15 Best Digital Products to Sell Online

Best Digital Products to Sell Online

There has been an increasing trend toward selling digital products among online sellers across the globe for the last few years. Sellers regard it as a lucrative business and have been doing their best to get the most out of it.

There are a variety of reasons why this has been so. First, there are no stocking costs, or there is little or no fee at all to start your digital business compared to physical items. Plus, profit margins are really high, and order management is relatively easy.

When it comes to which platforms are the best for digital items, there are many alternatives out there. How about digital products to sell on Etsy? Is it worth putting a lot of effort into it? What digital items are the winning items? 

Keep reading to find out

What Are Digital Products?

These are intangible items that are stored in an electronic setting and can be sold as many times as possible. Since these items are downloadable products, these are sent in media files to the customer without putting in physical effort.

Source: Statista

Digital items are a huge industry with a number of $348.40 billion in 2022, making them a huge potential market among other business models. Furthermore, it is still rising. They range from electronic books and online courses to patterns and printables. 

Benefits of Selling Digital Products Online

Although it sometimes seems a demanding business idea, it is, in fact, a  logical one to sell digital products online thanks to some particular reasons, nearly all of which are positive. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at them.

  • Profitability: When compared with physical items, there is no doubt that selling digital products is more lucrative most of the time.
  • Limitless potential: It is up to designers’ creation and imagination to make as many pieces of digital products as possible.
  • Cost-effectiveness: There will definitely be no need for stocking, manufacturing, inventory, or shipment costs.
  • Passive income: It does not take ages to create digital items, thus one can focus on their full-time job without issues. Plus, when you created and listed your items you can get profit from them for years effortlessly.
  • Aimed at a specific niche: Designing a unique piece of a digital item can give one an edge over other sellers. Thus, making a difference matters.

Considering the pros and cons of selling digital downloads, online sellers may tend to pick this niche. However, 3 fundamental questions arise here:

  • Where to sell?
  • What to sell?
  • How to sell?

Let's dive into the vital parts.

7 Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products

The marketplaces or platforms in this regard are endless to concentrate on the best digital products to sell. All of them come with top features, pricing policies, and the type of items to sell digitally to make the most out of them.

1. Etsy

Top Features: 

It is one of the best-selling marketplaces throughout the world and offers as many options as possible. Etsy shoppers are unique in that they focus on handmade items, vintage items, and invaluable creations of art.

best platform to sell digital products - etsy

It offers amazing ideas about what to sell digitally such as digital planners, digital pieces of art, and many more. It is also possible to find built-in email marketing and shopping cart features to ease the process for shoppers.

Etsy is distinct in digital downloads when compared to other competitors. Shoppers can find an amazing repertoire of downloadables on the platforms with loads of creative ideas to boost their business.


It is totally free to sign up for Etsy. However, listing every item is charged with $0.20 and Etsy gets a 6.5% transaction fee on the item. Selling digital products on Etsy will be one of your priorities with these low costs.

           💡 Good to Know: How To Calculate Etsy Fees with Free Etsy Fee Calculator 

2. Amazon

Top Features: 

One of the giants in this competitive marketplace arena, Amazon offers digital products basically in books, music, and art. Amazon Kindle and TuneCore are perfect for uploading and selling digital books and music.

best platform to sell digital products - Amazon

When it comes to selling design and creative art on the platform, Amazon Merch is what sellers need to show their unique skills. You can design your work, for instance, on a trendy tee and make a considerable amount of money.


There are different pricing policies of Amazon when it comes to selling artwork. The commission (referral fee) that Amazon gets from online sellers varies by category but ranges from 12 to 40%

3. eBay

Top Features: 

As for eBay digital products to sell (they are called electronically delivered goods on eBay)it is vital to list digital goods to get ready for sale. Listing should also include classified ad format to make the process faster and more efficient.

best platform to sell digital products - amazon

There are, as in other marketplaces, a bunch of works of art you can sell on eBay such as eBooks, software, or graphics. However, only eBay-approved sellers who follow eBay policy can list digital items on Etsy.

eBay requires extra care to prevent intellectual property infringement and minimize risks for buyers due to the nature of digital goods. For instance, sellers can not list software license keys.


eBay charges two primary types of selling fees: an insertion fee when you generate a listing, and a final value fee when your item is sold. Fees are changing based on your category.  For Printing & Graphic Arts, you will be charged 20% as the insertion fee and 3% as the final value fee.

4. Shopify

best platform to sell digital products - Shopify

Top Features:

Best known as an all-in-one e-commerce platform, Shopify is a great help to suit the interests and expectations of your business. It offers innumerable themes tailored to meet your criteria. Plugins and extensions are also available.

