Holiday Marketing: What & How to Sell Etsy Mother’s Day Gifts in 2022

What & How to Sell Etsy Mother's Day Gifts in 2022

Mother's Day is coming soon! Now is the time to discuss gift ideas. Fortunately, Etsy is a platform full of custom and personalized gifts, so shoppers and sellers alike can easily find inspiration for Mother's Day gifts.

But sometimes, before making a decision, we often want to hear from someone with experience. Backed by data from over 1.2 million Etsy real sellers' shops, EtsyHunt can be of assistance. You can find out the best-selling Mother's Day gifts and also explore the Mother’s Day marketing strategies of the top Etsy sellers

Holiday Marketing: What & How to Sell Etsy Mother's Day Gifts
Source: Etsy Keyword Tool - EtsyHunt

Let's take a look.

Top Etsy Searches on Mother's Day

What do people search for when it comes to "mother"? 

No. Top 1-10 Keywords on Google No. Top 11-20 Keywords on Google
1 mother 11 daughter gift
2 mother of the bride gift 12 mother of pearl
3 mother in law gift 13 mother of bride gift
4 mother of the groom gift 14 mother daughter necklace
5 mother's day 15 gifts for mother in law
6 mother's day gift 16 mother of the bride gifts
7 mother's day card 17 mother in law wedding gift
8 mother of the bride 18 mother in law
9 gift for wife mother's day 19 mother of the bride gift from daughter
10 mother gift 20 mother daughter bracelet

Yes, as the table shows, the gift is the most frequent word. It could be a gift for the mother of the groom, a gift for the mother of the wife, or a gift for the grandmother or daughter. But don't forget that this gift could also be for your friend, the best dog mom or cat mom.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what shoppers are looking for on Etsy around Mother's Day.

On the EtsyHunt Keyword Tool dashboard, we input mother day and see the search volume is starting to show an upward trend.

Etsy keyword analysis for mother day
Source: Etsy Keyword Tool - EtsyHunt

After checking the similar keywords related to mother day ( e.g. "gift for mom", "mom gift" ), we discover the secret of Mother's Day searches —— sub-categories that consumers are keen to explore are cards, necklaces, bracelets, rings, mug, clothing, spa kits, candle and gift box.

Have our competitors found this out?

Yes! As shown in the chart below, Home & Living, Jewelry, Clothing are the top three categories of mom products. During Mother's Days, they are where the most competition is on Etsy, and where the winners come out.

trending gift category for mothers
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

This result is expected and unexpected at the same time. The most commonly thought of gifts for mothers are jewelry, clothing, and other gifts that can highlight women's beauty, but also gift cards and mugs that represent the gift giver's heart.

Top Etsy Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

etsy mother's day gifts 2022

Mother's Day is the biggest holiday after Christmas. Now that we know the top 3 searched categories for Mother's Day, let's head to EtsyHunt and explore best-selling products specifically for Mother's day gifts.

etsy mothers day

Home & Living

In Home & Living category, many Etsy shoppers are looking for gifts that are fully thought out for mom.

The easiest way to express love is to write a beautiful custom card. 

etsy mothers day gift card -1
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

Smart Etsy sellers are offering more innovative mediums. For example, garden banners, wooden signs, and heart-shaped sculptures.

etsy mothers day gift card -2
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

In addition, buying items that mom uses regularly is a way to message our love. On Etsy, personalized mom mugs, wooden spoons, and wine holders are loved by many shoppers. 

etsy mothers day gift mugs
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt


From necklaces to bracelets, to rings, jewelry is always the best choice for a gift, especially as a gift for her. 

etsy mothers day jewelry -1
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

On Etsy, buyers are encouraged to upload family photos, or simply provide text information such as the mother's name, child's name, date of birth, special address, etc. 

etsy mothers day jewelry -2
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

Because more and more shoppers are favoring one-of-a-kind products. Customization will make Mother's Day jewelry gifts more sophisticated and unique.

💡Tips: On EtsyHunt New Trending Chart, you can always find the latest jewelry design

what is trending on etsy
Source: Etsy Product Chart - EtsyHunt


Clothing is popular all year round, but it's still perfect for a Mother's Day gift.

In contrast to jewelry, personalization also dominates shoppers who are picking out clothes for their mothers. The difference is that relaxation is a factor to consider. That's why custom shirts and robes have become the choice of some top sellers.

Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

Tips for Boosting Your Etsy Mother’s Day Gifts Sales

Figuring out what shoppers want to buy is only the first step in holiday marketing. As Etsy sellers, we also need to focus on how to drive sales. Keep scrolling to read how to optimize our Etsy shops for Mother's Day.

Add Mother’s Day Tags and Keywords to the Listing

imporve the etsy tags
Source: Etsy Product Research - EtsyHunt

If you want to get more sales, you must not neglect to use the 13 Etsy tags correctly. It will have an effect on when your products will be presented to shoppers. For Mother's Day, you need to make some minor adjustments to your product listings. Based on search popularity, we recommend the following three types of tags:

General Mother's Day-related tags

  • mothers day
  • first mothers day
  • new mom gifts

Popular Recipient Terms

  • gift for mom
  • mother daughter gift
  • gift for grandmother

Personalization or customization Options

  • name necklace
  • color variations
  • birthstones

If you want to get more appropriate tags for your Mother's Day, you can further explore the EtsyHunt keyword tool.

💡Tips: You should adjust your tags at least one month before Mother's Day and move back to the original tags after Mother's Day. At the same time, you should specify the delivery date on the product listings.

change delivery date on etsy

Run Special Promotions for This Mother’s Day

Run Special Promotions for This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a great opportunity to make a sale on Etsy. But the competition is not less but more intense. Using discounts and promotions is one good solution.

Sale promotions are more than simply writing a SALE. You need to utilize the right form of promotion and run it.

On Etsy, the following promotions are recommended.

(1) Percentage discounts: This is the most common type of promotion, and it is very effective. Because it can attract a large number of users to your shop. (💡Tips: Before you start, consider using EtsyHunt to check the pricing of 100 best-selling products)

(2) Free shipping: Free shipping is always a great e-commerce promotion strategy. If "free shipping" is highlighted under the product thumbnail, your product’s CTR will increase. (💡Read on How To Get Free Shipping On Etsy

(3) Multi-buy promotions: For example, "2 for the price of 1" is a promotion to increase sales.

(4) Gift with purchase: This is another effective measure to increase conversion rates.

Moreover, if you're ready for an offer, share it on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). If you already have followers, that's great. If not, you can use other ways to win quickly. For example, find a store that has a product that complements yours. Then put them together and sell them. Or you can invite your previous customers to buy again through email marketing.

Check Inventory Early for Mother's Day

According to Etsy buyer research over the past three years, Mother's Day sales tend to start rising in April and peak in the first two weeks of the big day. So, if you don't want to harm your shop sales, you need to prepare your inventory at least a month early and make sure items are fully stocked during the first two weeks of the holiday.

Remember, for most countries, Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 8, 2022, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Ireland. However, in Mexico, it is celebrated on May 10, while in France it is on May 29.

So, we suggest that your Mother's Day sales program on Etsy should ideally last from April to early June.


Mother's Day is a warm and loving holiday. Shoppers may be sons, daughters, husbands, fathers, grandmothers, friends, pet owners. If you want to make the most of Mother's Day gifts to win on Etsy, first, you have to be clear about who your target audience is. Next, try to improve your shop rankings on Etsy by adjusting your product design and product listings. Good luck! 

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