Etsy Black Friday 2021, These Important Things You Must Do

Hey there, 2021 Black Friday is coming! It must be an unforgettable holiday this year. Now! Is time to prepare your products lists, but there are a few details your should notice, come!

When does Etsy Black Friday 2021 start?

Etsy Black Friday 2021 will start on 27/11/2021. According to Pattern of Etsy Black Friday sales in the previous years. The sales will happen different degree decrease before one week of Black Friday. Black Friday will officially start at midnight at i.e.12 AM PT, the deals will run till Cyber Monday i.e. 11.59 PM PT.

In the beginning, let us review last year what products reached top sales through EtsyHunt. Now, we selected a date from 01/11/2020—30/11/2020.

From the EtsyHunt Products page, we can find The top products categories include jewelry、accessories、arts, and clothes.

Last year, the Black Friday of Etsy is the most crowded festival the main reason is the reputation of Etsy become higher than ever. From the growth trend recently, the popularity of Etsy Black Friday this year can imaginable. So this year will more important than other years, people might put more attention to Etsy. You might be thinking preparing from now is too early, trust me, your competitors have already done it!

How to find popular products

Due to Etsy Black Friday is mainly dependent on sellers, But Etsy officials also will provide a certain of support to sellers. In 2021 Etsy Black Friday, we can estimate most sellers will provide more than 60% discount and free shipping service.

From EtsyHunt product trends and Etsy Black Friday 2021 top sales report shows the following 4 types of products will still keep a hot trend in Etsy Black Friday 2021.

Crafts products

Crafts products as the most popular category in Etsy. The search trend always keeps a high research rate. The total views are already more than 382,400.

The research trend of Craft supplies still kept a high research trend in recent one year. On Etsy Black Friday 2021, the discount on the Craft kits includes yarn and macrame will be up to 60% at least.

Vintage products

Sale vintage product is one of the special of Etsy, from old coins to vintage product、collections. So many vintage lovers will choose the Etsy platform as their first choice when they want to buy old products.

From EtsyHunt keywords tool, we can clearly find vintage products reached the highest sales on Etsy Black Friday 2020, and the popularity of research has also kept the rise recently. Therefore, vintage products will become another popular category on Etsy Black Friday 2021, more than 90% of vintage sellers will change discounts up to 40%.

Home&Kitchen decoration

Black Friday start means Christmas holiday is near. so many housewives will start decorating their homes. Rugs、Wall decor these home products also start have discount


At present, there are more than 12.6 million jewelry products on Etsy, and from EtsyHunt, we can also find Jewelry products have increased recently, The Favorites of bracelets has risen very fast recently. It is not difficult to rule out that buyers are preparing in advance for the arrival of Black Friday.

From another point, we can also find jewelry has high popularity during the Black Friday period. When we research the trends changes of "Jewelry" as a keyword. It is easy to find the highest research point is during Black Friday 2020, after that time, the trend starts going down.

Five promotion strategies you can do

Referrer Special discount

If customers get big discounts from their family, friends, and acquaintances, they will happy to recommend your product to them and gain three customers who pay higher prices by losing some profit on some products.

Make sure to offer special offers to customers who refer others. It is recommended to use a separate login page, which includes instructions, the number of people recommended, and the terms and conditions of the offer.


Giveaways are a great strategy to boost sales or increase sales. Giveaways can include huge rebates for people who shop during the sales process (which can increase overall sales) or a small amount for people who complete small tasks (such as sharing sales on social media channels). The rewards (this increases the organic sales promotion). You can view how other sellers choose Giveaway products through Etsy Hunt.

Buy one get one free

Buy one get one free is a good strategy for Black Friday, which can be used to increase overall sales. Actually, more Etsy shops already use this promotion strategy. Because the gift link is provided to customers who purchase a certain amount of goods so that visitors can buy more goods to generate diversion. It usually helps the customer to complete the transaction. When some surprise elements are added to the process (such as winning a big prize), people have to complete the transaction.

Special offers for new customers

Offering special discounts to new customers is a great strategy to convert them into customers. Most visitors to the site visit the site during the Black Friday promotion and offering them special discounts will attract them to the purchase page and ultimately purchase the product.

Use social media to promote your products

Before the actual sales start, display preheating or "leakage" information through social media and other channels to give customers a sense of expectation, and then pay attention to the official launch of the event. Please remember that Facebook and Instagram will be your most effective channels. Secondly, Pinterest will also be a very popular channel. If your Etsy Shop is dominated by jewelry, clothing, and other products, you can spend 40% of your energy on Pinterest to promote.

How Etsy shop style support Black Friday

You will start to prepare to decorate your Etsy Shop, before Black Friday start in 15 days. Firstly, you need to add the relevant discount elements of Black Friday, such as the amount of discount and the numbers of all products participating in the discount. Secondly, it is necessary to highlight the theme of the store. You need to let users know what products your store sells and what products you buy in your store have the lowest prices. If your shop is a grocery store, then you can divide different themes such as storage themes, decoration themes, make the pictures, and put them in the carousel picture on the homepage of the store with exquisite product pictures, ultra-low prices, and preferential policies.

You also should increase your Etsy SEO with Black Friday. One important point is that you can add discount codes to the pictures of Etsy stores. The product list is usually displayed in the search results. If the code is added, it may increase the chance of users clicking on the list. The banner of the store is very important to your overall Black Friday discount activities. Usually, when users enter your store, they will see this banner first, so it is very necessary to make an eye-catching banner image.

Divide your target customer

The target customer selection also needs a strategy, which needs to be combined with the product discount ratio distribution we mentioned above. Usually, your store will have the following concentrated customer categories: 1. Buy products directly. 2. Only adding the product to the shopping cart does not produce purchase behavior. 3. Do not add to the shopping cart, but will favor your product. You can classify discounted products by the product categories related to these customers.

For example, users who directly purchase products usually have two situations: low price-sensitive users and product demanders. The products purchased by this type of consumer usually belong to Hot sales.

If your shop has a lot of users who put products in a shopping cart but have not made purchases, then such consumers are likely to be highly price-sensitive people, and products that match highly price-sensitive consumers can be sold. The high discount method triggers the user's purchase behavior in the form of a discount. The last case is that consumers who only favorite your product, neither buy nor join the shopping cart. The situation of this type of user is more complicated.

There are many reasons for this situation of the product. It is very likely that they are also price-sensitive or just interested in your product. For such customers, you can stimulate them through Etsy advertising + product discounts.

After Black Friday you should do

If you want these consumers to still be interested in your store after Black Friday, you can provide them with a short-term discount code when you mail the product. Or new product samples and new product discount codes. It is not recommended that you promote to these users by mail, because Etsy does not allow you to do so. Please avoid risks, try the safe way.

Alright, these are all analyses about Etsy's Black Friday strategy, Next time, we will analyze How your Etsy shop prepares for Chrismas Holiday.

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