TOP 10 Etsy Paper & Party Supplies Sellers in Etsy Belarus

TOP 10 Etsy Paper & Party Supplies Sellers in Etsy Belarus

Before starting our journey, let's take a quick look at the 10 Best Etsy Shops.

  1. PeDeDesigns
  2. KingdomofComfort
  3. DecoVita
  4. VelvetMoonMoth
  5. DejavuWood
  6. LydaurelEvenements
  7. YourPixeLand
  8. AnastasiyaArtDesign
  9. Pappuseditions
  10. LinenProductsBY

In the race of Etsy Paper & Party Supplies sellers, they are winners from Belarus. Some people may be curious to know what makes them stand out from all the other competitors.

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As you may know, by analyzing what Etsy best sellers are selling and what their listings look like, we will have a good understanding of whether the Paper & Party Supplies market is suitable for our Etsy business.

If you choose to focus on Paper & Party Supplies, there will be 98166 competitors ahead of you. 73 of them is located in Belarus.

In Etsy products of Paper & Party Supplies, the number of worldwide achieves over 2458727, while the number of Belarus is 1485. Significantly, 8 of them got Bestseller.

As for the top 100 listings on Etsy for keyword - Paper & Party Supplies, you need to pay attention to that 66 Etsy shops offer products. Their average price is $25.97, which affords glimpses into the market competition. Moreover, the number 1 best-selling product on Etsy, with an estimated 2879 sales, owned a well-optimized title - Custom Faux Leather Tags (1-1000 tags), Clothing Labels, Leather Labels, Clothing Tags, Custom Labels, Garment Labels, Fabric Labels.

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TOP Etsy Sellers & Shops in Etsy Belarus

#1 - PeDeDesigns

The leading shop - PeDeDesigns, from Lodz, Poland, has become a role model to us. After a careful operation, the shop got 4571 reviews. What's more, total sales of this store is $57746.

It's time to talk about products. According to EtsyHunt Product Research Tool, 720 products are on sale and the shop main category is Paper & Party Supplies, Craft Supplies & Tools. You will also receive the highest sales volume products as below:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 675 590 584
Title Powerful Watercolor Kit for Procreate, watercolor brushes, brush set for ipad, metallic textures, brushes for paintings, download BUY 3 PAY FOR 2, Hello Winter, winter digital paper pack, watercolor, winter patterns, gold snowflakes, christmas background, download 244 Watercolor Brushes For Procreate, stamp brushes, procreate pack, floral brushes, dynamic brushes, foliage, ipad stamps, download
Category Path Paper & Party Supplies ,
Paper & Party Supplies ,
Paper & Party Supplies ,
Tags procreate brushes, ipad pro, apple pencil, procreate watercolor, watercolor flowers, watercolor brushes, procreate textures, procreate brush set, digital watercolor, watercolor paintings, Paper, procreate foliage, ipad watercolor, ipad brushes floral pattern, floral digital paper, planner stickers, christmas patterns, digital paper winter, merry christmas, watercolor xmas, watercolor winter, winter seamless, Paper, planner stickers diy, seamless papers, snowflakes pattern, patterns winter procreate brushes, ipad pro, apple pencil, procreate watercolor, procreate stamps, watercolor flowers, watercolor brushes, Paper, confetti brushes, watercolor stamps, ipad stamps, procreate foliage, ipad watercolor, ipad brushes
Price $1800 $530 $1200
Favorites 1802 1736 1588
Reviews 81 23 62

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#2 - KingdomofComfort


The second-best Paper & Party Supplies shop, called KingdomofComfort, is also very distinctive. Focused on Home & Living, Paper & Party Supplies, the shop's total sale is $19374.

Similarly, we can see 174 products on sale and the 3 best-selling products as follows.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 2804 2218 1971
Title 100% organic linen duvet cover. One stonewashed softened linen duvet cover Twin Full Queen King Califirnia sizes. Organic linen bedding 100% Linen Pillowcase Housewife Style Organic Pillow Case Slip Cover Natural European Flax Standard EUR Queen King European sizes Organic Stonewashed Linen Softened Sheets Set. 100% Linen Completely Natural Bedding. Stonewahsed shabby chic look linen sheet set.
Category Path Home & Living ,
Bedding ,
Duvet Covers
Home & Living ,
Bedding ,
Sheets & Pillowcases
Home & Living ,
Bedding ,
Sheets & Pillowcases ,
Sheet Sets
Tags duvet cover, linen bedding, king bedding, queen duvet cover, king duvet cover, organic bedding, full duvet cover, organic duvet cover, stonewashed bedding, soft duvet cover, AU duvet cover Linen pillowcase, linen pillow sham, organic bedding, linen bedding, queen pillowcase, king pillow sham, stonewashed linen, home decor, standard pillowcase, king pillowcase, stonewahsed, shabby shic look, bedding decor queen sheet set, king sheet set, women gift, queen flat sheet, organic sheets set, twin sheets set, full sheets set, double sheet set, calking sheet set, stonewahsed sheets, wahsed set, golden brown sheet, stone washed linen
Price $7820 $1530 $15130
Favorites 8236 5398 5472
Reviews 88 410 160

