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About Payment

Please go to the right top corner “User center - Profile - Plan - Cancel subscription. “ 

After canceling, your subscription will be active until the end of your subscription period, and 
you can continue using EtsyHunt premium features during this time. Once your subscription ends, your account will be downgraded to a free plan.
Yes, EtsyHunt automatically renews your subscription after each billing period, depending on your chosen subscription type - monthly or annually.
If you wish to cancel your subscription, please note that doing so will turn off the auto-renew feature and end the current subscription cycle.
EtsyHunt supports payment via credit cards and Alipay.

Stripe is our payment processor, which securely handles all payments and receipts and stores your credit card details. Your payment is protected by Stripe's secure payment processing system, ensuring that your payment information remains safe and secure.
Please go to "User Center - Profile - Plan - Cancel Subscription" and cancel your subscription first.
Once your subscription has expired, you can subscribe again using a different card.
Sorry, you cannot change your emial directly. However, you can follow these steps:
1. If you are currently subscribed, please go to [User Center - Profile - Plan - Cancel subscription].
2. After your subscription expires, you can subscribe with another email account.
This way, you can re-subscribe to our service with a different email address once your current subscription has expired.
You can go to Profile - Plan and click the “↑Upgrade” button, or visit the Pricing page directly, choose a more advanced plan and pay for the price difference, then it’ll work.
Sorry, you cannot downgrade your plan directly.
But if you want to change your plan, please cancel your current subscription first. Once your current plan expires, you can then resubscribe to the plan that suits your preferences.
Please navigate to "User Center - Profile - Invoice - Download." The invoice will be sent to your email.

About Features

Please go to the right top corner [ User Center - Etsy Shop] to bind or unbind your shop.
Some users have encountered a similar issue, which could be due to the file version not being in UTF-8 format.

To resolve this, please follow this tutorial on how to encode an Excel file to UTF-8: https://help.alchemer.com/help/encode-an-excel-file-to-utf-8-or-utf-16

Alternatively, you can try opening the CSV file using WPS (a free office software suite). You can download WPS from their official website: https://www.wps.com/
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1. Update your Google Chrome browser version to the newest
2. Check your cookies to ensure you're accepting cookies from our website.
3. Examine your plugins, as a third-party plugin might be blocking our website. You can temporarily disable your plugins and then try logging into our website again.
Views: The cumulative count of views received by the top-selling 100 listings since they were first listed, ranked for this keyword.
Favorites: The total number of times the top-selling 100 listings have been favorited by users since they were initially listed, ranked for this keyword.
Competition: The number of competing listings on Etsy for this keyword.
Sales: The estimated total number of sales for the top-selling 100 listings since they were first listed, ranked for this keyword. Please note that our estimation is generated using machine learning and a proprietary algorithm. While it provides a reference, it may not always be 100% accurate.
The data for each keyword is derived from the top-selling 100 products ranking for that keyword. Therefore, our sample size consists of 100 products. The 'Frequency' metric signifies how many times the keyword appears among these 100 products.