Father’s Day Gifts Etsy Trends for 2022

Father’s Day Gifts Etsy Trends

Father’s Day always is a great celebration day to spend with your father or everyone you consider a father in your life. A nice way to show your gratefulness to them is with a meaningful but simple gift. However, it's not always an easy task to find gifts for the number one dad. But worry not! Here we’ve prepared a gift guide for you!

This list will work for both, buyers and sellers. Buyers can find incredible Etsy gifts for all tastes to give their fathers. Meanwhile, sellers, you can find some Father’s Day gifts Etsy trends for you to offer your unique product within these ideas.

We'll talk about all this and more, but first, let's learn about Father's Day sales from previous years. This way we can check actual trends coincidences, bring back again past trends, and much more.

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Using Etsy product research tool, we can check for past and current top-selling items. This tool is helpful to analyze trends and learn what made them outstanding. Finally, you just need to apply the learned knowledge to improve your shop.

Performing a quick search on the product database for “Father’s Day gifts” and adjusting the limit date to Father’s Day of 2020 we can see:

Father’s Day Gifts Etsy 2020 Trends

These are the top-selling Father’s Day gifts until 19th June of 2020. Now let's specify a few more details about each one.

Personalized Wallet

Handcrafted with top-grain leather from Argentina, RFID blocking technology, and the possibility of adding a custom engraving. Thanks to all this, this wallet becomes a great custom gift for dad.

This wallet is indisputable number one with more than 47 thousand sales so far and 581 sales each week since its release.

Personalized Pocket Knife

A gift that features premium quality pieces, with each part being handcrafted to create a beautiful custom gift. This knife counts with:

● LED Light
● Fire Starter
● Bottle Opener
● Seat Belt Cutter
● Glass Breaker
● Liner Lock
● Metal Pocket Clip

This one is perhaps the fastest-growing Father’s Day gift, being listed just a couple of days before, it accumulated 115 sales per 7-days.

Funny Card for Dad

The outside text says “I used to live in your balls”. The inside text reads "Happy Father's Day From your fastest swimmer", and you have the option to add custom text inside the card.

With 114 weekly sales around that date, it is a simple but friendly and not expensive choice, that could be what positioned this item here.

Personalized Monogram Leather Duffle

Mixing classic elegance with rugged practicality, this classic duffle is an integral unisex luggage article for those looking for a fashionable weekend or overnight bag.

A gorgeous leather duffle that, despite being the most expensive item on the list, gets to 4th place on 2020 Father’s Day gifts with 57 weekly sales.

Personalized Gents Hex Jewelry Stand

A stylishly individual and modern sculptured hex jewelry frame. Designed and handcrafted from trustworthy American Black walnut or Oak with real leather elements in contrasting grey.

This is a truly fantastic Father's Day gift for a 'Dapper Dad'. It also can be customized with initials and love or affection messages.

A really good piece to close our top 5 gifts for 2020 Father’s Day, it has only 54 sales each 7 days, but 30 thousand sales overall.

Doing the same procedure but increasing the limit time to 19th June of 2021 we can check that year’s Father’s Day gifts Etsy trends. This way we can see if something has changed between the years:

Surprisingly, our top 3 remain the same. This could tell us that little details, useful, and simple gifts are some of the traits that people are choosing to gift their dads.

On the other hand, we have 2 new items in the top 5, a photo frame, and another wallet, let’s take a better look.

Personalized Frame

This is a personalized photo that does not include the frame, you can personalize the writings with your preferences.

The image is offered in both digital and physical printing, and its specifications are the following:

● 175 gsm fine art paper.
● Matte finish.
● For indoor use.

A simple gift, that despite being only a photo without a frame, it has 92 weekly sales, which is a good average. It’s a simple, but powerful gift.

Custom Photo Wallet

This leather wallet is created out of the best quality full-grain leather. It can be personalized with an engraving made with a laser engraving machine.

The wallet will soften naturally with use and will age beautifully over time.

As we see, this product it’s much like the first item on the list, but with a different detail that makes it unique. Thanks to this, it has reached the number of 71 sales each 7 days, which isn’t too much but neither too low.

Here we have proof that uniqueness has room on Etsy listings.

Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts Etsy Ideas

Sure, we learned a lot from past years’ Father’s Day gifts Etsy trends. Like simple gifts are often a good choice. That offering the same product doesn’t mean you can’t offer something unique, and that useful gifts can be an option.

However, that’s not everything that we can find on Etsy, that was just some statistics stuff. So, why not take a look at a few notable Etsy items that would come in handy as Father’s Day gifts. Shall we?

Wood Photo

This is an original way to display a family photo and an original Father’s Day gift indeed.

Get your favorite photo printed straight onto round basswood, with no margins or gaps. The picture will become part of the wood, guaranteeing that it will stand the test of time.

Docking Station

A great gift for a dad who has his pockets full of gadgets and needs to empty them each time he gets home. Also, it is a fantastic method to keep all the things he needs when going out organized and together.

