16 Tips on How to Be Successful on Etsy

16 Tips on How to Be Successful on Etsy

Selling on Etsy and turning it into a big prestigious business has always been challenging for the new starters. They have always been overwhelmed by not knowing where to start on the platform. And this is totally understandable:)

You may have a great goal to achieve in terms of realizing your Etsy dream, but setting reasonable goals at this level will play a vital role to make your dream come true. 

In this article, we will cover 16 tips to first kick start your Etsy shop and then maximize your sales according to sellers' experience and marketer's path guide. So here we go! Explore tips to learn how to be successful on Etsy.

8 Exceptional Tips for a Succesful Start on Etsy

Not every seller who opens a store and lists items on Etsy is guaranteed to sell. To illustrate this, let's select Total Orders as “0” and also select the store creation date as 2021 and before to eliminate new stores, from EtysHunt Shop Analyzer and examine the results.

As you can see, there are thousands of failed examples. Thus you need life-saving Etsy seller tips.

Learning how to be successful on Etsy entails some strategies to employ step by step. Doing product research to realize what you have in your mind is a great help for a perfect start. Use these killer tips to get your Etsy shop starting and running smoothly. 

1. Collect the Essentials

It requires rigorous planning and hard work to gather fundamental information and items needed before comprehending how to make an Etsy shop.

They will definitely be the most significant building blocks for your online shop and make you feel confident. In this regard, the 4-step Quick Start Checklist will give you an edge over other sellers.

To-do List of Quick Start Checklist

  • Signing in to Etsy.com, including creating a username and a password
  • Starting the Etsy shop, including coming up with an idea for a unique shop name
  • Creating item listings
  • Opening the webshop, including providing billing information

2. Come up with a Catchy Name

New starters on Etsy are generally overwhelmed by not inventing a catchy store name. But don’t worry, it is not a big deal when selecting a simple name before you actually open your shop. 

It is important to keep in mind that once you have opened your store, the system allows you to change your shop only once. You can refer to How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name: A 100% Full-Proof Tutorial if you have further issues.

3. Set Specific and Attainable Goals

In order not to live in an imaginary world, sellers on Etsy have to break their goals into reachable chunks of lists. It requires making every small step count so that they may make progress in running their business effectively and make profits accordingly.

But the key point here is taking small and attainable steps to make it larger day by day. It is all about setting up milestones for the short-term goals of the store. At the end of the day, they see the progress even if it is a small one.

4. Making Keywords Count

Words and phrases are everything when it comes to Etsy seller tips. Sellers need to put themselves in shoppers’ shoes so as to understand the logic behind it. It is keywords in search bars that matter most. 

At this stage, it is high time to use a hefty list of possibilities regarding the titles and descriptions of items on Etsy. Brainstorming is a perfect way of doing this as effectively as possible. 

5. Take Captivating Item Photos

Photography is the number one factor when shoppers decide to purchase a particular product on the platform. It is key to knowing how to be successful on Etsy to some extent. 

When taking photos of the products they wish to purchase, sellers should never forget the studying and experimenting part of it. They should begin from a particular point and capture sharp, simple, and captivating shots to get the most out of Etsy shop tips. 

💡 Nice to Know: Etsy Photography Guide

Different Types of Item Photos for the Best Results  

These sorts of photography shots will provide you insight into selecting the most appropriate for your store on Etsy. 

These attention-grabbing images will make prospective buyers feel both the purpose and feeling of that particular item. Here are fundamental types of product photography.

  • Studio shot
  • Lifestyle shot
  • Scale shot
  • Detail shot
  • Group shot
  • Packaging shot
  • Process shot

Common Mistakes in Photography on Etsy

A bad photo means having a really adverse impact on sales on the platform. It may be a blurry or overexposed photo, it doesn’t matter. Of course, mistakes come with some important tips to fix them. 

Here are the most common mistakes sellers make when taking shots of their products.

  • Low lighting
  • Using flash
  • Blurry shots
  • Too much clutter
  • Not enough information

6. Optimize Your Listing

You need to optimize your listing on Etsy, where millions of products are listed so that your products stand out and entice the attention of customers. Therefore, you are required to follow the statistics about the listed items. But how?

You are enabled to analyze views, sales, conversion rates, and inventory thanks to EtsyHunt Listing Optimization Tool. Moreover, you can explore special SEO tips for your listing.

7. Think Like a Brick-and-Mortar Store

Imagining you have a physical store well decorated and equipped with captivating items and accessories is of paramount importance to sellers on Etsy. In order to be able to do that, they should offer different varieties of prices, colors, and products if needed.

Similarly, it would be wise to attract repeat customers with some perks, discounts, gift cards and a special message to buyers in which you wish to thank them for the purchase. 

