TOP 10 Etsy Bags & Purses Sellers in Etsy Norway

TOP 10 Etsy Bags & Purses Sellers in Etsy Norway

Before starting our journey, let's take a quick look at the 10 Best Etsy Shops.

  1. MythicBiscuits
  2. Laimadesign
  3. EuropeanCool
  4. MadevikYarns
  5. 4youpage
  6. faunanorway
  7. XCPStore
  8. LykkeliDesign
  9. eyethrifted
  10. LastInLineCrew

In the race of Etsy Bags & Purses sellers, they are winners from Norway. Some people may be curious to know what makes them stand out from all the other competitors.

Well, scrolling down, EtsyHunt (Etsy Rank Analysis Tool) will help you.


As you may know, by analyzing what Etsy best sellers are selling and what their listings look like, we will have a good understanding of whether the Bags & Purses market is suitable for our Etsy business.

If you choose to focus on Bags & Purses, there will be 55041 competitors ahead of you. 23 of them is located in Norway.

In Etsy products of Bags & Purses, the number of worldwide achieves over 904209, while the number of Norway is 193. Significantly, 0 of them got Bestseller.

As for the top 100 listings on Etsy for keyword - Bags & Purses, you need to pay attention to that 59 Etsy shops offer products. Their average price is $22.16, which affords glimpses into the market competition. Moreover, the number 1 best-selling product on Etsy, with an estimated 263 sales, owned a well-optimized title - Tamagotchi Mix, Meets & ON Cases - Choose Your Favourite Colours!.

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TOP Etsy Sellers & Shops in Etsy Norway

#1 - MythicBiscuits

The leading shop - MythicBiscuits, from Mysen, Norway, has become a role model to us. After a careful operation, the shop got 477 reviews. What's more, total sales of this store is $1543.

It's time to talk about products. According to EtsyHunt Product Research Tool, 17 products are on sale and the shop main category is Bags & Purses, Jewelry. You will also receive the highest sales volume products as below:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 263 86 83
Title Tamagotchi Mix, Meets & ON Cases - Choose Your Favourite Colours! Tamagotchi Connection Cases - Choose Your Favourite Colours! v1 v2 v3 v4 v4.5 v5 v5.5 v6 ADD ON ~ Lids \/ Front Flaps for your Tamagotchi Covers!
Category Path Bags & Purses ,
Electronics Cases
Bags & Purses ,
Electronics Cases
Bags & Purses ,
Electronics Cases
Tags Tamagotchi Case, Tamagotchi Cover, Tamagotchi crochet, Crochet case, Kawaii, Bandai, Japan, Mythic biscuits, Tama crochet cover, Tama meets, Tamagotchi meets, Tamagochi cases Tamagotchi Case, Tamagotchi Cover, Tamagotchi crochet, Crochet case, Kawaii, Bandai, Japan, Tamagotchi keitai, Mythic biscuits, Tama crochet cover, Tamagotchi entama, Tamagotchi uratama, Music star Cute, Crochet, Cover, Tamagotchi Cover, Tamagotchi case, Mix, Viritual Pet, Cover with lid, Front flap, P's, 4u, Tamagotchi Friends, Tamagezi
Price $1159 $844 $629
Favorites 318 157 143
Reviews 152 38 40

With SEOLINK_OUT_HOME, you can also explore more products like this and get inspiration in SEOLINK_OUT_BLOG.

#2 - Laimadesign


The second-best Bags & Purses shop, called Laimadesign, is also very distinctive. Focused on Bags & Purses, the shop's total sale is $251.

Similarly, we can see 37 products on sale and the 3 best-selling products as follows.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 3 0 0
Title Witch. Halloween doll. Art doll. Needle felted doll. Gothic doll. Halloween decor. Soft sculpture. Fantasy creature. Dollhouse miniature VIOLA bag - RESERVED CELLO Cape
Category Path Art & Collectibles ,
Dolls & Miniatures ,
Art Dolls
Bags & Purses Bags & Purses
Tags art doll, needle felted doll, gothic doll, witch, halloween decor, halloween doll, clay doll, witch doll, collectible doll, fantasy creature, dollhouse miniature violin bag, violin, bag, silk, music, instrument, Bags & Purses, viola, bratsj, bratsche violin bag, violin, bag, silk, music, instrument, cello, heart, love, copper, Bags & Purses, cello bag, cello cape, string instrument
Price $9400 $0 $24475
Favorites 30 0 0
Reviews 0 0 0

Also, here is SEOLINK_OUT_BLOG for your reference.

