Learn for Top Etsy Ranking Shops: Which Part Decide Your Etsy Rank - Etsy Hunt

Learn from Top Etsy Ranking Shops: Which Part Decide Your Etsy Rank – Etsy Hunt

Etsy's rapid growth trend is enviable. Etsy's official data can see that in the second quarter of 2021, Etsy's total revenue exceeded 500 million US dollars, an increase of 23% year-on-year. Such an amazing turnover is of course inseparable from the support of tens of millions of sellers.

According to data from EtsyHunt, there are currently at least 26.83 million products on the Etsy platform. Jewelry products are the most popular, followed by stickers, greeting cards, and wedding products. Today, we gonna some Etsy ranking products to analyze why they can become top shops!

The highest sales in the jewelry industry is: Beadboat1

It comes from Dallas, Texas, USA. It is mainly used as accessories for the jewelry business on Etsy.

Country USA. Total sales 1,100,000+
Products numbers 7421 Total reviews 100,000+
Times 7 Comment rating 9.2%

It belongs to raw material stores. This type of store is Etsy's characteristic. It has the characteristics of low product unit price and high customer unit price because general customers will choose matching combinations to buy. However, the disadvantages include a large number of product types and troublesome top-quality products. Beadboat1's products mainly include pearls, threads, and other DIY materials for self-made necklaces and jewelry. They are mainly promoted through independent stations, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram have 591 fans.

Take an Example detailed analysis of this shop

From Etsy Hunt., we can find the most popular product sell in Beadboat1, which is a crystal necklace. Total sales are 1,078and receive 218 reviews. Products favorites keep constant increased.

Etsy Hunt also gives tags they chose, all tags are close to their product's styles. such as "Crystal, healing stones, gemstone bottles, carnelian".


The US store opened in 2014, with personalized jewelry as a selling point, including letter necklaces, rings, and earrings, etc., with unique designs and uniform styles. There are about 460 orders per day, and the price is around US$20. The main off-site marketing channels are independent sites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Among them, there are 143 Twitter fans, 57,000 Instagram fans, 46,175 Facebook main business fans, and independent sites that use Shopify to build the site.

Country USA. Total sales 1,100,000+
Products numbers 869 Total reviews 180,000+
Times 7 Comment rating 16%

The most popular products sell in CaitlynMinimalist also is a necklace, this very easy and grateful necklace.

From Etsy Hunt shows, this product has 35,288 sales in total and 80,109 favorites with 8,167 reviews. and Favorites also increase steadily.

Top Stickers sellers on Etsy: PlannerKate1

The seller with the most accumulated orders in the Etsy store at this stage-plannerKate1. Located in Ohio, the USA, it is mainly engaged in stickers.

Country USA. Total sales 1,700,000+
Products numbers 2,150 Total reviews 220,000+
Times 7 Comment rating 13%

The product variety is rich and the unit price of the product is around US$3-10. The website mainly uses Facebook and Instagram for promotion. The number of fans on the Facebook homepage is 697, and the number of fans on the Ins homepage is 60,000. The store products are messy in the early stage, and the overall style, pictures, and descriptions tend to be unified in the later stage.

Etsy Hunt shows this sticker crab bag is the most popular product in their shop that totally sells 4,223, owns 3,611 favorites.

Compare with other product's tags, this sticker's tags have more widely ranges, Tags included: "planner、calendar、die cut、label"

Top wedding Products shop: ModParty

The shop from Tustin, California, USA, mainly deals in wedding, party, and gift-related products, including bridesmaid Robes, greeting cards, jewelry, balloon straws, and so on.

Country USA. Total sales 1,000,000+
Products numbers 1800 Total reviews 115,000+
Times 8 Comment rating 11%

The style of the entire store is uniform and brisk, and the description is detailed, which is very beneficial for both click-through rates and conversions. The search volume of certain keywords of wedding supplies on Etsy is larger than that of Amazon, which is also due to the attributes of the platform. Store product attributes are conducive to the promotion of off-site social media, so on.

Etsy Hunt provides the best products for us, this is an empty bridesmaid proposal box. This is a personalized bridesmaid proposal box, it is suitable for brides to put some little gifts inside.

How to improve your Etsy shop rank? 

The name of the store must reflect the merchandise being sold

The store name is a short text describing your store so that shoppers can know what products you make and sell. This is a skill you can use to optimize Etsy SEO.

The store name will become the page title of your store page, and it is the text that users will see when the search engine links to your store, so you should use this opportunity to pick an appropriate title for your store. Think of a headline that indicates the type of product you sell.

Make sure keywords

First, you need to understand how Etsy determines the ranking of listings in search results. Listings in Etsy's search results need to match users' searches, and listings that match exactly are ranked higher in the search results.

When deciding which keywords are better for your listing in search, you must first think from the perspective of a shopper. If you want to buy a specific product or product type, what keywords would you use to search?

You also need to consider details or long-tail keywords. These keywords contain three or more words and are more likely to bring you sales. Because there is less competition for such keywords, users who conduct such precise searches are more likely to make purchases.

Important keywords are placed in front of the listing

When creating a new listing, you need to enter important details about the relevant store or product at the beginning of each field, that is, enter the keywords you want to rank for. This not only attracts the attention of shoppers but also helps Etsy determine which products match the keywords the user is searching for.

When listing the product you want to sell on the product detail page, you need to consider the important functions of the product in the first few words of the following places:

Product Title: Clearly describe your product at the beginning of the product title and use keywords that shoppers use to search for this specific product.

Product description: The first 160 characters of the product description are used to create the meta description of the listing page, which is the text displayed below the page title in the search engine results. Although your description can exceed 160 characters, it is very important to put the important keywords of the product in the first 40 characters.

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