TOP 10 Etsy Bath & Beauty Sellers in Etsy Uzbekistan

TOP 10 Etsy Bath & Beauty Sellers in Etsy Uzbekistan

Before starting our journey, let's take a quick look at the 10 Best Etsy Shops.

  1. ToucheDeBois
  2. PrincesseMiamia
  3. UzbekDesign
  5. ParisRonron
  6. Bazarbrode
  7. Bijouxdautrefois
  8. GabbiesCreation
  9. SaisonCocon
  10. IICHIGAANBoutique

In the race of Etsy Bath & Beauty sellers, they are winners from Uzbekistan. Some people may be curious to know what makes them stand out from all the other competitors.

Well, scrolling down, EtsyHunt (Etsy Rank Analysis Tool) will help you.


As you may know, by analyzing what Etsy best sellers are selling and what their listings look like, we will have a good understanding of whether the Bath & Beauty market is suitable for our Etsy business.

If you choose to focus on Bath & Beauty, there will be 74972 competitors ahead of you. 15 of them is located in Uzbekistan.

In Etsy products of Bath & Beauty, the number of worldwide achieves over 1136521, while the number of Uzbekistan is 80. Significantly, 0 of them got Bestseller.

As for the top 100 listings on Etsy for keyword - Bath & Beauty, you need to pay attention to that 73 Etsy shops offer products. Their average price is $25.78, which affords glimpses into the market competition. Moreover, the number 1 best-selling product on Etsy, with an estimated 52 sales, owned a well-optimized title - Personalised pacifier\/name\/baby box birth gift baby shower fox wolf gray adapter mam and soft.

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TOP Etsy Sellers & Shops in Etsy Uzbekistan

#1 - ToucheDeBois

The leading shop - ToucheDeBois, from Dijon, France, has become a role model to us. After a careful operation, the shop got 527 reviews. What's more, total sales of this store is $2589.

It's time to talk about products. According to EtsyHunt Product Research Tool, 58 products are on sale and the shop main category is Home & Living, Jewelry, Bath & Beauty. You will also receive the highest sales volume products as below:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 287 279 147
Title earring display stand necklaces display stand Earring display, customizable
Category Path Home & Living ,
Storage & Organization ,
Jewelry ,
Jewelry Storage
Jewelry ,
Jewelry Storage
Tags jewelry display, earring stand, earring display, earring stand wood, wood earring holder, wood earring display, Craft Supplies & Tools, Jewellery Organiser, earring older, Storage & Organization, Displays display stand, necklace, jewelry, bracelet, touche de bois, ToucheDeBois, Yvan Nellenbach earring display, earring support, jewelry stand, jewelry storage, storage earrings, jewelry display, wearing a doreille buckle, jewelry support, jewel presentoir, door loop doreille, customizable jewelry support, jewelry accessory, touch of wood
Price $3140 $3672 $1830
Favorites 804 831 385
Reviews 27 11 25

With SEOLINK_OUT_HOME, you can also explore more products like this and get inspiration in SEOLINK_OUT_BLOG.

#2 - PrincesseMiamia


The second-best Bath & Beauty shop, called PrincesseMiamia, is also very distinctive. Focused on Jewelry, Bath & Beauty, the shop's total sale is $1348.

Similarly, we can see 70 products on sale and the 3 best-selling products as follows.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 70 53 49
Title Little Fox earrings Wooden brooch Doe Brooch Princess of the Forests - Fox
Category Path Jewelry ,
Earrings ,
Stud Earrings
Jewelry ,
Brooches, Pins & Clips ,
Jewelry ,
Brooches, Pins & Clips ,
Tags fox earrings, fox totem, cute gift, child gift, spirit of the forest, Cute fox, wood buckles, animal totem, eco friendly, fox ear fleas, fox jewel, children's jewel, FSC wood Fsc, pine, cute, fsc wooden brooch, doe wood brooch, forest animal brooch, jewel brings good luck, pin animal totem doe, cute animal brooch, pin child doe, ecological wooden spindle, doe pin lucky door, animal totem protection Fsc, princess, forest, pine, wood fox brooch, child wooden brooch, fox child brooch, cute fox brooch, wooden jewel, ecological wooden spindle, forest animal brooch, child animal brooch, animal pin totem
Price $1481 $1657 $1637
Favorites 178 134 128
Reviews 17 15 13

