Etsy Christmas: 22 Most Profitable Items to Sell in 2024

Etsy Christmas: 22 Most Profitable Items to Sell

Special days require special preparations. Sellers on different platforms always get ready for such occasions with great care and enthusiasm. Given the market share and rush of shoppers for holidays, it makes perfect sense.

People from all around the world place the greatest importance on Christmas among others. Statistics show that 13 million new shoppers joined the Etsy shopping world and made a ton of purchases from October to December 2023. 

This comes with Etsy Christmas season opportunities where both sellers and buyers make the most out of this special time. Sellers who make smart and informed decisions on what to sell on Etsy for Christmas are bound to make huge profits.

In this article, you will certainly learn a bunch of useful information regarding when to list Christmas items on Etsy, killer hacks for success, and the most profitable items to sell. Enough chit-chat, let's get the ball rolling.

Table of Contents:

When is the Christmas and Holiday Session

Here is a reminder: The dates for the Christmas season vary slightly from one country to another. The generally accepted date for the occasion is the 25th of December. 

However, there are some certain periods for shopping throughout December.

Here are the particular dates that sellers and shoppers can exploit greatly:

  • November 28-December 24: Advent
  • December 11: Christmas Jumper Day (UK)
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 26-January 1: Kwanzaa
  • December 26: Boxing Day (UK, CA, AU), Second Christmas Day (DE)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve

Therefore, you should finish all your preparations including product research, Etsy listing, SEO, and marketing before October to get ready to sell your items at Christmas. 

Christmas Checklist for Etsy Sellers

It is of vital importance to sellers on Etsy to display their items properly. It is especially the case for seasonal items such as Etsy Christmas campaigns. The significant point to make here is that every seller has a unique way of selling their items.

The checklist involves strategies like deciding on the trending items to be sold at Christmas and using the power of photography. Plus, you can have a look at the timing for these best-selling items and vouchers offered for this special event. 

1. Pick the Best-Selling Etsy Items at Christmas

Sellers are to specify which items are ideal for their Christmas sales campaign. In this regard, market research tools such as EtsyHunt product research tool, and reports like Etsy Marketplace Insights are a great help to fit the bill.

💡Pro Tip: You can also examine the best-selling items on Etsy provided by EtsyHunt. You will find 500 top-selling products. Plus, The chart is updated on the 5th of every month.

2. Take Enchanting Photographs

Get insights into how to get the best photograph. It ranges from deciding on the type of image through which you want to impress potential customers to edit them to suit your needs and criteria.

3. Discover when to list Christmas items on Etsy

It is clear that Etsy sellers should prepare their listing items before the Christmas secession begin so that they can get more traffic to their shops and they also can boost their sales with the right strategies.

When listing, just keep in mind that you communicate with present and potential customers in a clear way in your listings. This is particularly important when it comes to putting your listings on the platform at the right time. 

The listings should also appeal to shoppers in terms of the messages special for Christmas. Since there is no predetermined day and it lasts during the month, it is critical sellers be fully prepared for the event with perfect timing. 

💡Pro Tip:  When listing Christmas items on Etsy, EtsyHunt Listing Optimization Tool is a superior assistant. You can track your items and follow views, sales, and conversions. Moreover, you will get SEO tips to improve your listing. 

4. Decide when to start marketing for Christmas on Etsy

Promoting your products is an integral part of the overall process on Etsy when it comes to growing your business. Etsy Ads and social media marketing are exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

As for Etsy's paid marketing options, it is just perfect to reach out to the masses with a limited budget. Etsy Ads give you an organic flow to your store and help you boost your sales naturally.

As far as social media platforms are concerned, using the power of interconnectivity of Instagram and Facebook will give you a competitive edge over your rivals in the marketplace. It is definitely worth a try:). 

5. Offer Discount Coupons

A well-organized Etsy Christmas coupon will be a perfect step for showing that you appreciate your shoppers’ purchases. A “thank you” voucher indicating you have special offers after the sale is a great option in this regard.

What Sells Best On Christmas Etsy: 22 Profitable Products 

Now, it is high time we delved into the trending Etsy Christmas items. These profitable items will lay a foundation for a robust business strategy so that you run your business on the platform with the products proven to work.

The items listed below are what Marketplace Insights: 2021 Holiday Trends report highly recommends. Take your time and have a closer look at each of them to explore what sells best on Christmas Etsy.

1. Mugs and glassware

This set of products is ideal especially when you treat yourself or your friends with a name on it. You can take a look at the market research of the set through EtsyHunt Product Research Tool in seconds and you will find useful data.

You just need to type “mugs” to analyze the list. In addition, you can select Vest Etsy Sellers. As seen, you can monitor 7-day sales and total sales of the trending mugs. You can go one step further and reach all the data of a specific item. 

2. Candles

They are really for special moments for sure and Etsy Christmas is the perfect time of the year for making things unforgettable. EtsyHunt Keyword Research tool gives exactly what you want in this regard.

Detailed keyword analysis through Google Trends is provided and we can also see the USA is number one in terms of country distribution criteria. Similar keywords feature suggesting words such as candle gift is ideal indeed.

3. Gift boxes and sets

This time of the year will be shining with customized gift boxes and special sets tailored to you and your loved ones. These sets will be in any form like wedding, engagement, or birthday party with Etsy Christmas items on them. 

4. Christmas ornaments and stockings

It would be important to state that they were a top search among male shoppers last holiday season and are guaranteed to help you grow in your business. From tree decoration items to best friends themes, they are fantastic.

