It’s Time to Prepare Your 2021 Halloween Party-EtsyHunt

Wow, Halloween is coming! Are you ready for a party with family and friends! Although Halloween is a happy holiday. But, don’t forget to wear a Halloween mask, and pay attention to your personal safety in the festive. Alright, Let's research together which products are popular on Halloween in 2021 from EtsyHunt!

According to feedback from many Etsy sellers, in recent years, everyone’s passion for plastic decorations with expensive raw materials has been greatly reduced, and more users have begun to prefer environmentally-friendly materials that can be continuously recycled so that they can still be used in the next year. Instead of being forced to throw it into the garbage dump. So today we will focus on introducing some products or shops worth buying in 2021. Focus on EtsyHunt, Get more Halloween information

Classic decoration-Pumpkin

Pumpkin, as an indispensable protagonist of Halloween every year, is of course the most searched product,always at the top of Etsy rank! This kind of yarn pumpkin is very popular this year. According to EtsyHunt, this kind of knitted pumpkin is expected to become the most popular pumpkin variety in addition to real pumpkins. Because the knitted pumpkin can not only be used on Halloween, buyers can still put it in the room for decoration even after Halloween. Users can choose to buy the made product by themselves, or they can buy raw materials and enjoy the joy of making them with their family or friends after returning home.

In addition, from Etsy products research we can get this kind of sustainable materials pumpkin has also been very popular in recent years. Buyers can define the font or sentence on the pumpkin by themselves. This kind of pumpkin can be used not only on Halloween but also can be used as decorations in the home garden every fall.

Halloween decoration outdoors

Bat elements are also very important decorations for Halloween. In recent years, more and more families will hang various bats outdoors to set off the atmosphere of Halloween. According to the product search function of EtsyHunt, the search volume for bat decorations has been very large recently. It can be seen that the popularity of bat products is increasing day by day.

Grapevine Wreaths For Halloween, Many families also hang grapevine garlands outdoor to enhance the festive atmosphere. Grapevine garlands are sustainable products that can be used even in the next year.

Children's favorites

Of course, the happiest group on Halloween belongs to the children. They will go to the neighbor’s house in groups to ask for sweets, therefore, dressing up for the children is also very important. There is also a very high search volume for children’s Halloween costumes on Etsy.

Others Halloween decoration

Modern ceramic candle holder, Searches for Halloween candles have increased by 11% over the same period last year. If buyers want to create a horrible atmosphere in their homes, these black porcelain candlesticks can do just that.

Searches for retro Halloween decorations bags have increased by 35% compared to the same period last year, so don’t miss this nostalgic trend.

As more and more families start to keep pets, of course, pets should also enjoy it on Halloween. These bat wings are made by hand. With it, puppies can also enjoy Halloween costumes.

What should sellers do?

Halloween topics and discussions are very popular on social media. When a seller’s product belongs to Halloween content, directly using Halloween tags with fun and relaxing content can gain more readers.

If the seller has enough resources, then hold some Halloween-related competitions, such as costume PK, encourage users to "publish" the products they bought in your store, to promote themselves, or Halloween decoration competitions, to cleverly transfer their own The product is integrated into it.

Decorate your shop, make it looks more wired, design some amazing images on the main page of the store, with the Halloween theme, the eyes of consumers are always attracted by the strange things that attract the eye.

Alright, If you want to learn more about festival Etsy information, come on and follow EtsyHunt. Next time let us talk about How to prepare your Black Friday!

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