As for Shopify digital products, they range from templates to creations for t-shirts, phone cases etc. They are supported by amazing customer services, and you definitely get the experience to the fullest.


Shopify features are free of charge for 14 days for sellers to experiment with them. It starts with the basic package at $29 per month and goes up to $299 to get the most out of it. Give it a shot:)   

5. Sellfy

Top Features:

First of all, this all-in-one platform offers designs, templates, and print-on-demand items in an easy way for sure. A built-in shopping cart makes the procedure much more convenient. Plus, it supports integrations.

best platform to sell digital products - sellfy


As in most platforms, it comes with a 14-day free trial version for the basic experience. The minimum price for monthly packages starts from $29 and goes to $129 for businesses and entrepreneurs.  

6. Podia

Top Features:

One of the best parts of Podia is that you are allowed to sell every type of digital product like online courses, ebooks, templates, webinars, workshops, website builders and more. 

best platform to sell digital products - podia


When it comes to pricing, Podia offers a free trial experience for two weeks. The basic package starts from $39 and the advanced pack is for $79 for getting the most out of it. 

7. SendOwl

Top Features:

This platform is best known for selling only digital content. You can integrate it with any website you wish to promote for better results. Detailed analysis and to-the-point reporting are what make it special for sellers.

best platform to sell digital products - sendowl


Unlike other marketplaces for digital items, SendOwl offers a 30-day trial, which is ideal to see the monthly progress of your business. The packages start from $15 and the business version goes for $39 for the best experience. 

Final Verdict

When a bunch of factors such as the number of shoppers, brand recognition, and number of visitors are taken into account, Etsy seems to be the most profitable marketplace in terms of digital products for sellers across the globe. Valuing the artwork is another consideration, which makes Etsy distinct.

However, you have some tasks to complete like discovering the best digital products that help you get a good conversion rate on Etsy.

15 Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

While looking for winning digital products to sell, sellers are advised to use some efficient tools to receive the best results and get a lot of organic traffic to their shops. It is through these tools that they have the edge over others in the marketplace.

One of the top tools to take you one step further toward success is EtsyHunt Product Research. It enables you to reach your goal to be a key player in the market. Let's dive deep into what this amazing tool can do to help you level up.

When you select advanced features, you will see product type, and under this feature is seen digital items. We can also go further and narrow it down by choosing Raving, Etsy Pick, and Best Seller options.

These filters help you figure out what digital items are thriving and how you can make use of them to the fullest. Etsy Pick products are the ones that have been consistently chosen by buyers due to their unique standings among others. Best Seller option will show you products that have high sale volumes over 6 months.

Last but not least you are enabled to export all the results to your device as a CSV file. Let’s analyze the stats and details of the best digital products that are provided by EtsyHunt.

1. Crochet Pattern

This lovely downloadable digital reindeer pattern is of Milo that is in pursuit of pulling the sleigh of Santa. He is eager to go through rigorous training to do his best. This heartwarming design will definitely be one of the best options for sellers.

It is a best seller on the platform with a price of $5.5 and the number of total sales of 4.946. It has over 11.000 favorites.

2. Digital Planner

It takes less than two minutes to change all the information about this amazing revolutionary digital product. It will give you a unique personalized experience with your to do list.

With a total sale of 8.406 and a price of $12.5, it offers affordable organization of your existing and upcoming year. It has a number of reviews 1.950, which is ideal to get a general perspective about ins and outs of the item.  

3. Digital Portrait

This personalized digital portrait is ideal for making your beloved ones feel special. It comes with different background layers and a money refunding guarantee.

It has the number of favs of 31.166 and comes with the price of $7.20. A total sale of 3.260 (last 1 year) makes it a great competitor in the marketplace.

4. SVGs

SVG refers to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which is a web-friendly vector file format. SVG files are commonly used for 2D website images because most browsers and drawing apps for vector files can handle them effortlessly.

The most popular SVG file on Etsy is this bundle. It helps you create your craft projects for your t-shirt, stickers, printables, cards, cutting machine, clipart, and many more.

It has a very affordable price of $3.54 and the annual sales number for this digital item is 10.864. The seller has the Bestseller badge as well.  

5. Vintage Poster

This poster will be ideal for displaying great photos ready to print. You can collect and edit old but gold series as a vintage posters.

The seller has a bestseller title. The item has an amazing total sale of 7.312. It has the perfect price of $4.37. 

6. Printable Wall Art

The item offers charm and authenticity when it comes to enticing works of wall art. It is $3.90 and total sales for the item is 1.563. As in all other shops, they have a strict policy on granting no permission to third party shops to resell digital products without the prior consent.

