Customized services for corporate customers

We provide customized services to meet the individual needs of corporate customers. Through customized services, we can improve consumer satisfaction, thereby increasing the brand influence, competitiveness and profit margin of corporate customers, and help corporate customers stand out in the fiercely competitive cross-border e-commerce market.

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Features of Customized services for corporate customers

Creating exclusive services for businesses to help them stand out in the highly competitive cross-border e-commerce market.

API Integration Services
Customized Data Services
Data analysis of more platforms
Support for Shopify/Aliexpress/Amazon/Wish/Shopee/Lazada
Multi-Account Management
Flexible Payment Options
Support from a Professional Service Team

EtsyHunt Customized Corporate Service Process

Follow these steps to complete the process and enjoy VIP premium services:

Step 1
Submit a requirements form
Contact our account manager(
Step 2
Discuss and negotiate customized requirements
Align on goals
Step 3
Sign the contract
Complete the payment
Step 4
Project launch
Successful delivery

Advantages of Customized services for corporate customers

Meeting Personalized Needs

Customized products are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, enabling them to better address individual requirements. For certain specialized industries or unique tasks, a single standardized product might not suffice, whereas customized products can be personalized to cater to actual demands.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Since customized products can meet the personalized needs of customers, their satisfaction with the product is significantly enhanced. By fulfilling customer demands, customized products also improve the user experience, boosting customer loyalty and repurchase rates, thereby increasing the company's profits.

Strengthening Brand Influence

Customized products can enhance a company's brand influence and recognition. They not only meet customer needs but also provide personalized design and services based on individual requirements, further solidifying the company's brand image and reputation.

Improving Competitiveness and Profit Margins

Customized products can improve a company's competitiveness and profit margins. By tailoring production to market demands, these products can better satisfy market needs, increase product competitiveness and market share, and simultaneously boost profit margins, leading to higher returns for the company.

Endorsements from Numerous Users

By reading genuine user feedback, you can gain insights into how our products or services help solve customer problems and achieve their goals.

I've been searching for a tool that can help me better manage my Etsy shop, and EtsyHunt is definitely my savior! It allows me to manage all my stores easily with one account and offers many useful features such as product selection, keyword analysis, listing optimization, data monitoring, and an AI assistant. I really love this tool and highly recommend it to other Etsy sellers!

John Davis

The customized corporate service is excellent; it has significantly improved the efficiency of my Etsy shop operations. Through API integration, I can promptly access the data I need and perform internal analyses. I'm really satisfied with this tool. Thank you to the EtsyHunt team!

Emily Jackson

As a long-time Amazon seller, I really like the EtsyHunt platform. It allows me to easily access data from both Etsy and Amazon, enabling me to make more precise product selections quickly. It also helps me better analyze my business data. I highly recommend this tool, especially for sellers looking to improve their product selection efficiency—you definitely shouldn't miss it!

Rachel Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions

By viewing our FAQs, you can quickly learn about our products or services. If you can't find the information you need, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Customized Corporate Service meets personalized needs, enhances customer satisfaction, strengthens brand influence, improves competitiveness and profit margins, among other advantages. It creates exclusive services for businesses, helping them stand out in the highly competitive cross-border e-commerce market.

Customized Corporate Service mainly includes six core functions:
  • API Integration Services: Provides specific data needed by customers through API integration.
  • Customized Data Services: Completes specified data filtering according to customer requirements and pushes it via email, DingTalk, WeChat, Feishu, etc.
  • Customized Data Services: Complete specified data filtering according to customer requirements and push it via Email or API.
  • Multi-Account Management: The current Pro package supports up to 10 accounts, with flexibility to customize based on enterprise requirements for unified account management.
  • Flexible Payment Options: To streamline internal reimbursement processes, we support corporate group purchases and can provide bulk VIP accounts for more flexible and convenient payments.
  • Professional Service Team Support: Adhering to the customer-first philosophy, our professional team is here to serve your needs. If you have a requirement, we will strive to meet it.

We have a professional team and efficient service. After signing the contract and completing the payment, delivery will be completed within 1-2 weeks. The timeline depends on the requirements and includes development and project cycle costs. The minimum contract period is one year.

Pricing is based on specific customer requirements and includes costs for development and the project cycle. Contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your needs.