners, digital planners, and wedding planners are at the top of sales. Yet specifically wedding planners have way fewer competitors overall, without a doubt something to consider.

2. Personalized Jewelry

This bracket is huge and includes various sub-categories, but it is one of the most attractive for clients and successful ones. Personalized jewelry has a lot of monthly searches, as we can see here:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Personalized Jewelry

With a stunning 6,5 million views, we can deduce that personalized jewelry is in high demand, or at least is highly searched.

Competition has an average value considering we’re looking for top-selling Etsy shop ideas, so nothing noteworthy.

Sales can seem a little low, but this is because we searched for a generic category. We can use the “popular categories” section to get an insight into the possibilities that personalized jewelry offers:

What we can extract from this:

● Monogram & Name Necklaces and Bands are the highest portion of the top-selling items within the meta-category “personalized jewelry”.

● Necklaces account for 57% of the total sales in this category.

The next step would be checking all these keywords in the EtsyHunt tool, but that’s something you can do on your own. We have too many Etsy shop ideas to talk about yet.

3. Baby Clothes

If you’re good at sewing this might be of your interest. When a newborn comes into the world the typical reaction of family and friends is to gift cute baby clothes.

Let’s see what the numbers for this category look like:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Baby Clothes

By the number of views and the sales flow, we can infer that the buy intention is high, but perhaps the product doesn’t match the buyers’ likes. It’s highly possible that with 5,697,000 there is room for more than 1940 monthly sales.

For even more Etsy shop ideas related to this one we can check the similar keywords:

The remarkable keyword would be “baby gown” with more than 10 million monthly views! It is also the top on sales with 3571 this month, and also it has relatively little competition.

If you’re down to baby clothes handcrafting, it could be a great place to start.

4. Fabric Supplies

Not everything that sells on Etsy has to be handcrafted, it can be for handcrafting purposes, like fabric supplies!

Now, the keyword “fabric supplies” isn’t aiming at a specific type of fabric or related supply, so the numbers aren’t fancy at all as we can see:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Fabric Supplies

Its numbers aren’t surprising in any way, but if we check for the specific keywords the situation changes for good:

The variety of fabrics offered, and their number of views, makes selling fabric supplies one of the best Etsy shop ideas so far.

For example, “face mask fabric” counts with almost 10 million views being the most viewed of all. On the other hand, “linen fabric” has the highest number of monthly sales with 4005.

The greatest part of this idea is that you can sell them all at the same time. Considering the most searched and the most bought you can set up a successful Etsy shop.

5. Wedding Invites

Wedding supplies are performing great overall on Etsy, considering one or more of these could be a smart idea to start selling on Etsy. This might seem too much chatter, but take a look at these numbers and judge by yourself:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Wedding Invites

Almost 10 million views each month, with almost 5 thousand sales in the last 30 days. For sure it’s a huge market with room to introduce your creativity.

Additionally, there are themed wedding invites that can be a great plus to the regular wedding invite sales, for example:

● Destination weddings.

● Vintage weddings.

● Eco-friendly weddings.

● Woodland creatures themed weddings.

● Circus-themed weddings.

And a large etc. that will require you more creative design, and for this reason, will be more expensive, which means more income.

Of course, you’ll have to find some niche that fits you and that has some demand. Despite that, among the many Etsy shop ideas, this one is surely worth the try as complementary to regular wedding invites.

6. Bows & Hair Accessories for Babies

Among the hair accessories, we can find from bows, clips, and scrunchies to barrettes and headbands. With so many varieties, you are able to choose one that perfectly fits you.

For research purposes, we’ll analyze just the “baby bow” keyword, but we will look into other accessories as well. This way you can analyze other related keywords depending on your needs!

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Bows & Hair Accessories for Babies

With 3908 sales this month and over 5 million views, we can say that this market is more than healthy.

It’s important to say that bows for babies come in a wide variety of designs and styles. So it’s necessary to define your own style before starting. Try to add something new to the existing catalog to increase your chances of success.

