What to Sell on Etsy During Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021?

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The best shopping period of 2021 is approaching. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the times when online shopping is most popular all over the world This is also true for Etsy. So how ready are you? What to sell on Etsy during this shopping spree? Read our article and get prepared to boost your sales.

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Learn Etsy in detail to increase your Etsy store sales

These handmade products grow every day and reach millions of buyers who are looking for special products with a human touch. With the guidance and leadership principle, it gives to sellers on Etsy, it helps to create sustainable and creative ideas.

Etsy is an online marketplace that prevents the value of handmade products from melting in the face of globalization. What to sell on Etsy includes both handcrafts and digital products mainly. It is a digital platform where you can reach not only handmade products but also interesting items and even unique antiques.

Etsy draws its strength from the value of handmade and the support of its producers. The handmade products exhibited on Etsy reach countless people all over the world who are looking for this.

Etsy has sellers from 234 countries but the majority are based in the United States, which represented 62 percent of all Etsy sellers as of June 2020. The UK ranked second with 13 percent of sellers, followed by Canada and Australia according to the
Etsy Sellers statistics. So, you should decide what to sell on Etsy without any delay because you have competitors from all over the world.

The graphic below shows the adventure of Etsy in the marketplace.


Black Friday 2021 Guides for Etsy Sellers

Etsy not only creates space for its sellers but also contributes to their development by guiding them. Etsy turns big shopping days such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday into a feast in the field of online marketing, where it grows day by day. As an Etsy seller, you need to prepare your Etsy Store for Black Friday and other opportunities to increase sales.

Why do they call it Black Friday? Background Story

Black Friday is the day used to describe the day after Thanksgiving. This shopping day was first mentioned in the newspapers as Black Friday in 1961. Philadelphia was given that name because of the heavy traffic and shopping difficulties people experienced that day. In recent years, this day has been positively reacted to by both people and shops.

When is Black Friday 2021?

26 November will be Black Friday for 2021. Remember that presentations such as discounts, promotions, and campaigns have always positively affected the purchasing behavior of the customer. And the biggest discounts time is approaching.  Do not miss these opportunities to catch an abrupt rise in sales and determine what to sell on Etsy.

How discounts should be set up in Black Friday 2021?

In this process, where the crazy discount continues for days, sellers follow proper marketing strategies after discovering what to sell on Etsy.

If you want to shop in flocks, you should make discounts that will attract this crowd to your store. With these discounts, your marketing and customer network will expand and grow.

Do not miss the opportunities created by these special days to be a store where people recommend you to each other.

Plus to promotions up to your creativity, you can make

  • buy one get one free
  • giveaway
  • special offers for new customers 
  • catchy discounts promotions.

These strategies not only increase your sales by getting you to more customers but also establish a bond between you by giving them a good experience.

This is the part where you have to deal with your first after-sales customer and solve the problems they experience. Keep in touch with the customer regarding the product or cargo.

They should deal with their problems and offer solutions. Make sure that the customer who leaves you satisfied will bring more customers to you. Do not cut off communication with the customer for this.

Inform about the shipping process without stopping. This may seem tiring to you, but it is an important detail for the customer.

After everything is finished, do not forget to ask for five stars from the customer who received the product and is satisfied with it. This is your natural right.

New Shopping Trend: Cyber Monday

Cyber ​​Monday has become the equivalent of Black Friday online and offers a way for websites to compete with each other. Created by retailers to encourage people to shop online.

Since its inception, it has become an international marketing term used by online retailers worldwide. Cyber Monday 2021 falls on November 29 this year.

What is the benefit of Cyber Monday for Etsy Sellers?

The rate of sales has been growing over the years on Cyber ​​Monday and there is a digital shopping frenzy all over the world. With the growth of Cyber ​​Monday's domain, the number of customers waiting for this magical time to shop continues to increase. Etsy sellers will also see this increase in clicks and purchases.  Already many people started to search on the web for what to sell on Etsy.

This increase in interest undoubtedly attracts the sellers, who are in a fierce competition environment, to even more fierce competition. To turn this interest into profit;

  • You can make online discounts and increase your store's visit and sales rate. Make people wonder about what to sell on Etsy.
  • Prepare your most special and eye-catching products for this crazy shopping day and increase your customers with discounts.

Should Etsy Sellers join Cyber Monday 2021 campaigns?

It is unquestionable fact that you should join campaigns to boost your orders. Etsy also advises you not to miss the opportunity days such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

These days, which are known as shopping sprees all over the world, you should use the promotion techniques listed above. Are the preparations completed? Do not be late and get your store ready. Think about what to sell on Etsy, which products can attract more people.

 Is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday for sellers?

In 2019, almost 50 percent more stores were discounted clothes on Cyber ​​Monday, when experts compare deals to Black Friday. There were similar proportions in shoes and other product items.

In 2020, Cyber ​​Monday surpassed Black Friday in terms of spending, which could indicate the level of deal offers that day. According to Adobe Analytics, US customers spent $9 billion on Black Friday and $10.8 billion on Cyber ​​Monday. Inspired by this information, you can prepare a product list about what to sell on Etsy.

What to sell on Etsy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021?

The best way to determine what to sell on Etsy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 is to analyze top Etsy shops. For this analysis, EtsyHunt Shop Analyzer offers the opportunity to observe more than 1.1 million Etsy stores.

EtsyHunt Top Shops Research

You can view Etsy Shop’s sales from the list. Then you can analyze the Product List of related Etsy shops to discover the product range and decide what to sell on Etsy. Furthermore, EtsyHunt has a great filtration feature that enables you to focus on your desired niche.

