Etsy VS Zibbet: Would Zibbet be the Best Alternative for Etsy?

With the popularity of online shopping, many small businesses have been able to succeed in selling products online. Online shopping and sales are a very high-quality channel for businesses and individuals selling handicrafts or other handmade products.


Etsy is currently the most popular handicraft buying and selling website, which has helped many users to increase the profit and success rate of their business. However, there are also many users who are worried about Etsy's continuously revised policy, so this article will analyze Zibbet and Etsy together to analyze whether Zibbet will become an alternative to Etsy in the future.

Pros and cons of selling through Etsy

Like any large website or platform, Etsy has its advantages and disadvantages.


One of the biggest benefits of selling on Etsy is its popularity. Compared with other websites, shoppers looking for handmade products have a higher percentage of visiting Etsy, and most potential customers will choose Etsy first when looking for specific products. The site is very well-known and enjoys a high reputation, and many small businesses have created Etsy stores because they know that the site has a lot of traffic.

People also like Etsy because it is very simple and easy to use, especially when compared to creating your own website. With Etsy, you don't have to worry about designing or creating a website and hiring others to develop it. All you have to do is upload a photo, enter a description, and choose a price and keywords. Compared to trying to design your own website or figure out web development, it is easier, less stressful, and less time-consuming. Also, since Etsy is very popular, you can find many other online resources, as well as tips on how to navigate the site and how to be successful.

Another benefit of using Etsy is that the website is international, which makes your business more extensive. Companies that want to maximize their customer base often use Etsy because they know that many people around the world can browse their products.

Despite the benefits of using Etsy, the site does have its drawbacks. Although the popularity of Etsy is very useful for increasing the number of visits to the store, it also means that your business will face huge competition. There are thousands of sellers, and even the most niche crafts will have dozens or even hundreds of sellers. It can be frustrating and sometimes not even able to compete with a large number of other businesses. Even if your product is top-notch and reasonably priced, you may have to compete with people with lower prices.

Etsy's shortcomings have caused many users to either completely switch to other platforms or expand their business to include multiple platforms. Maintaining and upgrading multiple stores takes time, effort, and effort, but it can bring greater success and visibility to your business.

Due to fierce competition, Etsy users usually spend a lot of time on business marketing aim to help your store increase its visibility, you may need to learn search engine optimization techniques for Etsy or potential niche product research tools. However, SEO algorithms are constantly changing, so you always need to understand the best strategy to allow buyers to find your store.

For most businesses, opening an Etsy store is cheaper than creating a website. However, Etsy will still charge fees. They will charge a fee of $0.20 for each item listed, regardless of whether the item is sold or not. The listing lasts only four months, so if your product is not sold within this period of time, you must pay the listing fee again. When your product is actually sold, they will charge a transaction fee of 3.5% of the price of the product.

Although many users realize that it is easy to create a store and list products, it does not allow too much customization, which is harmful to companies trying to create or maintain a brand or image. Greater freedom of customization means more opportunities to create unique and well-branded stores that customers will remember, but users on Etsy may not have the freedom to do so.


Zibbet and Etsy are very similar because it provides a community market, in which buyers can browse various handicraft shops.

Zibbet currently works with 6 different channels: Etsy、zibbet Marketplace、A.C. Moore Marketplace、Stitch Websites、Sell on Etsy、Facebook shop、Instagram.

Of course, Zibbet also has some advantages. First of all, there are no transaction and listing fees. Sellers only need to pay for the product content. If you don’t use any specific sales channels, you don’t have to worry about your payment being unlimited.

Secondly, Zibbet will provide sellers with a lot of useful information. You can use this information to quickly track sales or manage your inventory. Data-based indicators will make your business more efficient and accurate.

But Etsy also has some disadvantages. It’s worth noting that Zebbit does not provide any free. Secondly, if the user chooses to register every month, he can only save $12 per year, and the price is not very friendly.


In fact, whether you choose Etsy or Zibbet, we need to fully grasp the rules of the platform. Product research strategy is one of the most important decisions they face in the early stage of operation. At this stage, the business's financial strength and experience reserves are still insufficient, and they are facing an environment with low fault tolerance and fierce market competition. On the basis of these unfavorable conditions, merchants need to select products suitable for their own brands for sale in a targeted manner based on market conditions. At the same time, during the initial operation process, they should constantly adjust and match their brands according to the future development direction of their own brands.

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