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Backed by 27,000,000 Etsy Products data, EtsyHunt is designed for building tools that make Etsy SEO, products research, Etsy listing and tag optimization easy.

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Product Research

Know what's selling on Etsy and then figure out what to sell on Etsy.

Keyword Research

Find the right keywords for your Etsy listings with a tool made specifically for Etsy.

Top Charts

Inspire sales inspiration through top trend chart
and new release chart.
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Best Etsy Shops

Analyze top Etsy sellers idea and adjust your business 
strategy. Come soon…

Figure out Top Etsy Products

√ EtsyHunt currently has 27,000,000 Etsy product data and can update 
all product data every day. Here, you will not miss any niche product.
√ The Etsy product research tool supports four major trends in historical sales, price, favorites, and reviews, helping you crack the secrets of top Etsy products.

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Improve your Etsy SEO Keywords

√ The Etsy Keyword tool shows you the keywords actual shoppers are using to search. Try to compare search phrase metrics side by side to identify the best keywords for your Etsy shop.
√ Also, this tool will give you insight into your Etsy listings: how to write your titles, what tags to use, how to price the items.

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Discover Best Etsy Shop Ideas

√ What to sell on Etsy? There's practically an endless list of good Etsy shop ideas to choose from. EtsyHunt is designed to help you narrow down the popular categories or products.
√ Spend some time browsing our list of Etsy's Top 500 shops in the past 30 days, including their sales, categories, tags, listings and reviews......

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What People Say About EtsyHunt?

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EtsyHunt is an extremely valuable tool for evaluating the level of competition in a niche on Etsy. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to sell on Etsy.

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I just had my 15,000th order and went from "has sold more items than 85% of other sellers on Etsy!" this month! Things are going faster and faster as I improve my business on EtsyHunt.

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Love the software and support!
The data is displayed in a fashion that is easily consumable. I use this tool daily in my Etsy business and wouldn't be able to live without it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

EtsyHunt is an all-in-one platform for Etsy sellers. It supports Etsy rank & product research, Also, there is a list of Top Etsy shops for better Etsy listing & tag analysis.
Every 24 hours, we process popular Etsy product data to update metrics for product detail page, with estimated weekly sales and Etsy SEO research metrics.
Till now, we discovered 27,000,000 Etsy product data. At the same time, there are 3,000,000 product data added every week.