Best Etsy Spy Tool to Beat The Competition

Best Etsy Spy Tool to Beat The Competition

Notwithstanding being a community for all hand-made and customized items, is ultimately a marketplace. This means that you'll be one of many stores competing for the consumer's attention on the website. So, how do you keep a customer on your website?

Understanding what your competitors are succeeding in and what they appear to be lacking in comparison to yours is one of the quite certain ways to boost engagement on your page. While spying on someone else's store may seem wrong, it's a common practice in e-commerce.

In fact, many of the larger e-commerce companies monitor their competitors as part of their business strategy to increase their market share. You should, then, investigate your competitors and identify their best-selling products. You can use the tags they use to increase traffic and sales to your listings.

The task can be made really simple. Similar to how you would use the search bar on the Etsy website. The Etsy spy tool on EtsyHunt will find the best-sellers tags for your competition is using.

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How to Track your Etsy Competitors

It's not difficult to spy on your competitors with the various tools at your disposal. For example, Sellersway or eRank can both be used to accomplish the same thing. However, EtsyHunt has the most standout toolkit.

EtsyHunt is a one-of-a-kind platform that includes tracking and market research tools and guides to assist you in optimizing your store to increase customer engagement. This way you won’t just check on your competition, you’ll be improving your store to make it stand out from all the others.

Once you have found your competitors, you will be able to use the EtsyHunt web browser extensions to extract the tags directly from their listings. Then, using the Keyword analyzer tool, you can guarantee that your listings appear first on the results page.

But first things first, you may wonder how do I find someone on Etsy? And the answer it’s pretty simple thanks to the Etsy spy tool EtsyHunt’s shop database, where you will find all of the Etsy shops and also be able to filter by categories or keywords. Even further, this tool will allow you to check the listings of others.

How to Track your Etsy Competitors

Let's take an example, let's say you sell soap, so you’re interested in shops that are in the Bath & Beauty category, so applying that filter:

As you can see, you still will be getting a lot of other shops that might not be your direct competition, you may not sell craft supplies or clothing. So there’s one remaining step, go to the products tab above the search bar and simply input the keyword “soap” (or whatever keyword you want to check):

Now you’re seeing a full list of your competitors that sell soaps on Etsy. However, you may need to add further keywords if you want to check specific sub-niches to polish the list of competitors as much as possible. Once your list is as filtered as you want, you can check on the shops’ statistics:

Just by clicking any shop in the list, you’ll see some information like how many sales it has, the reviews, the creation date, and perhaps the most important one, its best selling items. With this information, you’re ready to extract the tags of said best-selling listings to start ranking for them.

Of course that this only applies to you if you have active listings or you already decided what products to sell. In case you are looking for inspiration, the category filter should be more than enough to find out what the top-selling items within the category are. That way you can expand your possibilities.

How to Spy on Your Competitor's Tags

Extracting your competition’s tags from their listings is a really important task. You can be selling a very similar product, but they’re getting more sales and visits, and that can be the result of their tags.

Etsy is well-known for giving heavy importance to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and has a complex search algorithm to ensure quality results to potential customers. Applying good Etsy SEO will allow you to improve the score of your listings so that they rank better in the search results on the platform.

So, to begin this whole process, EtsyHunt has two perfect tools, the Etsy Tags Tool Extension. This extension is basically divided into 2 tools: the Etsy Tags Finder & Analyzer and the Etsy Tags Generator & Extractor.

The Etsy Tags Finder & Analyzer counts with:

  • Simple and clear interface.
  • Cover all Etsy shoppers' searching path.
  • Highlight key metrics for Etsy tags.
  • Popular Etsy keywords that sell in 2022.
  • Available for all makers and artists.
  • Etsy tags examples recommended from Etsy.
  • Available for global markets.

And the characteristics of the Etsy Tags Generator & Extractor are:

  • Easy to use for Etsy sellers.
  • View Google search trends as well.
  • Sort by sales, favorites, views, or competition.
  • Bulk copy trending Etsy tags.
  • Generate searched, low-competed Etsy keywords.
  • Export related Etsy tags to CSV.

Once you have installed it, you have nothing less to do than go to the best-selling listings of your competitors (obtained from the previous step) and you’ll see two new buttons:

By simply clicking the Tag Extractor button you’ll get a lot of information about the tags that this specific listing is using. Moreover, you can easily copy or export those keywords with a single click:

Just pick the tags that fit the most for your needs and click on copy or export buttons. You can use as a guide the Views, Favorites, or Competition columns, having in mind that higher views and lower competition are the best possible case.

However, if you want to perform more exhaustive research, keyword by keyword, let us show you the EtsyHunt keyword research tool. It is a very powerful tool, you’ll find detailed information about it, as well as related keywords that you might want to include in your listings:

EtsyHunt keyword research tool

The only thing to have in consideration is the fact that you’ll need to do the research keyword by keyword, but the extra effort surely pays off. All you need to do is search your desired keyword in the search box and you’ll get information about Google Trends, Views, Favorites, Competition, Sales, Related tags, etc.

