How to Do Etsy Shop Analysis by Using EtsyHunt?

Shop Analysis


Finding the target shop, we can refer to the operational strategy and inspire the selection.

How to Use

Filtering Features

You can search precisely by shop name or URL, and also find Top shops and potential new shops by filtering combinations.

Search & Filter
  • Common filtering: support filtering by country, category, and number of products on sale
  • Advanced filtering: supports filtering by total shop sales, total reviews, total favorites, weekly sales, weekly reviews and weekly favorites
  • Labels: both are official labels, check them to find shops with good performance and high-quality products
    • Star Sellers have an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experience—they consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped orders on time, and replied to messages quickly
    • Raving: this shop got multiple 5-star reviews in the past 7 days
  • Creation Time: you can quickly select old or new shops

Shop Listings

The shop list mainly shows its sales-related information: total sales, total reviews, total favorites, and the change of each indicator in the last 7 days, so that you can capture the shops with a recent surge in a certain data, while the two buttons at the back represent the official shop jump and the shop product list jump respectively, which is convenient to further explore the selection ideas.

Shop listings

How to Find Your Target Shop

Find Best-selling Shops

  • The core is to use the total sales to sort the shops and find the shops with more orders
  • The high number of orders can also be due to the length of time the shop has been open, so you can limit the time you have been open to, for example within 3 years.
  • Use the official label, check the "Star Seller" and "Raving" tabs to find shops with good product reviews and quality operations
example: Best Etsy shops in the US under the Jewellery category

Find Soaring New Shops

  • First set the opening date to within 1 year to ensure it is a new shop
  • Sort by 7-day sales growth in descending order to find shops that have seen a spike in sales in the last 7 days

Find Other Shops

  • Use the last 7 days of reviews soaring sort: you can find the two weeks before the product explosion of shops, and then go to the product list to find some explosion of sales of goods
  • Use the last 7 days favorite spike sort: find the favorite spike, but the sales growth of fewer shops, analyze the shop favorite of higher products that have no product defects, determine whether they have the opportunity to compete

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