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#3 - DecoVita

DecoVita, from Belarus, is the third-best Paper & Party Supplies shop. It has 83 products. Below are its three top Etsy products:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 980 547 491
Title Gauze table Runner Wedding decor Event centerpiece runner Cheese cloth reception decor Grey wedding tablecloth Cotton bridal shower supplies Bohemian Wedding napkins set, cloth napkins, engagement napkins, green woodland olive napkins, hand dyed table napkins, cloth napkins bulk Green gauze table runner, Khaki Cheesecloth table runner, Woodland baby shower decorations.
Category Path Paper & Party Supplies ,
Party Supplies ,
Party D\u00e9cor ,
Paper & Party Supplies ,
Party Supplies ,
Tableware ,
Weddings ,
Decorations ,
Serving & Dining ,
Table Decor
Tags gauze table runner, cheesecloth runner, boho table runner, grey table runner, rustic party decor, rustic wedding decor, wedding centerpiece, reception decoration, gray boho wedding, bohemian centerpiece, farm bridal shower, showers favors wrap, southwestern wedding wedding table decor, gauze napkins, cotton napkins, wedding napkins, cloth napkins, engagement napkins, green napkins, woodland napkins, table napkins, cocktail napkins, cloth dinner napkins, custom napkins, napkins ring gauze table runner, cheesecloth runner, woodland wedding, wedding arbor, sage green decor, wedding table number, diy halloween decor, the woodland, khaki fabric, green backdrop, rustic greenery, woodland ca
Price $40 $40 $40
Favorites 2559 1547 1442
Reviews 132 41 21

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#4 - VelvetMoonMoth


Coming from Minsk, Belarus, VelvetMoonMoth offers 133 products. Meanwhile, we estimated that the shop gained $8847 based on its product reviews and favorites.

To get more product ideas, we also need to consider the top Etsy products of VelvetMoonMoth. Please find the list below.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 4664 3174 2433
Title Enamel moth pin brooch. Hard enamel. Celestial jewelry. Crescent moon. Witch accessories. Blush jewelry. Cloisonn\u00e9 pin. Moon Phases Moth Necklace. Adjustable necklace. Celestial Jewelry. Crescent moon. Witch accessories. Moon Phases. Moth Pendant. Insect Jewelry witch sticker pack, occult dark sticker set, goth stickers, tattoo stickers, alternative aesthetic stickers for laptop, journal, planner
Category Path Jewelry ,
Brooches, Pins & Clips ,
Jewelry ,
Necklaces ,
Paper & Party Supplies ,
Paper ,
Stickers, Labels & Tags ,
Tags butterfly brooch, moon moth, enamel pin, enamel lapel pin, witch pin, witch jewelry, Crescent moon, Celestial Jewelry, Moon Phases, luna moth, rose gold, Jewelry, Brooches, Pins & Clips, Brooches, night moth insect, hard enamel brooch lunar moth, moon moth, Crescent moon, Celestial Jewelry, witch jewelry, Moon Phases, rose gold, Adjustable necklace, witch necklace, hard enamel pendant, Moth Necklace, night moth insect, moth accsessories halloween stickers, tattoo stickers, watercolor stickers, handmade stickers, aesthetic stickers, laptop stickers, horror stickers, best friends gift, journal stickers, Stickers, goth decals, witch sticker pack, alternative sticker, witch idea gift
Price $1300 $2000 $750
Favorites 13858 9331 6878
Reviews 93 96 158

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#5 - DejavuWood



Paper & Party Supplies, from Minsk City, Belarus, ranked 5th in the list of top-selling shops. As for the products, the shop listed 112 till now. And they contributed a total sale of $5049. Here are the three of its best selling products on Etsy:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 2868 1418 918
Title Wedding ring box, ringkissen hochzeitsdeko, Personalized ring box for wedding ceremony, wedding ring holder Wooden Ring box, wedding wood decor, ring pillow, ringkissen hochzeit, wedding ringbox, rustic ring holder, personalized ring bearer box Wood double ring box for wedding ceremony, ring bearer pillow, ring holder, personalized ring bearer box, bo\u00eete alliances
Category Path Weddings ,
Decorations ,
Ring Bearer Pillows
Weddings ,
Decorations ,
Ring Bearer Pillows
Weddings ,
Decorations ,
Ring Bearer Pillows
Tags wooden ring box, double ring box, wood ring box, wedding rustic decor, wedding gifts, rustic ring box, wedding ring holder, wedding ring box, engagement ring box, custom ring box, engrave ring box, wooden bearer box, ringkissen wooden ring box, double ring box, rustic ring box, wood ring box, ring pillow, ringbox, wedding decor, wedding gift, wedding ring box, wooden bearer box, double ringbox, ringkissen hochzeit, boîte de bague wooden ring box, double ring box, wood ring box, ring pillow, ring bearer box, rings box, ring bearer pillow, ring bearer, ring box, engrave ring box, wooden bearer box, boîte alliances, for wedding ceremony
Price $2680 $2200 $2736
Favorites 7140 3350 2350
Reviews 479 295 138

In Paper & Party Supplies niche market, PeDeDesigns, KingdomofComfort, DecoVita, VelvetMoonMoth, and DejavuWood are top sellers on Etsy. Winning the match was just a reward for the effort they had made.

Considering that the data will change over time, we filtered the best Etsy shops by a sales volume of nearly 30 days. If you want the latest shop list, you can log in EtsyHunt and search them for free.

Closing Word

Premium tips are how to research by yourself according to actual situations. It's your turn to control the filtering options.

If you finally discover specific Etsy products based on your choice, congratulation!