TOP 10 Etsy Books, Movies & Music Sellers in Etsy France

TOP 10 Etsy Books, Movies & Music Sellers in Etsy France

Before starting our journey, let's take a quick look at the 10 Best Etsy Shops.

  1. PerfectCutSVGfiles
  2. SoniaCavallini
  3. boutikMariecreations
  4. LalacreaFrance
  5. MySweetPaperCard
  6. CreationsColibri
  7. poussieredestoiles
  8. UnJoyeuxPetitBazar
  9. TheFlowDesign
  10. EurekaGuides

In the race of Etsy Books, Movies & Music sellers, they are winners from France. Some people may be curious to know what makes them stand out from all the other competitors.

Well, scrolling down, EtsyHunt (Etsy Rank Analysis Tool) will help you.


As you may know, by analyzing what Etsy best sellers are selling and what their listings look like, we will have a good understanding of whether the Books, Movies & Music market is suitable for our Etsy business.

If you choose to focus on Books, Movies & Music, there will be 31835 competitors ahead of you. 852 of them is located in France.

In Etsy products of Books, Movies & Music, the number of worldwide achieves over 529400, while the number of France is 8889. Significantly, 18 of them got Bestseller.

As for the top 100 listings on Etsy for keyword - Books, Movies & Music, you need to pay attention to that 72 Etsy shops offer products. Their average price is $28.33, which affords glimpses into the market competition. Moreover, the number 1 best-selling product on Etsy, with an estimated 2440 sales, owned a well-optimized title - Celestial Bookmarks Set or Individual, Moon Bookmarks, Celestial Stationery, Stars Moon Bookmarks, Witchy Gift, Book Lovers Christmas Gift.

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TOP Etsy Sellers & Shops in Etsy France

#1 - PerfectCutSVGfiles

The leading shop - PerfectCutSVGfiles, from Paris, France, has become a role model to us. After a careful operation, the shop got 940 reviews. What's more, total sales of this store is $19887.

It's time to talk about products. According to EtsyHunt Product Research Tool, 561 products are on sale and the shop main category is Craft Supplies & Tools, Books, Movies & Music, Paper & Party Supplies. You will also receive the highest sales volume products as below:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 393 334 201
Title 21 Arrow SVG files, Arrow Clipart, Arrow DXF, Arrow PDF, Arrow Printable, Arrow Svg Files for Cricut, Arrow Svg bundle, Arrows Svg Clip Art Baseball Stitches SVG Files, Baseball Laces SVG file for Cricut, Baseball Split Monogram Frame SVG files for Silhouette, Baseball Stich svg 10 Tear Drop Earrings SVG Files, Tear Drop SVG Cut files for Cricut, Silhouette, Laser Cut, Svg Earrings template with holes, Earring SVGs
Category Path Craft Supplies & Tools Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Canvas & Surfaces ,
Stencils, Templates & Transfers ,
Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Patterns & How To
Tags Arrow, SVG, Arrow Clipart, Arrow Svg bundle, Svg Files for Cricut, SVG Bundle, Arrow clip art, Arrow SVG files, Arrow DXF, Arrow PDF, Arrow Printable, Arrows Svg Clip Art, Arrow for Silhouette Baseball Stitches, Baseball Laces SVG, Baseball, Stitches SVG, Baseball SVG files, Baseball SVG, Baseball clipart, Stitch SVG, Baseball Stitch SVG, Stencils, Templates & Transfers, Clip Art & Image Files, Baseball Stich SVG, Baseball Lace SVG, Stitches Cricut, Stitches Silhouette Tear Drop Earrings, Earrings SVG, Earrings SVG Cricut, SVG cut files, SVG files for Cricut, Earring SVG, Patterns & How To, Drop Earrings SVG, Earrings SVG files, Tear Drops Earrings, Earrings template, Earring SVG template, Earring with hole, Earrings with holes
Price $249 $199 $399
Favorites 1079 824 588
Reviews 41 64 13

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#2 - SoniaCavallini


The second-best Books, Movies & Music shop, called SoniaCavallini, is also very distinctive. Focused on Books, Movies & Music, Paper & Party Supplies, Art & Collectibles, the shop's total sale is $16220.

Similarly, we can see 202 products on sale and the 3 best-selling products as follows.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 3412 1063 875
Title Art print New York, city, taxi, fine art, vintage, artwork, home decor, print, art print, Illustration,watercolor, painting, drawing Notebook, journal, diary, gift, floral, A6, handmade, stationery, carnet, rose, fleurs,flowers, Tagebuch, Notizbuch, christmas Notebook, journal, diary, gift, stars, moon, magic, constellation,A6, handmade, stationery, carnet,stars pattern, sky, Tagebuch, Notizbuch
Category Path Art & Collectibles ,
Painting ,
Books, Movies & Music ,
Books, Movies & Music ,
Tags home decor, art, vintage art print, poster home decor, christmas gift, city illustration, New York art, NYC illustration, new york painting, art print, birth gift, art work print, art print New york notebook flowers, journal, diary, notebook, birthday gift, Notizbuch, mother day gift, floral notebook, christmas gift, carnet, petit carnet, papergoods, bullet notebook journal, diary, notebook, birthday gift, mum gift, Notizbuch, mother day gift, constellation, moon pattern, magic, blue, papergoods, notebook stars
Price $1298 $468 $668
Favorites 10345 3040 2504
Reviews 7 62 52