7. ADHD Planner

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition that impacts people’s behavior. Thus, people with ADHD can seem restless, may have trouble concentrating, and may act on impulse.

The product has well-detailed life-saving planner items for ADHD awareness. It has a price of $11.75 and is a Star Badge seller. 148.953 shoppers have viewed the product and 13.200 of them already purchased it.

8. Mini Amazon Box Template

The box with envelopes gives a shiny finish to your gifts and it can be used in different combinations. The item has a bestseller title and has been thriving with a total sale of 1.795. The price for the item is $3.

9. Wedding Planner

The planner helps future couples organize the steps necessary for a successful wedding. The price for the planner is $2.45 and total sale number for the item is 1.621. Seems promising:)

10. Embroidery Pattern

His amazing piece of art comes with an attractive design, a YouTube tutorial, steps to follow for the best experience. This item clearly shows why Etsy is the best platform to sell digital products.

The price of the pattern is $11.21 and it has the number of 1.486 for sales in one year. The digital item is sold under the Bestseller title.

11. Invitation Template

This minimalist wedding invitation template is perfect for your events. It will make a huge difference for sure. It has a total sale of 1.206. The price of this digital product is $9.50 and has a Star Seller badge.

12. Printable Advent Calendar

This piece of item is especially for Christmas and special occasions. It totally helps shoppers plan their time in no time. The price is $6 and the product has a Star Seller badge, meaning it will definitely thrive.

13. Printable Skull Mask

The pattern is really well laid out and easy to put the pieces together. It has a perfect match with your costumes to the events. You can grab shoppers’ interest who like cosplay.

The price of this printable is $15.67 and it has been on the rise with 28,427 total sales.

14. Pet Portrait

For a great finish, pet portrait artistic excellence is delivered to customers with great care. The shop has a Star Seller badge. 

It is $29.84 and its total number of views is 247.446, making it a perfect profit-maker item.

💡Pro Tip: If you like to analyze items and competitors on Etsy.com, Rank Tool by EtsyHunt will be an outstanding tool for you. Moreover, it is completely free of charge. Just download the Chrome extension and start to use it. 

15. Mug Mockup

It can be used to display your items or make a unique digital perception for your brand on social media platforms. This pattern is one of the most affordable ones with a price of $0.98 and a number of 1.696 total sales.

How to Sell Digital Products on Etsy?

When it comes to how to sell digital products on Etsy, sellers are expected to follow some particular steps to be successful on the platform. 

1. List Your Item

This is the same as listing items with physical items on Etsy. One should be careful about title description, uses of tags, Etsy SEO, captivating photos, etc. to make their listings a success.

When listing digital items, following the instructions below is what sellers have to pay attention to. After having selected the Digital item under Type, sellers create a made-to-order digital listing: 

  • Refer to Listing Details
  • Select About this listing. 
  • Answer the question of When did you make it? as a Dropdown.
  • Choose Made To Order.

2. Add Files to a Digital Listing

Adding files is direct regarding two different downloading formats: made-to-order and instant downloads. Uploading  the item that buyers have purchased will be the next step here. Make sure to type the names of files correctly.

Following the correct guidelines not to make mistakes while adding files and removing them would be the best way in this regard.

3. Proper Pricing

Pricing will heavily depend on the effort you have put into and time spent on the digital item. Offering variations for the items will have a great impact on your pricing policy. Being aware of the fact that physical and digital business models entail applying different methods when it comes to pricing the items.

4. Focus on Customer Service

Dealing with messages coming from customers may sometimes be overwhelmingly tiring. Since the communication for digital products between sellers and buyers is much more detailed. It should be taken care of attentively for the best customer experience.

Sellers should regard questions and comments on digital items as a springboard to improve their service to customers. It is through these remarks that they will get perspectives to provide buyers with products perfect for their needs and expectations. 

💡Pro Tip: If you are struggling with responding to customer messages, EtsyHunt Follow-Up Reminder will be your spectacular assistant. You can simply connect your Etsy store to this tool, create an auto-reply message then track review and request status automatically.

Wrapping Up

Having digital products to sell in marketplaces always comes with advantages. It needs no stock, inventory, or shipping costs at all. Plus, starting your digital business entails fewer financial and procedural necessities.

Specifying the best platform to sell digital products has always been controversial due to certain factors, yet there are loads of marketplaces to sell your itemsl. And the competition is really fierce among the giants in the arena.

 When it comes to selling digital products on Etsy, it is both challenging on the one hand. On the other hand, it is made much easier than ever with some useful product research tools. It is, thus, up to readers to decide which products to choose.

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