💡Pro Tip: According to Etsy Marketplace Insights, “Christmas ornament” was a top search among male shoppers last holiday season.

5. Wreaths and door decor

Wreaths with an amazing look for door decorations welcome Christmas in a perfect way. It is ideal for a fresh start in the New Year both for you and for your esteemed guests.

With the EtsyHunt Keyword Research tool, you can also check out the top 100 best-selling wreaths and analyze them based on different categories, helping you to choose the one with the most relevancy.   

6. Personalized name necklaces

It sure is one of the most visited categories for Etsy Christmas. Based on your budget, you can pick out silver or gold ones for you or one of your family members or friends. It will definitely cheer them up.

7. Small leather accessories

These collections are especially famous for minimalist versions and handwritten forms. When blended with Christmas themes, these accessories such as wallets, card holders, key holders, and pet items stand out from other alternatives for sure.

There are hundreds of stores selling these invaluable items, therefore market research in this sense will be essential to decide on the best choice indeed. You can use EtsyHunt Chrome Extension for free to analyze your competitors on Etsy.

8. Greeting cards

For a Christmas theme, greeting cards both physical and printable ones present an amazing selection for Etsy shoppers. From those printed with animal figures to those giving you inspiration, they will certainly make your day. 

Since it is a special time for celebration, it would be wise to take advantage of free shipping and of purchasing the cards in large amounts with great discounts. 

9. Fruit Decor

In this set of collections, the gold strawberry decor is one of the best and it really adds luxury and glamor to any room with its unique touch. There are, of course, a great variety of decor alternatives to make your house ready for Christmas.

10. Puzzles, especially kids’ name puzzles

In addition to enhancing children’s creativity and imagination skills, these puzzles are also ideal for diversifying the activities kids have. They seem to be perfect gift options for Xmas and make children feel satisfied. Thus, you should consider puzzles to sell on Etsy at Christmas.

11. Custom and personalized portraits

It portrays special and unforgettable moments of people and animals. It would be a perfect choice to buy a customized portrait photo or drawing for your beloved ones, making them remember you whenever they look at the portrait.

12. Modern menorahs

For the Jewish culture, they are an integral part of everyday life. They certainly give a shiny finish to dinner tables, reminding people at the table of the importance of the gatherings. The options are limitless, check them out.

As you see from the Google Trends data, the “menorah” search peaks at the Christmas session so it may be a profitable item to sell on Etsy.

13. Welcome mats

Unique styles are combined with creative designs for Etsy Christmas. They range from those with family names to those instilling loads of motivation and inspiration. These doormats will definitely give you positive vibes.

14. Personalized name signs

Your sign can be on a wooden or metal surface. It will make you feel special with these custom sign alternatives. It also doesn't require a lot of preparations for sellers when they are perplexed about when to list Christmas items on Etsy. 

15. Wall art 

This category involves a ton of options such as pin maps, macrame hangings,  or signs with sayings with special themes for the event. These creative works of art will change the walls of your room for good:)

16. Christmas Eve boxes (UK)

With different colors, but dominantly red and red, these boxes carry love and carry for your loved ones. Paper folded or wooden style, they have the intimate passion for the people you are passionate about most.

💡Pro Tip: 240% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for Christmas Eve boxes (October through December)

17. Stocking stuffers

They basically include collections for both men and women. It can be a heart-warming gift for the person you are offering. You can also find a lot of different genres for every age group from toddlers to adults.

18. Advent calendars (DE)

These celebratory staples are particularly in high demand in Germany, where they kick off the Advent season 4 weeks before Christmas. These Christmas-appropriate collections are a pleasant final touch and come in multiple forms, including creative takes and DIY versions.

💡Pro Tip: Furthermore, there is no high competition for Advent calendars when we analyze the term at the EtsyHunt Keyword Research tool. Hence, it will be a lucrative item to sell on Etsy at Christmas.

19. Cozy knits

Knitted products will certainly make Etsy shoppers feel comfortable and warm with amazing designs at Christmas. They offer a wide range of alternatives such as hoods, checkerboard slippers, and knitted bunnies for teapots.

💡Pro Tip: According to Etsy Marketplace Insights, 55% YoY increase in searches on Etsy for knit hoods (October through December)

20. Leisurewear

This type of clothing involves matching pairs like a bottom and a top. These perfectly matched collections challenge others thanks to offering great indoor and outdoor wear options. Sounds like a perfect choice for Christmas.

21. Charcuterie boards and personalized cutting boards

Cutting boards with a unique design and an artistic style always entice shoppers with the desire to have a personalized touch on their items. Colors and types of materials make it difficult to select one of them. They are really great. 

22. Diwali decor (IN, UK, other countries)

These decorations are native to some specific countries such as the UK and India. However, this type of decor has been gaining popularity among others as well thanks to its unique design and a variety of options available.

In Conclusion

Holidays and special days have a critical role for sellers in getting a boost in sales and reaching out to large audiences out there. One of the most well-known ones, Christmas stands out as a great opportunity for businesses.

The exact date for the event changes depending on the country, giving sellers the flexibility to choose when to list Christmas items on Etsy. Sellers should be aware of the strategies like when to start marketing for Christmas on Etsy as well. 

When it comes to what to sell on Etsy for Christmas, we have rounded up tons of alternatives for you to consider. Every one of them has a great niche to take into account. Now, it is up to you to decide which one suits you best for Etsy Christmas. 

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