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The Highlights of EcomScrapy

Charge by tokens, with no place for hidden fees!

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Product Searching

You are able to query product links for product details with:

Widest-covered database
- Covering over 45 million Etsy product data

Latest updates
- Updating over 9 million on a daily basis

You can view details of product listings and key metrics such as historical revenue and historical sales in real-time.


Product Filtering

You are able to filter products in bulk that meet your pre-set conditions with over 20 extensive filter options, including but not limited to:

➡️ categories
➡️ price
➡️ sales
➡️ ship-from countries
➡️ favorites
➡️ published time
You are free to copy and apply the code in various types at local in one click for product analysis of large batches.

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Coming Soon

We want to do more and better for your satisfaction.

  1. 1
    Customized scraping

    We'll automatically start customized crawling when it comes to data with no search results!

  2. 2
    Keyword-related queries

    You are able to make keyword-related queries to view the keyword details and request the corresponding category keyword rankings and other data.

  3. 3
    Query by store links

    You are able to query by Shopify store links of your own or your competitors, to gain detailed store information.

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We are well-received by our users.

I am a loyal user of EtsyHunt, and also a early adopter of EcomScrapy. It's simple to use and the data are trustworthy.

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Steve Brown

Have requested for a data API for months, now it's really there!! What a surprise from EtsyHunt team!

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Kevin Dean

The AI suggestions are not satisfying me, that's exactly when I found Ecom Scrapy. If you've spent years in dropshipping, it's time to take your theory into practice now.

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John M.

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