Top Etsy Sellers 2023

Rank Sellers sales($)
1 PlannerKate1 1,890,000
2 Beadboat1 1,630,000
3 ModParty 1,450,000
4 CaitlynMinimalist 490,000
5 YogaClubBox 400,000
6 PeggySueAlso 380,000
7 CLNandDRTY 360,000
8 Nicoledebruin 350,000
9 ThinkPinkBows 340,000
10 ZehrArtStudio 330,000

2023 Etsy Best Sellers Ranking

Based on the sales volume in the past 30 days, here are the top 10 sellers on Etsy worldwide:

  • PlannerKate1: This shop specializes in selling various planner kits, binders, stickers, etc., to help people arrange their schedules and goals. It has more than 1.89 million in sales in a month, making it one of the hottest shops on Etsy.
  • Beadboat1: This shop provides various jewelry making supplies, including beads, charms, chains, earrings, etc. It has more than 1.63 million in sales in a month, making it a paradise for jewelry lovers.
  • ModParty: This shop focuses on wedding-related products, including bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, wedding favors, decorations, etc. It has more than 1.45 million in sales in a month, making it the first choice for people who are preparing to get married.
  • CaitlynMinimalist: This shop sells minimalist-style jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. It has more than 490 thousand in sales in a month, making it one of the most popular jewelry shops on Etsy.
  • YogaClubBox: This shop sells high-quality yoga clothing and accessories, including yoga pants, yoga tops, yoga mats, etc. It has more than 400 thousand in sales in a month, making it the favorite of yoga enthusiasts.
  • PeggySueAlso: This shop sells various leather products, including leather pieces, leather straps, leather wallets, etc. It has more than 380 thousand in sales in a month, making it a must-have for leather crafters.
  • CLNandDRTY: This shop sells natural and organic skincare products, including masks, cleansers, creams, etc. It has more than 360 thousand in sales in a month, making it the trust of skincare experts.
  • Nicoledebruin: This shop sells various cute and delicate charm pendants, including animals, plants, letters, symbols, etc. It has more than 350 thousand in sales in a month, making it the dream of charm collectors.
  • ThinkPinkBows: This shop sells various pink-themed hair accessories and clothing, including hair clips, headbands, dresses, etc. It has more than 340 thousand in sales in a month, making it the love of little princesses.
  • ZehrArtStudio: This shop sells original watercolor and oil paintings, including landscapes, animals, people, etc. It has more than 330 thousand in sales in a month, making it the treasure of art lovers.

2023 Etsy Best Sellers’ Features and Trends

From the above ranking list, we can see that the 2023 Etsy best sellers have the following common features and trends:

  • Specialization: They all focus on a certain category or style of products, thus forming their own brand characteristics and customer groups. They are not selling everything that is available in grocery stores but selling what they are good at and passionate about.
  • Quality: They all pay attention to the quality and details of their products, thus winning the trust and praise of their customers. They are not selling cheap and inferior products but selling valuable and tasteful products.
  • Innovation: They all constantly update and improve their products, thus keeping up with the market demand and change. They are not selling old-fashioned and outdated things but selling novel and fashionable things.

2023 Etsy Best Sellers’ Suggestions and Inspirations

If you also want to be one of the 2023 Etsy best sellers or at least increase your sales on Etsy you can refer to the following suggestions and inspirations:

  • Find your position and advantage: You need to be clear about what you want to sell and why you want to sell it. You need to find your target market and customer needs as well as your difference and advantage from your competitors. You need to have your own style and feature that makes customers recognize you at a glance.
  • Improve your quality and service: You need to ensure the quality of your products from the materials, craftsmanship, packaging, etc. You also need to provide high-quality service from communication, delivery, after-sales, etc. You need to make customers feel your sincerity and professionalism thus establishing long-term trust and repurchase.
  • Maintain your innovation and change: You need to keep an eye on the market dynamics and trends as well as customer feedback and suggestions. You need to constantly update and improve your products to adapt to different seasons, occasions, themes, etc. You need to make customers feel your vitality and trend thus attracting more attention and purchase.


Etsy is a platform full of opportunities and challenges. It allows people to showcase their creativity and talent as well as discover the beauty and uniqueness of others. On this platform, there are many excellent sellers who have achieved enviable results in 2023 with their efforts and wisdom. We can learn a lot of experience and skills from them as well as get a lot of inspiration and motivation from them. I hope this article can help you and I wish you better achievements on Etsy!

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