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#3 - boutikMariecreations

boutikMariecreations, from Romorantin-Lanthenay, France, is the third-best Books, Movies & Music shop. It has 957 products. Below are its three top Etsy products:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 38 29 26
Title x10 Flat round hematite stone beads 8mm - grade A x10 Pearls round gold metal 6mm x10 Clous stems head ball fancy silver flower aged 0.7x50mm
Category Path Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Beads, Gems & Cabochons ,
Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Beads, Gems & Cabochons ,
Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Findings ,
Tags hematite, genuine, Natural, stone, Beads, Breakthrough, pearl washer hematite, 8mm round pearl, true hematite pearl, Grade A pearl, interlayer bead, Gem bead, stone pearl, pierced stone metal bead, golden metal, 6mm, Beads, barrel pearl, washer bead, interlayer bead, pearl big hole Solid, primer, Findings, Posts, nails rods, hat nail, silver metal, widowed money, nail rod head ball, 55mm, flower head nail
Price $117 $82 $200
Favorites 72 63 46
Reviews 20 14 17

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#4 - LalacreaFrance


Coming from Brindas, France, LalacreaFrance offers 1616 products. Meanwhile, we estimated that the shop gained $14851 based on its product reviews and favorites.

To get more product ideas, we also need to consider the top Etsy products of LalacreaFrance. Please find the list below.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 79 60 52
Title Sponsor key door, godfather stripper, sponsor gift, Keychain duo future auntie, future tata, key ring tonton, bottle opener, Duo - Keychain future godmother, future godfather,
Category Path Home & Living ,
Kitchen & Dining ,
Drink & Barware ,
Barware ,
Bottle Openers
Accessories ,
Keychains & Lanyards ,
Accessories ,
Keychains & Lanyards ,
Tags sponsor gift, newborn gift, baptism gift, sponsor keychain, sponsor bottle opener, keychain best sponsor, key ring future sponsor, opens bottle, do you want to be my godfather, sponsor application, first name key holder, pregnancy sponsor announcement, godmother godfather gift pregnancy announcement, tata keychain, birth announcement, lalacrea, keychain tatie, keychain future auntie, future tata keychain, future keychain tonton, tonton key ring, tonton bottle opener, what if I called you auntie, keychain duo tatie tonton, keychain duo tata tonton godmother gift, godmother keychain, newborn gift, birth announcement, custom key ring, birth key door, key door future godmother, pregnancy godmother announcement, baby ad, key ring future sponsor, keychain duo godfather godmother, godmother request, sponsor application
Price $998 $911 $906
Favorites 105 67 82
Reviews 48 42 30

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#5 - MySweetPaperCard



Books, Movies & Music, from Paris, France, ranked 5th in the list of top-selling shops. As for the products, the shop listed 220 till now. And they contributed a total sale of $12545. Here are the three of its best selling products on Etsy:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 273 211 192
Title Magic Notebook | Wicca illustrations | Witch journal | Wizard notebook | Perfect for cute witch gifts Long distance relationship - Valentines day card - Cute valentine card - You are worth every mile between us Little Houses Advent Calendar - DIY Calendar Instand Download PDF
Category Path Books, Movies & Music ,
Paper & Party Supplies ,
Paper ,
Greeting Cards ,
Holiday & Seasonal Cards ,
Valentines Cards
Home & Living ,
Home Decor ,
Ornaments & Accents ,
Tags magic notebook, witch journal, witch gifts, evil eye, spellbook, flowers, planchette, moon, pagan, witchcraft book, witchcraft, wicca illustrations, wizard notebook valentines day card, valentines day gift, anniversary gift, anniversary card, valentines card, funny valentines day, relationship, boyfriend gift, girlfriend gift, relationship gifts, love card, Paper & Party Supplies, Paper, Greeting Cards, Holiday & Seasonal Cards, Valentines Cards, long distance digital, cute, gift, calendar, houses, box, christmas, pattern, advent calendar, christmas boxes, house calendar, christmas calendar, christmas village
Price $471 $487 $471
Favorites 732 584 573
Reviews 36 24 10

In Books, Movies & Music niche market, PerfectCutSVGfiles, SoniaCavallini, boutikMariecreations, LalacreaFrance, and MySweetPaperCard are top sellers on Etsy. Winning the match was just a reward for the effort they had made.

Considering that the data will change over time, we filtered the best Etsy shops by a sales volume of nearly 30 days. If you want the latest shop list, you can log in EtsyHunt and search them for free.

Closing Word

Premium tips are how to research by yourself according to actual situations. It's your turn to control the filtering options.

If you finally discover specific Etsy products based on your choice, congratulation!