#3 - EuropeanCool

EuropeanCool, from Oslo, Norway, is the third-best Bags & Purses shop. It has 163 products. Below are its three top Etsy products:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 28 9 7
Title Red Lykta Ikea glass table lamp. Ruby glass lamp. Sweet small vintage table lamp red glass shade brass foot Set Of6 Bodum vintage mugs. Picards Tea Cup. Scandinavian glasses with plastic red white black handles Tea\/coffee glasses
Category Path Art & Collectibles ,
Collectibles ,
Memorabilia ,
Souvenirs & Events
Home & Living ,
Lighting ,
Lamps ,
Table Lamps
Home & Living ,
Kitchen & Dining ,
Drink & Barware ,
Drinkware ,
Tea Cups & Sets ,
Tea Cups
Tags ikea lamp, ikea glass lamp, glass lamp, red glass, ruby glass, ruby red, swedish lamp, Art & Collectibles, Collectibles, Memorabilia, Souvenirs & Events, ikea red, Lykta Ikea, ruby red lamp, swedisg glass victorian lamp, Home & Living, Lighting, Lamps, Table Lamps, royal lamp, lady room lamp bodum glasses, danish design, danish vintage, Tea Cups, danish bodum, cofee glasses, tea glasses
Price $7248 $7008 $7120
Favorites 107 50 43
Reviews 0 0 0

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#4 - MadevikYarns


Coming from Uvdal, Norway, MadevikYarns offers 38 products. Meanwhile, we estimated that the shop gained $97 based on its product reviews and favorites.

To get more product ideas, we also need to consider the top Etsy products of MadevikYarns. Please find the list below.

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 0 0 0
Title Hand dyed yarn, superwash merino/nylon, fingering weight Hand dyed yarn, superwash merino\/nylon Hand dyed yarn. 100 % superwash merino wool, singles. Fingering weight.
Category Path Art & Collectibles ,
Fiber Arts ,
Craft Supplies & Tools ,
Yarn & Fiber ,
Art & Collectibles ,
Fiber Arts ,
Tags Indie dyed, Indie dyed yarn, Indie dyer, Knitting, Hand dyed yarn, Yarn, Sock yarn, Fingering yarn, Wool, Merino, Hand dyed, Handdyed, Art & Collectibles, Fiber Arts, Knitting Yarn Indie dyed yarn, Fingering yarn, Hand dyed yarn, Indie dyed, Yarn, Knitting, Merino, single, Yarns, Hand dyed, Indie dyer, single ply
Price $0 $2630 $2642
Favorites 0 3 3
Reviews 0 0 0

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#5 - 4youpage



Bags & Purses, from San Francisco, California, ranked 5th in the list of top-selling shops. As for the products, the shop listed 366 till now. And they contributed a total sale of $69. Here are the three of its best selling products on Etsy:

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Total Sales 46 10 4
Title Mushroom Canvas Tote Bag For Women, Cottage Core Tote Bag Canvas, Sun and Moon Canvas Bag, Butterfly Tote Bag, Cute Tote Bags Aesthetic Witchy Clothing Moon Sweatshirt Luna Moth Alt Clothing Sacred Geometry Crew Neck Sweatshirt Oversized Sweatshirt Witchy Clothes Cottagecore Cute Tote Bag Canvas Tote Bag Grocery Tote Bag Cute Tote Bag Aesthetic Reusable Bag Aesthetic Tote Bag Canvas Beach Bag
Category Path Bags & Purses ,
Clothing ,
Women's Clothing ,
Hoodies & Sweatshirts ,
Bags & Purses ,
Tags Butterfly Tote Bag, Sun and Moon, Tote Bags Aesthetic, Cute Tote bag, Canvas Tote Bag, For Women, Mushroom Tote Bag, Cottage Core Bag, Butterfly Tote, Reusable Bag, Grocery bag, Beach tote Bag, Cottage Core Tote Alt Clothing, Witchy Clothing, Spiritual Clothing, Oversized Sweatshirt, Aesthetic Sweatshirt, Crew neck sweatshirt, Moon Sweatshirt, Luna Moth, Sacred geometry, astrology shirt, witchy clothes, snake shirt, Unisex Adult Clothing, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Sweatshirts, Moon Sun Shirt For Women, Strawberry Aesthetic, Canvas Tote, Canvas Tote Bag, Tote Bag Canvas, Strawberry Tote Bag, Beach Bag, Grocery Tote Bag, Reusable Grocery Bag, Tote Bag Aesthetic, cute tote bag, aesthetic tote bag, Cottagecore, Bags & Purses, Totes
Price $1777 $3322 $1864
Favorites 360 52 34
Reviews 0 0 0

In Bags & Purses niche market, MythicBiscuits, Laimadesign, EuropeanCool, MadevikYarns, and 4youpage are top sellers on Etsy. Winning the match was just a reward for the effort they had made.

Considering that the data will change over time, we filtered the best Etsy shops by a sales volume of nearly 30 days. If you want the latest shop list, you can log in EtsyHunt and search them for free.

Closing Word

Premium tips are how to research by yourself according to actual situations. It's your turn to control the filtering options.

If you finally discover specific Etsy products based on your choice, congratulation!