Now let’s take a look at other hair accessories for babies:

Seeing this picture we can note that there are some categories very, very little disputed. Which means there’s a huge opportunity. Also, we can see some higher monthly sales flow, which points that there are more people buying those items.

Unquestionably, here we have some interesting Etsy shop ideas.

7. Sewing Supplies

Every supply that can be used to craft items to sell on Etsy is a good idea to start a shop.

Sewing is one of the most common types of handcrafting that Etsy shoppers offer, so the buyers are out there waiting for their supplies.

Analyzing a little deeper we can observe:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Sewing Supplies

Sewing supplies have the not inconsiderable amount of 4009 sales per month, which surely can grow if we get a little more specific.

In the views section, we can note that this keyword was searched 4,8 million times. That should mean that at least there are people interested in these supplies.

If we look at the category distribution we can have a better idea about which specific sub-category is more populated, therefore, more demanded:

Sewing patterns are indeed ruling the niche, and they’re pretty low cost to produce. Without a doubt, this is a great Etsy shop idea.

8. Jewelry Boxes or Cases

Jewelry is a very popular category on Etsy, but not every jewel crafter has its own containers. Or perhaps someone needs a box for his grandmother’s ring.

The reasons can be diverse but one thing is sure, the demand for jewelry boxes is real:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Jewelry Boxes or Cases

The monthly views with over 5 million are a signal of the interest that these items receive. Perhaps because jewelry boxes are crucial for the presentation of a piece of jewelry. Or maybe someone wanted a proper box for their marriage proposal.

Whichever the motive is, the 3800 sales in the past 30 days are witnesses of their potential as one of the best Etsy shop ideas.

9. Wedding Decor

Much like wedding invitations, wedding decor is a really vast world of opportunities. This is due to specific-themed weddings but also for the regular ones, everyone needs decoration.

Because of being necessary for every dream wedding, the numbers we are about to see will be stunning:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Wedding Decor

Just amazing. More than 10 million views each month and over 7 thousand monthly sales, by far the highest until now.

Yes, it may be harder to make than other Etsy shop ideas we’ve already shown, but with those numbers, it would be insane not to consider this.

Even so, taking a quick look at the related keywords, there’s something way more impressive:

Wedding gifts have 70 million views and 26 thousand sales! Literally unbelievable, you should seriously consider making personalized wedding gifts. Now or in the future, it seems a really good idea.

10. Party Items

Party hosts are always looking for gear to decorate and equip their parties. It’s easier for them to buy them on Etsy where they can find all kinds of personalized and themed party items. In addition, these clients are always willing to spend considerable money in order to have a perfect party!

Checking the numbers we can find the following:

Best Etsy Shop Ideas - Party Items

The number of monthly sales is considerably high with 3700 so far. On the other hand, the views are not despicable, with the modest amount of 5,3 million, it’s still a high number of visitors.

However, something that is remarkable here, is the fact that the competition isn’t as high as other top Etsy shop ideas. Having “just” 12 thousand competitors but which is way less than 50 thousand.

Finally, if we take a look at the section of related keywords, we’ll find some inspiration about the most searched thematic party items:

What we can extract from this, is the fact that party items are one of the most searched keywords on Etsy, even specific themed items.

Which of These Etsy Shop Ideas Is the Best?

The short answer is: there’s no best shop idea.

Yes, there are higher searches or sales on determined items, but that doesn’t mean it is better. A category with little competition, but with high demand, despite having low sales, could be even more profitable.

Even further, if you pick a category with high numbers, but that you’re not exceptional at, you can go unnoticed. It’s better to choose one that you’re outstanding despite having lower numbers but where you will shine.

The final thing to consider is that the best idea could even be yet to come, and perhaps you have the best possible shop idea in your mind. You could work it out supported by EtsyHunt tools that will help you to analyze and optimize your idea!

It’s your turn now, which of these Etsy shop ideas are you choosing?

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