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#3 - UzbekDesign

UzbekDesign, from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is the third-best Bath & Beauty shop. It has 342 products. Below are its three top Etsy products:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 49 26 16
Title A set of 6 Christmas Ornaments suzani heart ,christmas embroidery heart Home Decor Suzani Heart A piece of 3 meters Pink Uzbekistan Handwoven Orginal Ikat Fabric Cotton\/Silk Organic Handmade Ikat Fabric Uzbek Orginal Vintage Multi Colorful High Quality Suzani Long Robe,Hand Embroidery Chapan,Coat,Jacket,Kimono
Category Path Home & Living ,
Home Decor ,
Ornaments & Accents ,
Christmas Trees
Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Fabric & Notions ,
Clothing ,
Women's Clothing ,
Jackets & Coats
Tags ornaments, uzbekistan, heart ornaments, for christmas, christmas toys, heart, vintage ornaments, handmade ornaments, uzbek ornaments, christmas heart, heart mother's day, valentine's day, suzani heart ikat fabric, uzbek fabric, uzbekistan silk, uzbek silk, uzbek ikat, hand dyed fabric, uzbek ikat fabric, Fabric, uzbekistan ikat, uzbekistan cotton, cotton ikat, organic ikat, handwoven ikat, ikat fabric by yard vintage robe, suzani coat, tribal robe, embroidery coat, uzbek chapan, uzbekistan, uzbek robe, suzani chapan, suzani clothes, suzani kaftan, suzani kimono, uzbek suzani, colorful chapan
Price $3000 $2100 $20000
Favorites 151 102 71
Reviews 6 0 0

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Coming from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, DURDONA offers 23 products. Meanwhile, we estimated that the shop gained $411 based on its product reviews and favorites.

To get more product ideas, we also need to consider the top Etsy products of DURDONA. Please find the list below.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 274 18 16
Title Chekich, Bread stamp, Central Asia, Uzbekistan Suzani Skirt, Ethnic skirt, Unique skirt, Embroidered skirt, Central Asia, Uzbekistan Tailor made embroidered skirts and dresses
Category Path Home & Living ,
Kitchen & Dining ,
Cookware ,
Cooking Utensils & Gadgets
Clothing ,
Women's Clothing ,
Clothing ,
Women's Clothing ,
Tags bread lame, bread stamp, bread stamps, uyghur, bread lame wood, baking gift, uzbekistan, lame bread, chekich, uzbek bread stamp, brotstempel, uzbek bread stamps, uzbek stamp Suzani skirt, a line skirt, floral embroidered, uzbekistan, embroidered skirt, vintage skirt, handmade skirt, vintage, central asia, ethnic skirt, durdona embroidered, Embroidered Skirt, wrap around skirt, a line skirt, floral embroidered, customized, Embroidered dress, handmade skirt, suzani, custom-tailored, custom tailored, fairfashion
Price $1500 $4900 $5300
Favorites 703 76 70
Reviews 46 0 0

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#5 - ParisRonron



Bath & Beauty, from Dijon, France, ranked 5th in the list of top-selling shops. As for the products, the shop listed 58 till now. And they contributed a total sale of $322. Here are the three of its best selling products on Etsy:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 0 0 0
Title Large linen kit, foliage patterns, passepoil, lined and closed by a zip Lot of 6 wipes\/washable wipes in yellow sponge and Japanese flowered cotton Flat, zipped, lined kit, sea turtle, fish, shells
Category Path Bath & Beauty ,
Cosmetic & Toiletry Storage ,
Cosmetic Bags
Bath & Beauty ,
Bath Accessories ,
Bags & Purses ,
Messenger Bags
Tags zip, kit, gift, anniversary, Foliage, green, White, pompon, Piping, heat-gluing fabric Wipes, washable, ecological, gift, sponge, child, cotton, reusable, Flowers, White, yellow, Multicolored, Economic gift, zip, kit, pocket square, child, anniversary, return, Flowers, tortoise, Fish, Shells, to offer
Price $1730 $1007 $1071
Favorites 0 0 2
Reviews 0 0 0

In Bath & Beauty niche market, ToucheDeBois, PrincesseMiamia, UzbekDesign, DURDONA, and ParisRonron are top sellers on Etsy. Winning the match was just a reward for the effort they had made.

Considering that the data will change over time, we filtered the best Etsy shops by a sales volume of nearly 30 days. If you want the latest shop list, you can log in EtsyHunt and search them for free.

Closing Word

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If you finally discover specific Etsy products based on your choice, congratulation!