Besides, it is a good idea to remember what are you allowed to sell on Etsy.

What can be sold on Etsy?

You are allowed to sell three main types of products on Etsy:

  1. Handmade goods,
  2. Vintage items,
  3. Craft supplies.

But what you prefer to make is just limited by your creativity. Your creativity will limit what to sell on Etsy in these categories.

What are the best seller categories on Etsy?

There are 27 million product listings on Etsy today. Let’s look at a graphic to determine what to sell on Etsy.

We can notice that home&living leads in all categories. Art, Jewelry, and Clothing follow respectively. Hence, when you determine what to sell on Etsy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021, you should focus on products from these categories.

Cyber Monday 2021 products suggestions to sell

When we focus on the most popular products, we see that they are personalized products.

And the main point that we should focus on is you must always add your idea to your product. With the right advertising strategy, the product, whose visuality is reinforced, contains a creative idea, can quickly climb to the top.

This product (below picture), which is at the top of the home&living category, draws attention with its relevance and the discount it presents.

Perceiving these shopping spree days as times when people shop only for themselves is an understatement. On such days, people also shop to make their loved ones happy or to give them a souvenir.

These gifts can be big things or cute souvenirs. Maybe you are on the right days to add such products to your sales portfolio. Because days like Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday are the days when shopping increases not in certain categories but multiple layers. Arranging your store to meet this expectation will be the right choice for you.

For example, the knitted gift below seems to attract the attention of many Etsy customers in terms of low price and visuality.

What kind of products are popular on Etsy?

It's not a tough process to open a store and start e-commerce on ETSY. However, the same is not valid for increasing sales. You need to determine the proper strategies to increase your sales. The first of these is undoubtedly the product selection. This is where EtsyHunt Product Search comes to fulfill your needs.

EtsyHunt Product Search

You can access data from more than 34 million product listings, that make EtsyHunt unique and essential for ETSY Sellers. The Product Search offers you to view;

  • 7-Day Sales: Based on the dimensions of product review and favorite, the estimated value calculated by the machine learning algorithm is provided for reference.
  • Total Sales: Based on the dimensions of product review and favorite, the estimated value calculated by the machine learning algorithm is provided for reference.
  • Total Reviews (7-Days)
  • Total Favorites (7-Day)
  • Action: You can view the product details or go to the product page on Etsy.

Moreover, Etsy sellers can analyze each product in detail. There is product information that includes price, tags, category, shipping, and description. In addition to this, Products Performance is also available with graphics.

You should observe Etsy Hunt Product Research before deciding what to sell on Etsy. Thanks to these tools determining what to sell on Etsy is not a tough job.

Don’t forget to make discounts, release promotions to catch the attention of customers. Presentations such as discounts, promotions, and campaigns have always positively affected the purchasing behavior of the customer.

Tips for selling successfully on Etsy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Here are some advice to enhance your selling on Etsy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021;

  • You should make online discounts and increase your store's visit and sales rate.
  • Prepare your most special and eye-catching products for these crazy shopping days and increase your customers with discounts.
  • Maintain social media posts by setting goals. This will help you see how much progress you've made. It creates the opportunity to correct your mistakes.
  •  Always answer customer questions. It helps you turn the customer into a buyer by responding to their interest in you.
  • Keep increasing your product count, of course, with special discounts for Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday. Develop existing products by making revisions.
  • Examine competitors. Convert their changes into data and apply their beneficial aspects to your store. EtsyHunt Top Shops tool will be your best assistant.
  • Do the market research. Continue to do market research. Finding new trends and applying them is always important. Fix errors by constantly tracking the keywords and tags your store is indexing.

Product Listing

EtsyHunt also offers listing optimization solutions to Etsy sellers. Don't forget to use the Etsy Rank Analysis Tool that Etsy has prepared for you to increase your shop rank visibility.

Backed by data from more than 34,000,000 product listings, EtsyHunt makes it easy to research and optimize your Etsy SEO, product listings, and tags.

Product Keywords

You can think of keywords as pathways to your product. That's why you should make sure that your customers use these ways and you should appear in front of your customers with the right keywords.

Meeting your customers brings with it a detailed strategy and analysis. Your work is now easy with the analysis programs we will use and Etsy autocomplete logic. EtsyHunt offers you a useful Etsy keyword analysis assistant, which helps sellers quickly find comprehensive keywords information.

For more details, please visit Etsy's Keywords Comprehensive Guide.

Eye-Catching Store Name

It's always an advantage to have an eye-catching store name to grab the attention of your customers. Your name should not belong, it should be catchy and attract attention. If you don't have an idea, some websites like this one can help you come up with a name.

Important in Initial Sales

Sustainability is one of the most important things to grow and increase sales at Etsy. Sustainability allows your store to develop continuously and get traffic. The primary way to achieve this is the first sale.

The stages until and after the first sale are one of the milestones of your store. When we say what needs to be done before the sale. The steps you will take before the first sale will show you whether you are on the right track. Is it the correct product you want to sell? Is there an error in the price you chose? Is there a demand for your product? Were the costs calculated correctly? Finding answers to many important questions will be the light of your roadmap.


Etsy is a great online marketplace for buying and selling unique, handmade, or digital items. For an entrepreneur like you, selling on Etsy can be a great opportunity to earn extra income or even replace your job if you decide to work full time! Etsy grew in 2020 and this growth continues in 2021!

To get a share of this growth, you must take your place in Etsy without delay and determine what to sell on Etsy. Use EtsyHunt Tools to make your job easy. Read the article carefully and apply it to your business so that your business will be successful on the Etsy platform. Get your share of this big profit cycle.

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