The wood stand is engraved and comes in 8 different colors with a delicate and beautiful design. You can customize it by selecting the color, and celebrate Father's Day with this personalized gift for your father.

Matching Shirts

A great gift for a dad who has his pockets full of gadgets and needs to empty them each time he gets home. Also, it is a fantastic method to keep all the things he needs when going out organized and together.

The wood stand is engraved and comes in 8 different colors with a delicate and beautiful design. You can customize it by selecting the color, and celebrate Father's Day with this personalized gift for your father.

Matching Shirts

This engraved whiskey decanter kit is the perfect gift for a dad who enjoys whiskey. Customized with the name of your father, this whiskey decanter, and matching glasses will be shown with satisfaction for years.

You can choose between the set with 1 or 2 glasses, or ask for more glasses to fit your requirements.

Personalized Photo Keyring

You can pick a photo to be printed directly on the stainless steel insert, which is hidden within the leather case. This makes a modest but sincere gift, ideal for Father’s Day, that he can always have wherever he goes.

The leather case is available in the following colors:

● Black.
● Navy blue.
● Light natural.
● Leopard print.
● Mint green.

It can be customized by adding up to 6 characters for initials or short words.

Customized BBQ Tool Set

These BBQ grilling tools are great for a BBQ dad! They can be personalized by adding any short message or engraved that you like.

There are 2 different spatulas available:

● The standard length: it has serrated edges on both sides, it counts with a bottle opener on the front.
● The extra-long: these are extra long to keep your hands fairly away from the heat, it has bottle openers on the front and back of the handler.

Finally, the turning fork and tongs are perfect to flip that food that just doesn't turn easily with a spatula.

The grips are made from bamboo, which is naturally bacteria and moisture resistant, but it’s recommendable to hand-wash them only.

Personalized Dad Mug

Personalized dad mug Father’s Day gift - Etsy

This white ceramic mug is ideal for use at the office, the school, or at home and perfect as a father's day gift.

Some characteristics of this mug are:

● Dishwasher safe.
● Microwave safe.
● Printed on both sides, doing it excellent for both, right-handed and left-handed dads.
● Glossy finish.

Custom Best Dad Socks

Custom best dad socks Father’s Day gifts - Etsy

Customize your own socks with photos of your family. You can add up to 3 faces per sock.

These make a unique and memorable gift for Father's Day, just attach the pictures you want to use following these criteria:

● Ensure the faces are clearly visible and nothing is cut off.
● Don’t use low resolution, blurry or pixelated images.
● Use photos with adequate lighting.
● While higher the quality of the photo, the better the quality of the results.

How to Increase Father’s Day Gifts Etsy Sales

Knowing these ideas, or having any other unique idea that doesn’t appear here, it’s time for you, Etsy shop owner, to get down to work. The next step would be to squeeze the most out of Father’s Day gifts Etsy sales, and you could achieve it by following some of these tips!

Take Advantage of Social Media Tags

When you’re the owner of a little Etsy shop, you can’t afford to advertise or pay for a marketing campaign. Instead, you can use social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to promote yourself.

Using the tags that various of these services have, you can post your products’ photos and tag them with “Father’s Day gift” i.e. This way, the platform will include your posts each time someone searches these tags.

Social media could be a powerful way to attract people’s interest and gain new clients.

Use the Keywords Smartly

Doing a quick review of all the products we listed here, we can note that they have something in common: the keywords.

If you want people to find you when looking for Father’s Day gifts, you should add this keyword in the descriptions and titles of your listings. This way you will not only be visible to Etsy shoppers but for google searches.

By adding the correct keywords, you can be found by people using a search engine that wrote “Father’s Day gifts”. This makes the usage of keywords something crucial to every Etsy shop owner.

💡Pro Tips: you can learn from the top sellers on Etsy, or explore related keywords through Etsy Keyword Tool.

Offer Coupon Codes

This step includes performing a social media campaign, you can create a share, like, or tag a friend interaction-like. Then you can raffle some coupon codes for Father’s Day gifts among the participants.

This won’t only get you more buyers, but it’ll also spread your shop’s name and awareness.

Provide Free Shipping

Buyers have a weakness and it’s called free shipping. It could be interesting the number of people that will choose to pay a little more for a product if it is offered with free shipping.

Of course, you don’t have to always offer this service, it could be like a special festive day event only, during Father’s Day. Or if you prefer, you could set a minimum order amount to enable the free shipping ( → you may need How to get free shipping on Etsy).

During festive days the last thing clients want to care about is shipping. So, the easier you make it to them, the higher will be the chances of them buying.


Festive days are always great to analyze Etsy trends, there’s a lot you can learn from simple statistics and EtsyHunt puts it simple for you.

Whether you will be selling or buying on father's day this year this guide will surely come into your mind during that process.

However, one thing is sure, we’ll all be building next year's Father’s Day gifts Etsy trend, and here will be EtsyHunt to help us analyze it again.

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