By combining all of these tools, you'll be ready to start keeping an eye on your competition and make sure they don't get any leads that you can get. But you shouldn’t stop there, you can improve your shop even further by using another Etsy spy tool to check on the best-selling items.

How to Find Best-Selling Items on Etsy

At this point you know how to perform a good Etsy shop spy strategy, but you could also add the best-selling items for your shop. Getting down to the task of finding the best-selling items would not be so easy if it wasn’t for EtsyHunt tools. Thanks to the Etsy spy tool of top-selling items you can find them in no time.

Here, you’ll see the sales that the top products had in the past 7 or 30 days, ordered by higher to lower. You may find this useful to see what’s trending on Etsy at any given moment, not just now, but also in the future. Also spying on what the best items are can give you a clear advantage over your competition.

However, you don’t need to see all top products from all categories, you should filter the results to have the specific information you need. Of course that EtsyHunt gives you the possibility of doing so, enabling you to just have the results for your specific niche.

Complementarily, you can always check the EtsyHunt monthly report of the top 100 best-selling items, it is less specific, but you will have a powerful overview of the monthly trends. Products are ranked based on its sales, the chart is updated on the 5th of every month and it is generated from more than 500 weekly sales.

But that isn’t all that EtsyHunt has to offer regarding product Etsy analyzer tools. Another perfect complement for these resources is the product research Etsy spy tool. It will give you more details about the top products and the possibility to find them by country or sub-niche.

With a few filters applied you’ll be able to spy on what your potential competitors are selling great, and you can get inspiration from them. If you will offer a similar product, then you can apply what you’ve learned to extract the keywords they’re ranking for!

How to Find Best Sellers on Etsy

So far, we showed you how to spy on your competition but that mainly applies to sellers that already have clear ideas on what to sell on Etsy. So, what if you want to open an Etsy store and want to get inspiration? Well, EtsyHunt will help you with more than just spying on your competition.

To find ideas for your business, or just start looking for new horizons, the EtsyHunt top Etsy shops tool, will be undoubtedly your best ally. You’ll have time to use the Etsy spy tool once you determined who will be your competitors.

And this tool has the perfect complement, the top 100 sellers on Etsy list. These Etsy stores are ranked based on total sales over the previous 30 days. An interesting fact is that US sellers have the most of the places with 78 of the world's top 100 sellers, followed by sellers from the UK and Turkey.

However, the real game changer, once again, is the EtsyHunt shop analyzer tool. It is because thanks to this tool, you can search specifically by shop name or URL, as well as find Top shops and new potential shops using filtering combinations.

Let’s give it a closer look so, now that you are experienced, can extract the true potential of this tool:

Search and Filter

  • Common filtering: options to filter by country, amount of products on sale, and category.
  • Advanced filtering: options to filter by total reviews, total shop sales, total favorites, weekly reviews, weekly sales, and weekly favorites.
  • Labels: the official Etsy labels, check any of them to find stores that provide good service and high-quality products. The options are:
    • Star Sellers: have a proven track record of providing an excellent customer experience. They consistently received 5-star comments, shipped orders on time, and responded to messages quickly.
    • Raving: Shops that during the past 7 days got multiple 5-star reviews.
  • Creation Time: you can easily select old or new shops.

Shop Listings

The shop list primarily displays sales-related information, such as total sales, total favorites, total reviews, and the change in each bracket over the previous 7 days.

This way, you can capture shops with a recent surge in specific data. It will also count with links to the official shop and the shop product list, respectively, making it easy to extract the tags if you choose to do so.


You sure learned a lot of new things with this Etsy spy tool guide, but at the same time, new questions may have arrived. Of course, we are aware of that, so let us enlight you a little more by answering the following frequently asked questions:

Can You See Who Looks at Your Etsy shop?

You can see how many visits your shop has, but you can’t see who has looked at your shop. Etsy Stats provides information about your shop. Stats allow you to see how your store is performing, where your traffic is coming from, and how customers are interacting with your listings.

To check your stats:

  • On Etsy, click Shop Manager.
  • Then click Stats.

And choose a section:

  • Metrics overview.
  • Shoppers viewed your listings.
  • How shoppers found you.

What Does It Mean to Follow Someone on Etsy?

A follower is typically someone who is interested in your shop. They will be notified when a sale is held or a new item is posted.

Who Is the Richest Etsy Seller?

According to Business Insider, Alicia Shaffer is the richest seller on Etsy making a stunning amount of $80,000 a month in sales.

What Is the Highest Selling Item on Etsy?

The item with the most sales historically is a Handwriting Bracelet, which is a piece of custom jewelry (one of the most successful niches). It has an incredible amount of 72,020 Sales and counting because it is still active.


With all the information shared here, plus the Etsy spy tools that we showed you, you’re ready to become a top Etsy seller. Your competitors won’t stand a chance against you, and if you combine everything you learned here with outstanding customer service, the sky will be your limit.

Just remember that EtsyHunt is your most powerful ally in the task of outperforming your competition. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the features that are periodically added, and also our guides and charts that are frequently updated. EtsyHunt will pave the way, now it’s your turn, get down to business!

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