8. Do Not Forget, Done is Better than Perfect

Learning how to be successful on Etsy is a lasting process and it is a lasting process most of the time. It sure is a matter of time. Trying to be a perfectionist seller in this procedure may be a massive hurdle in front of you. 

Let’s take a closer look at the motto in order to get more Etsy seller tips.

5 Etsy Seller Tips You Will Never Learn Without Experimenting

It is totally normal for sellers to feel stuck when they are confronted with tons of questions in their minds. 

Sellers on Etsy must start from zero point to go through trial and error. It will probably make them see their strengths and weaknesses. So, keep in mind if you don't start experimenting from the very first day, you will not get anywhere on this platform. 

Here are some experimentation hacks that are created upon Etsy sellers’ experiences for you to explore.

1. Discover the best way to promote your items

You are to be aware of the variables which get prospective customers’ attention and get them to buy the item in your shop. These variables may be as follows:

  • The best photography style
  • The most convincing description of the product
  • Frequently searched tags
  • Etsy SEO
  • The right price, of course:)

2. Explore marketing tools to reach your target audience

In order to be able to stand out among the other sellers on Etsy, you have to get to know the marketing tools that work best for you. By doing this, you are more likely to be chosen by countless customers shopping on the platform. 

These marketing tools include:

  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Editorial features
  • Local craft fairs
  • Using your business administration channels effectively

3. Check your operational process efficiency

When experiencing the cycle of manufacturing an item, listing, selling, and shipping it, it would be vital to check your operational efficiency. Find answers to the following questions regarding how to be successful on Etsy:

  • Did you get stuck anywhere?
  • Did any of the procedures mentioned take longer or shorter than you thought?
  • Is your costing accurate?
  • Are you comfortable with your tools?
  • Can you line up dependable suppliers?
  • Can you adjust your operational system to optimize efficiency and quality?

4. Encourage your shoppers to leave feedback

Putting customers’ feedback in the first place is the inevitable part of becoming a key player on Etsy. 

Questions related to customer disappointment or satisfaction may play a great role in the next purchase they are going to make in your shop. Remember there's always room for improvement and EtsyHunt customers are lucky to fill this room since they have Follow-up Reminder. 

Image: Positive review list feature of Follow-up Reminder

5. Target viable items to sell according to buyers' trend

You may come up with creative ideas and unique products to sell on the platform. However, what you think of as a perfect item may not have a place in the retail world, making you disappointed. So, be realistic and be aware of the world of shopping around you.

In a nutshell, making mistakes in the process is an integral part of always learning how to be successful on Etsy. Try to be patient and forgiving with yourself. It is required to be open to change to make the best out of it. Be process-oriented and enjoy the journey.

3 Steps to Realize Your Goal for Success on Etsy

If you have an ideal goal for opening your shop on Etsy and don't know where to begin, then Amy Shroeder has useful tips for you to realize your goal in three easy-to-follow steps

1. Set Your Own Etsy Goal

Take realistic steps toward your goal on the platform, because your goal really depends on what you expect to achieve. Seeing the big picture makes you comfortable and confident about what you are trying to succeed in. 

Etsy Goal at this level stands out as a great feature, allowing you to set your specific goal over a reasonable period of time. It will definitely keep you motivated and moving toward completion.

2. Determine Significant Milestones

Once you have created your specific Etsy Goal, it is high time you laid the groundwork for accomplishing it. These are the milestones to see how much progress you have made along the way to attain the goal. 

Let’s say your Etsy Goal is to gain adequate income from your Etsy store so that you can leave your day job within two years. Here is an example of how it works:

  • Creating a marketing plan including social media, newsletter
  • Creating a new line of products
  • Doubling sales
  • Researching, choosing, and budgeting for a new health-insurance policy
  • Saving six months of living expenses for a just in case fund

3. Move Forward with Next Attainable Action Steps

Here comes the next step, that is, taking action steps also called Next Attainable Action Steps, NAAS in short. Since they are able to be broken into smaller parts, NAAS will take you one step closer to actualizing the milestones. 

So as to make it happen in a reasonable period of time, three things should be done:

  • Get the word out and announce your goals.
  • Divide your action steps into even smaller tasks
  • Seek experience and help from other Etsy sellers or people who tend to assist you.


It has not always been a bed of roses or a pleasure crew to do business on the platform. So, knowing how to be successful on Etsy is of great help to those who need some amazing tips. These tips are like milestones on the road that help you internalize your goals regarding your store.

It is always a perfect reminder that done is better than perfect, allowing you to make mistakes no matter how big they are. It is only that way you are moving ahead with your goals and business outcomes. So, keep moving and get ready for some inconveniences along the way. Enjoy the journey:)

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